Thursday, August 30, 2001

today didn't go well and when i got home to take my shower, i discovered that one of the dogs or cats or someone had gotten into the trash in the bathroom and spilled the contests everywhere even though the trash can was still upright and it was really gross because they'd like eaten up .. stuff and it was all over the floor and.. ghekla blegh.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

so today. yes. today.
so believe me it began terribly. i had forgotten my oboe at school yesterday, which is deliriously stupid and i'd left it in science... probably. oh well homeroom was really funny actually. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa now that i think about it. this really frightening guy who had, the year before, supposedly stalked this girl i know and the funniness involved him (i think his name is ... nathan?) and davida and this will be my third year taking band with her. she's very funny and she's got this huge giggle. and nathan's like a year older than everyone else in homeroom but he didn't feel like changing schedules so he's in that one. but oh well. anyway.... i decided it wouldn't be funny to transcribe it. just imagine it. davida, nathan, and hot pink toenails.
see. it would've crashed and burned. but uh in other news.... *cough cough*
ok so the day wasn't going well and i was heading for band and christen foehring. dammit. i realised i never blogged about that. oh well. i DID say that she basically adopted me but when she called a couple weeks ago, she said she could talk to her friend on the tech play crew thingie and get me on there and i was like 'oh that's cool' and i had no fucking idea what they did.
and then today there was an announcement that the school's gonna do a play of 'ten little indians' by agatha christie and i just remembered that tech thing and christen caught me in the hallway on my way to band.
christen: alanna.
alanna: hi
christen: take this
alanna: ok? *takes note thingie*
and i walked all the way to band which is very far away and squished this teeny note in my palm and upon my arrival i thereby read the following:::
Hey girl! I don't know if you got my email Monday night but there is a tech meeting after school today that is very important. It won't be long - but if you go, my friend Frix can get you on stage crew. The meeting is either on stage in the auditorium or Mrs reagon's room. I'd be glad to walk you there. So, please find me @ lunch. Ishould be in the cafeteria at a table near the windows. Frix already knows you are coming to he'll be looking for you. See you at lunch & we can make plans, ok?
<3 ya,

so i was like ghlKSDHLKSeoiKS LDGKALHGKK dksldkghlahsk dOIEKskdgak and you know i have never done anything extracurricular except for uhm advanced recorder in the sixth grade. yay for that. only not really. but anyway i showed it to katherine and she was like 'ohh that would be so cool' and i'm like 'WHAT THE FUCK DOES TECH CREW DO' and she had no idea but we decided to go find christen together at lunch. so band went by and i didn't play and mr. snell didn't act mad, as usual, and he didn't act anything and i don't like him at all. and then some. so after band katherine and i went to english and i did not have a good time because we're supposed to be writing these poem thingies with word and picture clippings from magazines and i just don't like it. because its like we're aiming to win the stupid contest and the point is just to win the stupid contest and i hate it and i hate anything like that and i don't like ms. kitts. but anyway. so then we went to lunch and as usual katherine and i were the first people in the cafeteria because ms. kitts's classroom is in the elementary building and there's not a bell or anything there so she just sends us out whenever but anyway. katherine was like 'i'm supposed to go to my locker' and she left and i sat there and everyone came minus katherine and i went alsdkghlKHDLAHLDHklhalksdhg and i didn't wanna go talk to christen alone with all her intimidating older friends and whatnot. so i waited 3270589205982 years for katherine even though i only got half of my bagel eaten and then she appeared and apparently her locker was jammed but we went to find christen anyway and she looked uhm...... 'engaged' when we got there so we just sort of stood there and looked around and whatnot until she addressed our presence. but uhm so anyway she is really in charge of things and she made all the plans and all i had to do was answer questions and do what she told me. so i went to call my mom and katherine and jackie, who she shares a locker with, went to work that out i guess. and then i had to wait FOREVER to use the phone and some girl talked to her boyfriend and some guy spent like t23y0537295808392508 years talking to who the hell knows. but anyway. by the time i finally got to the phone the bell was ringing i called my dad and talked to him like five seconds. but anyway. the rest of the day went by normally so i don't have to talk about that. but uhm anyway. i DID find my oboe in science though. and we got two new students in class. but anyway. i met christen by her locker and some other guy and i got introduced to him and i was carrying like 320583209 things but i shook his hand anyway and it was terrifying. and then we went down the stairs and walked outside and back to the main building and so on and so forth and suddenly we were there and i went X_X and christen practically pushed me through the door and i'm like 'LASKHDGL;AKHDL;ASDH'
christen: see that girl in black over there
alanna: no
christen: .... KIM!! KIIIIIIIIMMMMM!!! [<- the loudest thing ever]
everyone in the room: .......
alanna: O_O
christen: KIM!!!!
kim: *finally comes over*
christen: ok kim this is alanna.
kim: hi alanna
alanna: hi
christen: and you're supposed to introduce her to Frix and uhm take care of her.
alanna: *eternal nervousness*
kim: ok what was the name again. i'm like *crazy motion thingies*
christen: alanna.
kim: alanna. right. ok.
and then christen disappeared from existence and we walked in and i got introduced to frix who looked at me as though i was a squashed roach and then i saw that this girl cece was there who i've known a while and i'm not sure if she knew exactly what 'TECH CREW' meant either but uhm so we stood around and signed our names on this little piece of paper and everyone else was older than us and katherine hadn't shown up and everyone was just hanging out and being goofy and uhm anyway. so then frix said that not everyone was gonna actually be on the stage crew for this play, but that we could try again later, etc. etc. and he said he would post whoever 'got in' on the bulletin board and whatnot and then he asked if so-and-so had any words to say and she stood on this 'soapbox' thing just to look really cool or something and she didnt have anything to say and then he asked did laura have anything to say? and she asked to stand on the soapbox and no she couldnt because the other girl wouldn't get off and then uhm she just said that 'TECH THIS YEAR IS GONNA FUCKING RULE' and 'sorry mrs. reagan' and then we sort of milled out and then suddenly there was katherine and she said she didn't even wanna do it and like thirty minutes later i realised that i'd been like ASSURED a spot on the fucking thing and i didn't really like that but i wouldn't have tried to do it again i think. i'm not determined or anything. but anyway. it would be more comforting if i wasn't on it. so anyway we left and i was walking along and i heard this voice behind me go 'did you make tech?' and i turned around and it was christen's friend and i think his name was chris or something but it was the one whose hand i shook and i told him 'i don't know.. we just sorta signed our names and left' and he went 'well good luck' and ran away and then i went home. and uhm that was my day.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

i took a shower a few minutes ago and i am wet and hungry. god damn. my backpack is like 50 pounds and we don't have lockers yet and i have to lug every single thing i own around in it. its terrifying. my algebra book won't even fit in there. things are crappy. school is slow and still sucks but we don't have as much homework as last year. at least not yet.

Sunday, August 26, 2001

dammit i still haven't finished the pete yorn post. so if it doesn't seem complete to you, that's because its not and i'm still working on it. slowly adding and whatnot.

Friday, August 24, 2001

Biting Flame: and he plays the harmonica
Biting Flame: and he was a great voice
shiro86am: o.o
Biting Flame: and great hair
Biting Flame: and therefore he kicks major ass
Biting Flame: age
shiro86am: *backs away slowly*
Biting Flame: HIIIIEEEEE
shiro86am: O.O
shiro86am: *runs in terror*
Biting Flame: and then my dad kept calling pete yorn 'steve zorn'
Biting Flame: yes indeed he did
Biting Flame: he wrote a poem to keep them straight
Biting Flame: but then he started calling him 'pete zorn'
Biting Flame: it was funniness
PoGiBoY182: i remember my cat had the same problem
ok i have decided to caputure the whole of wednesday night right here. in this very blog.
*blog blog blog*
i'm trying to think where to begin. which would be like 5032958732057 months ago when i was watching mtv2 and they showed a little tour thingie and it was all like 'pete yorn (with ours)' nesses. (btw i'd seen the ours video several times and i thought the song was really cool and i liked the way the video was done) so i was like 'wow that sure is cool i wonder if he's coming anywhere near this vicinity' but mtv2 can sure be a bitch and they were like scrolling the stuff really really fast but my mom was like 'look nashville' and i went, in my little head, 'oh wow maybe i can make mom drive us' because i'd seen the video like three times and i loved it to death and brittany had seen it once but you know if i'd mentioned that to her that very day she wouldn't have remembered who he was or anything. and THEN mom was like 'look he's coming to memphis' and i went, out loudnesses, 'OMG REALLY....' and he was apparently playing newby's which i knew nothing about except for the name because its apparently a really cool place to go. the radio says so. ahahha never listen to those bastards. so i KEPT FORGETTING to tell brittany as it was. one day laylee was like 'incubus isn't coming to memphis.' and it was a sad sad day except that i remembered and i went 'BUT PETE YORN IS!!' which kicked so much ass because by that point i'd seen the video like.... seven times. even though it was just the IDEA of pete yorn coming to memphis that was so unbearably cool. NO one comes to memphis. therefore, pete yorn kicks ass!!!!!! which we all knew. i mean i didn't actually think i'd get to go. especially since that he was coming on a date after school started. even though it would be a lovely lovely name to add to my 'first five concerts' list. which, for your information, continues thus far:::
1) garrison starr
2) collective soul
3) bruce springstien
4) ani difranco
5) guess who this would be
even though i don't really start counting until 4. garrison starr was back in like..... 1990 and i don't remember it very well. so it was after that but that's not the point. it was more like.... 199...3 or 4 or 5 or i have no fucking idea don't ask me such complicated questions. and collective soul was an opening act for widespread panic and they did about five songs which i didn't know but like one and i couldn't even see. and bruce springstien, i was manually FORCED to go to that. it was a terrible night. and of course NO ONE TOLD ME THAT HE DOES 2 HOUR ENCORES....... i could die. but ani was great even though there was larry. WHO WON THE GAME.
so anyway laylee apparently hadn't heard pete yorn's single, "life on a chain." (<- look at this i'm practicing grammar) though i must say, later, when she finally heard a song she HATED it and she's calling him a woman! soooo where was i. anyway. i FINALLY remembered to tell brittany and this was like a month later, mind you. like early july i think. and brittany was basically like 'who' except that maybe she remembered him. that's completely and utterly beside the point. the point is that everyone loves pete yorn. well you better. but other than that, the point was, that after long hours of searching, we discovered that newby's was a bar and you could only get in if you were 18+. it was a sad sad day except not because we'd finally found out from brittany's mom, who knows the guy who runs the place. (todd. you need that information later. store it somewhere) so the whole idea of the pete yorn concert just basically slipped into a sad oblivion for a long long time....... and i kept reminding brittany it was coming up and on sunday i went 'pete yorn's gonna be here on wednesday....' and she was like 'OMG REALLY' because she's a fiend who remembers absolutely nothing. the date was easy to remember seeing as it was right before nick's birthday. oh and this is really random but happy birthday nick. and on another really random note the hissyfits were in town on tuesday night at the maproom but we didn't get to see them. sad sad sad sad sad day. anyway. ahem. but brittany had ordered the pete yorn cd online with a gift certificate thingie that katie got her for her birthday, but i had really really intended to buy that the second i got some money. brittany had only heard the one single, the hidden track thing which i think is available for download on her blog, and one that she didn't like. but she still bought it. and it came in the mail on like... monday or tuesday? monday i think. and she only listened to the first half of it twice. x_x poor sad brittany. *cough cough* so on that very wednesday brittany and i went through school like normal citizens and came home like normal citizens and practiced volleyball or the lack thereof like normal citizens. and then brittany called me around like 5 i guess or a little earlier and she was like 'guess what' and i was like '-_- what' and she proceeded to tell me that her mother had called todd at newby's and gotten the time for the show and everything and that todd had AGREED TO LET BRITTANY IN and I WAS INVITED. it was a big lovely surprise but i didn't get my hopes up just yet. i ran off and away to ask father puddintane if i could go. he was like 'have you finished your homework' and i was like 'YES YES YES' and he looked at me like a dad for a minute and then he went 'alright' and i went 'SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM OMG YAY' or whatever and i talked to nick and aj online a little and i read jane eyre for two seconds and i had to clean out the catbox and that was extremely gross and i had fake chicken for dinner and i didn't know what to wear so i just put on what i'd worn to school, which was like the plainest thing in the history of the world. woah i just read that over and i thought i said 'i am planning the history of the world.' ......... yeah you bet. so ANYWAY. i was amazingly hyped up and the thing started at 9 and brittany was supposed to call me at 8 and be here by 8:30. i got no call UNTIL 8:30 where she said they hadn't left yet, that her dad wasn't home yet. she and her mom couldn't leave until doc rob got home because he had to watch her sibs. so anyway she called me back like ... 10 minutes later and the conversation was as such:
phone: *ring ring*
alanna: hello
brittany: we're on our way
alanna: bye was a beauteous thing.
by the by, 15 or so minutes later... well ok i'll make it 20. the point is there was a car honking outside the house and i dropped jane eyre and i grabbed the clothes brittany had left over here and ran outside, realising that i'd forgotten the lisa loeb cd i was supposed to return to her. x_X but that was ok because brittany was like 'gahh i hate you. i'm getting it when we come back' so i was like 'yeah yeah yeah' and then we drove to the drive-up atm machine thingie and brittany told me about the bring it on boy and we discussed the moulin rogue song and brittany was thereby missy elliot and she went 'UH UH UH UH UH UH UHHHH' and i was horrified. and brittany was harassed by some guy in a car with kids who ran into a fire hydrant while making skary stalker motions at brittany through the window. so then we drove to newby's which, you should know, is on highland, past the library, near tiger bookstore &amp;amp; happy days (which we intend to burn, mind you) and across the street from wherever frankie's dad works. so uhm. i'm really hungry. we had to park a ways away from the actual building and there was a massive line and brittany's mom was like 'i dont wanna waaaaait' so we walked up there and brittany and i were unbearably short so brittany's mom saw one of her friends from a college art class and she was talking to her and brittany and i got in line and there was these guys talking behind us about garrison star and i found it amazingly cool since she was my first concert, in a way. x_x but anyway.. it was still really cool. and i was trying to eavesdrop but then brittany started pointing at this huge tank thingie and she goes 'look. beer.' and then the guy in the line in FRONT of us went 'what do you think that is.' and brittany's mom is like 'helium' and we were looking at it and it was really gross. because they was trash and beer cans/bottles everywhere. and then on the wall there were these stickers on the wall for like bands and radio stations and stuff, like the kind you stick on your car because they were obviously water-resistant. and brittany was like 'when we have a band i'm gonna put our sticker up there' and i was like 'no way we'll still be in memphis' and she stood there for a second looking at the wall and she went 'well we'll tour here' and i was like 'this is a pretty crappy place to come on tour. 18 and older? blegh' and she went 'ok fine we'll play the new daisy and then we can come and put the sticker on the wall' and it was funny. and they had a lot more stickers inside, we realised later. and the guy in front of us was like 'so whos opening?' and we're like 'ooooouuuuursss' and he goes 'is it any good' and we're sorta like 'eh... its okay.' and he goes 'so its tolerable, eh?' so we got to the door and the guy was like looking at us like we were fucking crazy seeing as brittany is 15 and i am not and i was most definitely the youngest person there and then brittany's mom was asking the guy if she could talk to todd, except she called him .. what was it she called him? the owner, the manager. something. but anyway. the guy's like 'i'm sorry i can't do that.' and she's sort of like, she doesn't know what to do and she goes 'well i talked to him on the phone earlier and he just told me to ask for him here....' and then the guy's like '.................... is that your daughter' and she was like 'yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh' and he goes 'ok well he told me about you.' and it was like ohhh thank god because for a second we were all like X_X and as mrs. heather mcbride said, 'for a second there i thought we were s.o.l.' so we went in and it was like smoky bar type room and then we walked through this really tall door with a glowing neon sign over it that said 'TOO TALL TODD' and it was thereby dubbed funny. by me. so we went into another smoky bar type room and too tall todd was randomly there, his head 32705982 feet above everyone else's. he was standing by the bar so we walked over there and we shook his hand and whatnot and he bought us cokes and i tried to say thank you but the music was really loud and then suddenly it was gone and OURS RAN OUT ONTO THE STAGE AND EVERYONE WENT WOOWOOWOO. it was great. well just the feeling. yeah. and it was really loud and i was thinking about how mr. guy in front of us in the line was asking like if it was tolerable and thinking about how loud it was. and uhm then todd sort of beckoned to us, because brittany and i were the shortest youngest people there and everything and we went up like five or so stairs and we got to stand next to the little stuff that does the lighting and whatnot and.... it was great. we were standing next to some guy and next to this girl who was videotaping the concert who we later figured was the lead singer's girlfiend. that really did explain why she was focusing the camera on him the whole time. and anyway the guy we were standing to i think he was musical or at least wannabe musical. the point is he was there for the music. he wasn't like singing or anything but he was like rapping his knuckles on the wooden railing that surrounded the little lighting board thingie. and then he played air guitar and i found it funny. we couldnt see very well or anything in the dark. oh but i mean we weren't that far back from the stage. it was really pretty decent, considering. its a small venue as it is. i asked brittany how far back she would say we were but she had no clue. but uhm now comes the part where i get to try to remember everything i can about the way they played. live concerts are great for that very reason - you get to like see how the band plays and stuff. i mean yeah you can watch the music videos but you get to look at what you want to focus on and music videos (the ours one anyway) usually center on the lead singer. so let's try to remember things i wanted to remember to say about the band. the guitarist was like really energetic when he was like having a moment, you know? like when the singer stopped singing, and you were supposed to hear the mass guitarness. he would like move round and whatnot. and then like normally he did this thing which is hard to describe but he like... the hand that holds the neck of the guitar or whatever. the fingering one. he would like do this thing on time with the bass beat..... gahh this is impossible. but oh well. then uhm mr. lead singer ours guy was like singing usually of course. and playing the guitar. so his voice goes to these really high levels and if you know the song 'sometimes' he does like this really loud high-pitched scream which is more louder and higher and angrier in concert. and uhm at one point in the concert he was doing something similiar, maybe not like an ANGRY scream, but more like.. sad or something? but anyway. it made my ears vibrate and he sounded like a fucking dolphin. and then at one point when he did not have his guitar, he turned around and like shook his ass at the audience and it was .... lovely. let me tell you. well at least his pants weren't falling off....... YET. but that's later. so uhm. yeah and you know i always say that guitarist/singers never know what to do with their hands when you take their guitar away. like when they're not supposed to play and they just have to sing. but anyway. uhm. the keyboardist. i swear these guys had something agaisnt keyboardists or something because he was like not actually on the stage. or something. it was really weird. or he was hardly on there anyway. but anyway. you could hardly see him. but he was sooo into it. i love it when musicians are into the music. and he looked like 'beethoven' at some parts. or brittany's imitation at any rate. and i told her so and she laughed really loud because i could actually hear it over the massive music. and uhm the drummer was like at some points he was just hitting the drums so so hard i thought they were gonna burst or he was gonna break the thingies or something. he got really into it as well. i love that. i said that. yeah. the bassist. my yes. uhh. yeah. so apparently its like CLASSIC to have a bassist who's much more subdued than everyone else in the band which was like the example. well maybe not CLASSIC but its like part of the mold of the average band and we discussed this with dad and he was saying that the who was basically like the perfect example of that formation. but anyway. the point is, the bassist was the most reserved. i guess they know they're the ones who really aren't being watched as much, even though i watched him at points. i mean of course you watch him AT POINTS but you don't make a deal out of the bassists. i don't know. i mean i don't even remember him or the keyboardist from the music video. but anyway. there was one point where he sort of shined, you might say. the song i thought was gonna be the finale, but turned out to be the middle, of their set. it was like they had this big part with no vocals and just jamming and like the lead singer guy like was playing guitar with the lead guitarist, you know and whatnot like a duet thingie and then we went back to center stage and acted really cool and whatnot and then he actually went over to the bassist and like it was sort of like 'here you can play now and i'll stand here so that everyone watches you' i mean it wasnt like he was trying to hog it or anything but more like offering up the bassist to the audience as the eye candy. i dunno. but yeah. oh i now remember that i REALLY wanted to talk about one of my totally favorite things about a live concert. i mean even if the music's not so great or even BAD, you can still feel it, you know? like the huge bass beat is thumping in your legs and heart and its so amazingly cool and that's got to be the best part of a show. and you know its alllll in your head. because its sooooo very loud and it just fills every little crevice it could possess and its in you and its like literally feeling that phrase that musicians use so often about 'the music's in me' and you figure that's what it must be like. i mean listening to music normally gives you a different feel of 'the music's in me' but a live concert is a totally different experience. but uhm lemme continue on with whatever. i don't even remember what i've been babbling about. but anyway.... s a lot of the songs ours did were really really familiar, but i don't know if it was just the style or what. or his voice or something else crappy. but there was this one song and he was like 'I LIVE TO SEE YOUR CHILDREN DIE' and it was pretty frightening. and uhm uh they did a queen cover near the end of the concert. one of the ballads. i just looked on for a forever and i couldnt find it still and i don't care to listen to anymore queen sound clips. *cough cough* laylee. but uhm it was sad because even though you KNEW like everybody had lighters, only one person was waving theres around. it was depressing. but it was really funny because there was like the one little flame floating around right next to the stage. ghawlkaka. but oh well. brittany was like 'i should've brought a lighter' and proceeded to tell me that doc rob had gotten mad at her for playing with his lighter and using up all the fluid whatnot. but uhm eventually ours left. after like 11 songs. geez they might have played like everything on their one album plus that one cover. so we sat around and talked FOREVER and we moved over to the corner sort of where there was a table and heather got our drinks refilled and they tasted sweeter and flatter and it was weird. but anyway the table was really wobby and sticky. and uhm we discovered that brittany's shirt was backwards when her tag suddenly stuck out the front of her shirt and i was like you know you should turn it around and she shrugs and she's like 'so what i don't care' and then a mighty 1.2 seconds later, she put on her overshirt thingie and turned it around and i laughed at her and she had great problems struggling inside that sweater. but uh i don't even remember where we were. so there was a wrestler-greased mullet roadie moving stuff round and round the stage and some other people and the lady who was video-taping mr. ours arse left and this other lady came and i didn't lik her as much because she wasn't as good at the lighting and she was smoking too and we had to stand next to her and she had this flaming lightbulb too. i didn't like that either. it was blinding. but uhm i keep getting off track. these things are way too long. no one shall ever read this. not my fault.
straaaaaaaaaange condition said steve zorn

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Super Saiyan AJ: i was sweating today
Super Saiyan AJ: like mad
Super Saiyan AJ: painting my dang fangled house
Super Saiyan AJ: humid
Super Saiyan AJ: with hornets
Super Saiyan AJ: but i destroyed them
Super Saiyan AJ: they were like "fizzle fizzle"
Super Saiyan AJ: and i was like "MOO HOO HA"
Biting Flame: no wonder. dammit. DAMMIT. i can't speak. *wait wait wait wait*
Super Saiyan AJ: *stuffs half the f*cking hoagie in his mouth*
Super Saiyan AJ: gad
Super Saiyan AJ: oh gad
Super Saiyan AJ: it's sooo hard to chew
Super Saiyan AJ: way too much
Biting Flame: AHHAHAHAH
Biting Flame: o.o
Biting Flame: .................
Super Saiyan AJ: system overload!
Super Saiyan AJ: she cant take much more of this cap'n!!!
Super Saiyan AJ: bones! help him out
Super Saiyan AJ: dammit jim, i'm a doctor not a...mouth...cleaner..thingy.......
Super Saiyan AJ: old school star trek is awesome
Biting Flame: you bet it is
Biting Flame: beam me up scotty and whatnot
Super Saiyan AJ: yep
Super Saiyan AJ: spock the immovable fiend
Super Saiyan AJ: hardy har har
Super Saiyan AJ: fiend is your word
Super Saiyan AJ: i shant say it again
Super Saiyan AJ: know what shant is short for?
Super Saiyan AJ: *taps a finger in um...
Super Saiyan AJ: forget it
Super Saiyan AJ: who made the milk red
Super Saiyan AJ: yo i did
Super Saiyan AJ: cause i dunk dunk dunk it
Super Saiyan AJ: i drank the last of the moxie today
Super Saiyan AJ: bah!
Super Saiyan AJ: HI=HOW ARE YOU================MORGAN IS A ZIGGY PIGGY
Biting Flame: *changed little current blog thingie*
Super Saiyan AJ: *does toothy-lip thingy*
Super Saiyan AJ: hey you
Super Saiyan AJ: start speaking
Super Saiyan AJ: freakin a
Super Saiyan AJ: quit toying with me
Super Saiyan AJ: GAL DERNIT!
Biting Flame: sorry i disappeared
Super Saiyan AJ: no shaith
Super Saiyan AJ: i wish i had some milk changer oreos
Super Saiyan AJ: and i wish i could hang out with that nutty kid
Super Saiyan AJ: what does it mean when you're eating a hoagie and you keep thinking of pizza
Super Saiyan AJ: i mean, what can you say to the hoagie
Super Saiyan AJ: there you are, with it, thinking of pizza
Super Saiyan AJ: that must hurt it's feelings
Biting Flame: wow aj
Biting Flame: youre like........................ dirty

Super Saiyan AJ: grr@freddifish
Super Saiyan AJ: i dunno who was on the name
Super Saiyan AJ: but they went to pick up brit-ness
Super Saiyan AJ: brit-ness, can i get a wit-ness
Super Saiyan AJ: lmao
Biting Flame: ...............
Biting Flame: x_x

Biting Flame: i can see the russian army rollin thru my head
Super Saiyan AJ: bummer dude
Super Saiyan AJ: ette
Biting Flame: i just got that
Super Saiyan AJ: witness
Super Saiyan AJ: witness
Biting Flame: ............ x_X
Super Saiyan AJ: you did?
Super Saiyan AJ: horrid
Super Saiyan AJ: ....o.o

Biting Flame: what did you think
Super Saiyan AJ: oh oh
Super Saiyan AJ: nothing
Super Saiyan AJ: nothing at all
Biting Flame: o.o
Biting Flame: .................................................
Biting Flame: i bet
Super Saiyan AJ: shh or i wont pay you
Biting Flame: like you ever intended to
Super Saiyan AJ: i do
Super Saiyan AJ: i am a man of my word
Super Saiyan AJ: ba-oo-ban-bou, ba-oo-ban-bou
Super Saiyan AJ: good song
Super Saiyan AJ: thats the guitar by the by
Biting Flame: well i couldnt tell
Super Saiyan AJ: bummer
Super Saiyan AJ: buuu
Super Saiyan AJ: bummm
Super Saiyan AJ: eerrrrrrrrr
Biting Flame: i'm hungry
Biting Flame: i lost my crackers
Super Saiyan AJ: i was sounding it out
Super Saiyan AJ: um
Super Saiyan AJ: you can have the other half of my hoagie
Biting Flame: *eats aj*
Super Saiyan AJ: it's still in the wrapper
Biting Flame: oh
Biting Flame: oh well
Biting Flame: too lateBiting Flame: what did you think
Super Saiyan AJ: oh oh
Super Saiyan AJ: nothing
Super Saiyan AJ: nothing at all
Biting Flame: o.o
Biting Flame: .................................................
Biting Flame: i bet
Super Saiyan AJ: shh or i wont pay you
Biting Flame: like you ever intended to
Super Saiyan AJ: i do
Super Saiyan AJ: i am a man of my word
Super Saiyan AJ: ba-oo-ban-bou, ba-oo-ban-bou
Super Saiyan AJ: good song
Super Saiyan AJ: thats the guitar by the by
Biting Flame: well i couldnt tell
Super Saiyan AJ: bummer
Super Saiyan AJ: buuu
Super Saiyan AJ: bummm
Super Saiyan AJ: eerrrrrrrrr
Biting Flame: i'm hungry
Biting Flame: i lost my crackers
Super Saiyan AJ: i was sounding it out
Super Saiyan AJ: um
Super Saiyan AJ: you can have the other half of my hoagie
Biting Flame: *eats aj*
Super Saiyan AJ: it's still in the wrapper
Biting Flame: oh
Biting Flame: oh well
Biting Flame: too late
Super Saiyan AJ: *finds food floating around*
Super Saiyan AJ: you really should chew better

Biting Flame: morgan's blog is the best thng ever ahahhaah
Super Saiyan AJ: morgan looks like...
Super Saiyan AJ: the blob
Super Saiyan AJ: from
Super Saiyan AJ: "a boy and his blob"
Super Saiyan AJ: on NES
Super Saiyan AJ: or at least she does in the picture on blys site
Super Saiyan AJ: big time
Super Saiyan AJ: sure
Super Saiyan AJ: around what time?
Biting Flame: morgan doesnt look like the fucking blob
Biting Flame: OH
Biting Flame: HAHAHHAHAAHHAAH @ pic from bly's site
Super Saiyan AJ: no no
Super Saiyan AJ: the one from that game
Biting Flame: the cocoon one
Super Saiyan AJ: DUH
Biting Flame: ghahaglkakahhahah
Super Saiyan AJ: jeeze
Super Saiyan AJ: i wouldnt insult morgan-ness
Super Saiyan AJ: she's my half sister or somthing
Biting Flame: she does not look like any fucking blobs
Biting Flame: O.o
Biting Flame: you bet...........?
Super Saiyan AJ: f*cking a right sister

Super Saiyan AJ: my hands are getting tough
Super Saiyan AJ: from working all day long
Super Saiyan AJ: tougher i should say
Super Saiyan AJ: they werent exactly gentle soft
Super Saiyan AJ: yuk yuk yuk
Super Saiyan AJ: hyuk
Super Saiyan AJ: those seizures of yours are getting pretty violent
Super Saiyan AJ: really should see a doctor
Super Saiyan AJ: GAL DAMN!!!!!
Super Saiyan AJ: ARGH
Super Saiyan AJ: ARGH
Super Saiyan AJ: argh

Biting Flame: hi
Biting Flame: are you ok
Super Saiyan AJ: *twitch twitch*
Super Saiyan AJ: you're cool lana
Super Saiyan AJ: i like you
Super Saiyan AJ: and i like morgan and brit
Super Saiyan AJ: and ya know
Biting Flame: i know i know
Super Saiyan AJ: we should all hang out some time

Biting Flame: frankie is on the phone
Super Saiyan AJ: frankie
Super Saiyan AJ: and pat
Biting Flame: she just went 'fiend of doom alanna. you make up nice phrases.'
Super Saiyan AJ: pat...the "i'm not a dysfunctional person, i'm not a dysfunctional person"
Super Saiyan AJ: that guy was funny
Biting Flame: rgith
Super Saiyan AJ: and he add-libbed this song about his weiner being enormous
Super Saiyan AJ: and stuff
Super Saiyan AJ: and it was like "draggin on the ground"
Super Saiyan AJ: and it rhymed
Super Saiyan AJ: and it was hilarious
Super Saiyan AJ: i was little
Super Saiyan AJ: ....
Super Saiyan AJ: like ten
Super Saiyan AJ: he was in a band with phil
Super Saiyan AJ: he was the singer
Super Saiyan AJ: mem-o-ries
Super Saiyan AJ: *flexes his manly deltoids and pectorals*\

Super Saiyan AJ: *grrrr*
Super Saiyan AJ: i wanna talk to brit
Super Saiyan AJ: how long of a fraggin drive is it???
Super Saiyan AJ: i made money
Super Saiyan AJ: i have lotsa dough
Super Saiyan AJ: how much do i owe you?
Biting Flame: $0.879086709870986890768765764
Super Saiyan AJ: uh...
Super Saiyan AJ: hows 88 cents?
Super Saiyan AJ: i rounded up
Biting Flame: ok
Super Saiyan AJ: how about $88.00?
Biting Flame: that'll do, pig
Biting Flame: how about not
Biting Flame: aghlalkhak
Super Saiyan AJ: ;_;
Super Saiyan AJ: ;_;
Super Saiyan AJ: *cry cry*
Super Saiyan AJ: *feelings are needlessly hurt*
Biting Flame: i'm sorry aj
Biting Flame: i dont steal money
Super Saiyan AJ: *wipes a tear*
Biting Flame: jgdghdyugfuhgiugh[ji;lj;ih
Super Saiyan AJ: why'd you call me a pig
Super Saiyan AJ: *whaaaaaaaa*
Super Saiyan AJ: *gasp*
Biting Flame: i didnt
Super Saiyan AJ: *whaaaaa*
Biting Flame: ........
Biting Flame: _-_
Super Saiyan AJ: Biting Flame: that'll do, pig
Super Saiyan AJ: *WHAAAAAAA*
Super Saiyan AJ: either i'm dislexic
Super Saiyan AJ: or you called me a pig
Biting Flame: HAHAHA
Biting Flame: AHAAAHAHHA
Biting Flame: didnt you get it?!?!
Biting Flame: its from babe
Super Saiyan AJ: .....
Super Saiyan AJ: sure it is
Super Saiyan AJ: nice save there lana
Biting Flame: IT IS
Biting Flame: SERIOUSLY
Super Saiyan AJ: ....nice save.....
i have a headache. i remember these. these kinds of headaches. the after school ones.

Monday, August 20, 2001

so anyway continuing off from that deliriously long post from the 19 that i JUST finished...... after i got offline i read a bit of jane eyre. and then i went to bed. we (morgan and i) were woken up at 12 on sunday and we had brownies for breakfast because morgan had made them the night before and they were delicious. so uhm morgan and mom and i were supposed to be going with kimerbly to the casino to see tap dogs for her birthday. if you don't know what tap dogs is.... you're pathetic. but its like uhm guys tapdancing.. hahha. not like riverdance or anything. not like gene kelly. they play modern music.. it was mostly percussion and very cool. and the guy did play a bit of electric guitar at one point. theres mics all around the stage by their feet so you can hear their feet really well and its amazing. and the environment i think is supposed to seem like just five guys hanging around and dancing for a lot of it. it was just really fun and they were funny and we gave them all names JUST like we did when we watched the video, so that we could keep up with them. we HAD to have another mr. date man. in the video we watched of them, in a different company, my aunt phyllis said that this one guy wearing this plaid overshirt thingie was the type of guy she wanted us to date. it was too funny. so we called him mr. date man. and then there was a guy who looked like a dad so he was mr. dad. and then mr. hat was deliriously funny and wearing a hat. and then mr. nameless was this guy in a black tank top that we forgot to name. and mr. pantyhose had this silky legs and he probably shaved. so anyway at the PERFORMANCE we had a mr. date man who was like the youngest one. and we had a mr. hat who later became kimberly's 'mr. i don't have a shirt on' mr. sleeves had no sleeves and he was really engeretic. i liked watching him. mr. legs was the only one who was wearing shorts. and mr. mister was the equivalent of mr. dad because they were both the most experienced and the oldest. so the set-up of the show was just the same as the video and they did like exactly the same performance with different personality. it was great. then we left. driving with kimerbly is great, you should know. she goes pretty fast on the freeway ahaahhaah. dad was like 'she's gonna drive like a demon to get you there on time' but it didnt feel very demonic to me. and we listened to good music. we listened to some liz phair and some bree sharp and some dido and some ani and some nelly furtado and then a couple things on the bridget jones's diary soundtrack. it was a good day. then we went home and we were GONNA go out to eat. i was totally up for it but morgan is a stinker and we just ordered pizza instead. -_- then there was much crappiness whilst we packed our backpacks and things and yadadada and whatnot and today i went to school and i really don't wanna blog and i'm hungry and i've gotta do my homework.
Biting Flame: OMG
Atea Diosa: ?
Atea Diosa: what!?
Biting Flame: LMFAO
Atea Diosa: bacon? is that even a last name?
Biting Flame: OHHHHHMY GOD
Atea Diosa: o.o
Biting Flame: OMG
Atea Diosa: O_O horrifying
earlier before my shower, i called my mom my mom at work because she'd left a message on the machine that she wanted to hear all about how the day went. ((she's a librarian, by the way)) and so i called and one of the librarians i didn't know picked up and i'm like 'hi is leslie there' and she was like 'yeah is this one of her daughters' and i was like 'yeah' and she was like 'how did the first day of school go' and i was like 'uhhh' and she went 'are you the high school one' and i died and it was actually pretty funny because my mother can't keep her mouth shut.

Sunday, August 19, 2001

yesterday.... dammit this is gonna take a while. *mass sigh*
yesterday, mom woke us (morgan and i) up at 11... early start.... and we went to one of mom's favorite stores... i don't remember what it was called. oh well. and morgan and i tried on massive amounts of clothing for back to school ness. and i remembered that i HATE buying new pants. are you short? if not, do you know what its like to attempt to find jeans that fit? well they fit alright but theyre desperately long. but anyway.... i didn't actually find any pants at that store. and then we went to uhm... the Mall Of Memphis. (its not the only mall of memphis. but whatever.) amazingly enough. mom HATES the mall. so they didn't have the stores that are at the other mall that we usually (usually meaning once every other blue moon) and that was depressing but we went into gadzooks and i went look look a superman shirt and it was just like the one my daddy has. i want a batman shirt. morgan wants a green lantern shirt. dad bought a new flash shirt and it kicks ass. i want a flash shirt. anyway.... uhm....
so we looked around and i didnt see any jeans i wanted or anything.... and then i bought three pairs of socks because they were cool and i like cows and they are now extremely wet and in brittany's room along with my shirt. brittany if i could get that back, it would be great. x_x anyway. then uhm i saw spongebob shirts and super girl shirts. one was like this. not REAL supergirl shirts. i would LOOOOOVE to have a REAL supergirl shirt. even though this is amazingly cool. but its the old supergirl. i meant the new supergirl. her shirt. yeah so anyway. i wanted a spongebob shirt of a tootsie roll pop shirt or something but mom was like 'we're leaving' so we left and i was hungry and i was like foooood but nooo and then we went across the street to whatever that other clothing place is and i bought three pairs of the dreaded jeans after trying on 503958490235687093257803258 pairs. and one of them was long and mom's like 'ohhh we'll get it hemmed' and you know we won't. but hmmm.... oh yeah and i bought a strapless bra because i needed one desperately and morgan got a little one too hahahahahaaaaaaaa. and then uhm. we left. and we ate chick-fil-a and the workers weren't wearing their chicken hats, brittany!! we're complaining!!!! mom says we were robbed of our full chick-fil-a experience. and morgan found a penny in her fries and i told her we were gonna sue. only not. then we peeled the thingies off our drinks and morgan and the lucky penny won. mom and i did not. morgan won a uhm... free breakfast chicken thingie? whatever. ahahhha.
mrs. buck, my history teacher in sixth grade, found a big green pill in a bag of lays chips once upon a time, and she like called them and told them and they were scared that she was gonna sue so they like sent her this fed-ex thingie so that she could mail it back to them... ahhahahaah. destroying the evidence and whatnot.
chicken fat lady chicken fat lady
then we were gonna go to officemaxx to get morgan's school supplies, but morgan lost her list in the first place we went to.... ahhaahah. she left it there. and we were all bushed anyway after like... two hours of shopping/eating. we are so pathetic. but anyway. mom had PROMISED us we would go to moondance. and we did! and it was bliss. we stayed for a forever and tried on lots of shirts and stuff... morgan ended up getting two of their trademark shirts or whatever. the ones that are flowie and dyed and embrodeired and beateous? and i got two as well. and morgan also got another emily shirt. and uhm its all amazingly cool. plus today i found all three of our OTHER emily shirts that we couldn't find... they were all hanging in the laundry room. hahaah. and i think they'd been there a mighty long time. so uhm. what was i talking about? dammit all. oh yeah. it took us forever to decide what to get and we just got clothes and mom was trying to get me to buy brittany a candleholder and i was gonna get her something.. but i ended up not. i DID resolve to bring her back that weekend and make her pick out something herself that i would pay for. which we did. which i'll get to. so anyway we were looking at the emily stickers which were really cool and mom's like 'lets get one' so morgan and i picked one out. and morgan and mom and i were talking to the guy at the counter about like our budget for clothes and things and how we were spending all our money there and he was like 'i'll take pity on you' and he told morgan she could HAVE the emily sticker!! (she was carrying it) and she's like 'thank you!!!!' and he turned to me and he was like 'you can pick one out to' and i went 'REALLY' and he's like 'you better hurry before i change my mind' so i was like 'THANKS' and i get one too. and it was a good thing. yes yes surely was. so uhm. i feel really offtrack now. dammit. eh..... ok so then we went home and i got online and talked to brittany and we decided we should get together and she was telling me about this really kickass store they found at the Hickory Ridge mall that's supposed to be like 'goth' or whatever but uh it was amazingly cool seeming. she bought a death shirt and a morpheus shirt and so that kicks ass. it was part of her birthday present. so it took us like two hours but we finally made definite plans that my dad found too complicated but that's just too bad for him. brittany's family drove in to midtown and picked me up and we went to this vietnamese restaurant and brittany's mom like attacked me because she didn't think i was eating enough and it was actually pretty funny. and i rediscovered that i am deformed and cannot use chopsticks. and there were little vietnamese people going shlop shlop shlop all over these massive rice bowls and i was very jealous of my deformed handness. and brittany kept prodding food and putting it on my plate and then william prodded the fish in the tank that were swimming around and he put it on my plate.
haghlakhahahhahagaklkakak you bet. and i told william and elisabeth that they should rub the buddha belly and they did and they rubbed it and rubbed it and elisabeth went 'WHAT DOES IT DO' and then doc rob said 'hey hey quit fondling buddha' and...... yeah.
your skin smells lovely like sandalwood
^line in this lisa loeb song and i like it
anyway uhm... so after that we left and went to the gas station. my it had such a scenic view. we could see brittany's boyfriend scratching himself by a telephone poll and brittany's uhm... mistress.... beating people with his crutch. and elisabeth's husband lying all over the payphone. so that was lovely. then brittany's mistress held up the store while brittany's father was inside it. and then william's boyfriend drove up on this bike and dropped it like right outside the store and i swear the crutch guy would've stolen it if he hadn't been busy. anyway.... then we drove to my house and the whole way elisabeth was like 'THERES YOUR BOYFRIEND' and i couldv'e sworn he was stalking us but you never know because he hides really well. you know he may have been the hubcap.
so we went to my house. yes. wow. alanna's happenin pad. and all the way we listened to fm100 80s at 8 and they were playin brittany's song. you know the one. boy george. and then they played that duran duran one that was a james bond movie and we danced around in the back seat and it was funny and then we got to alanna's happenin pad and we danced to the door and then we grabbed mom and dad and morgan and we all piled off into our car except that somehow on the way we had misplaced dad and he managed to not get there for like... 4574909582 years and we waited in the car for him for a forever until he finally came. then we drove to moondance while listening to the sleater-kinney 'hot rock' &amp;amp; 'all hands on the bad one' cd that i burned for brittany. i made them play track 8 which was 'get up' which is GREAT so go download it. and i knew that 'ironclad' was the only song brittany knew and it drove morgan insane so we HAD to listen to that. and then we just listened to the rest from there and it was good. of course. and we hopped out of the car and went 'too bad too baaaaad youre ironclad IRONCLAD' and we scared the people at the outdoor restaurant. what's that place? the bayou place? i don't know. and mom was like 'what plaid what' and then i was like 'no, no, no.' and then i started talking about the buttcheek doofus song with the plaid line because everything reminds me of a song. anyway. so we browsed for like the longest time and mom was finally like 'we gotta go sometime' and dad was looking at all the superhero shirts and he ended up getting a flash logo one which was really cool. i loved the hulk one. wahaha. i told him i wanted a batman one and a supergirl one. and a ramones one. and brittany was attacking things and morgan was attacking things and we all attacked things. and it was good. and then cain knew his wife ...................a second time.
so brittany only ended up spending $9.50 of my $20 that i worked to earn for her and her only. she bought like six little scented candles with lovely fragrances like strawberry. and then uhm she bought two packs of incense matches which were sandalwood *which is very appropriate because i'm somehow listening to 'sandalwood' again* and uhm... i don't know. maybe some berry thing or a mint. i told her to get musk because that's such a beautiful smell but she didn't. and then i tried to convince her to get a necklace or something. we were looking at those like circle choker thingies? ohhh you know the ones. pretend you do.
mom: do you wear necklaces like that?
brittany: *smile smile* no
mom: do you have any
brittany: *smile smile* no
mom: well that's why you don't wear them then
it was really funny at the time.
where was i. i keep getting distracted. dammit all. so anyway we bought the stuff then we drove back to our house and dropped off dad and morgan and mom drove brittany and i out to germantown to spend the night at brittany's house. we there listened to some music and burned cds and hung out and got attacked by the cat and there was no one online so we went downstairs and watched a couple of the same music videos and then we put on psycho beach party and it was HILARIOUS. really really stupid. hilarious. then we realized that it was like 2:30 and we had to get up at 12 so we went upstairs and brittany took a shower (she seriously takes the shortest showers ever. i don't know how she does it. they're even shorter than the ones my mom takes!) so uhm... then we were supposed to be going to sleep and we talked a while about like absolutely nothing and brittany kept murdering my feet, which were by her head, and they were also freezing cold and she was taking the covers off and i couldn't find my socks and then i stole her other little blanket and used that instead. ahahaha but then we didnt even start to actually try to sleep until like ... 3:20 or thereabouts. so then in the morning brittany's mom woke us up at 11 not 12 because we had to drive to elisabeth's kung fu class which is right before brittany's tai chi class. so uhm to brittany i made sure 'happy birthday' was the first thing i said. because it was her birthday!! yay for being 15. which i am not. ahglhahhaah anyway. and i dragged myself out of bed and got dressed and whatnot and ahahhah i had forgot my bra but it was ok and i didnt miss it at all. my socks were discovered deliriously wet on the floor of brittany's bedroom with no water in the cat's waterbowl. so i didnd't wear them. and i ended up accidentally leaving them there, along with my uhm. white overshirt thingie whatever. so we hadn't eaten, but we were late to elisabeth's class as it was and i grabbed my bag and brittany grabbed mighty crispy and we ran off into oblivion aka ..... the place next to funnel channel paints. or uhm.... whatever that place is called. and uhm then we went in and elisabeth ran around and starting kicking the air and there was this huge amount of HAIing and i nearly died and it was really loud but all the music they played was extremely cool. eventually they played like this chinese drumming cd thingie.... it was really cool. the beginning was freaking brittany out cuz its was like 'THUNK............ ................... .......................... THUNKTHUNK.............. ................. .......... THUNK' and she went 'WHAT IS THAT NOISE?!?!!?' and i was like 'its drums' and you'd think she'd know but she didn't because she never does but i did and informed her and then it was really really cool. that first song was really simple mostly just like the big drums.. tympani, probably. maybe something simpler though. i'm not sure. and then like they added a full percussion section and they had like a flute too and a recorder sounding thing but i don't know if there's some chinese woodwind that i don't know the name of. i'm so sadly pathetic. but anyway. so the little kung fu children were really cute and i think i knew one of the little girls from someplace but it gets boring after a while and so i read some of jane eyre even though brittany kept talking and then i was watching this adorable baby who was watching me and he was just the cutest thing ever. he kept smiling at me and playing peekaboo behind his mom's shoulder and then he drooled all over her boob. and then brittany made some funny little comment about it that i don't remember. and then brittany's dad attacked the baby whose name was nicholas and he was adorable, like i said. then the class was over and brittany had to do tai chi and we read the rules for the tai chi ness stuff and i made fun of everything as usual and then uhm.. yes so brittany went to do her tai chi-ingness and i watched her in the mirror because its the smallest class ever of three people. and she couldnt roll her mat over in the correct manner and it kept messing up so this guy had to do it for her and i laughed my head off in the corner and listened to the kickass chinese percussionness. then uhm... let's see. brittany ahhaahh she went too fast and then when they started the new exercises she kept starting with the wrong hand and/or foot and continuing with the wrong hands and/or feet and.... i was amused. then there was a point when she was looking at me in the mirror as well and i wiggled jaunty frisco at her and she was like heehee and doing the little brittany giggle face and whatnot. and uhm yeah then i read some more jane eyre and i got 17 whole pages read in the time span of like 3 hours we were there. then we drove past grahamwood and i went 'look grahamwood' and brittany was like 'nice windows' and we discussed the Wretched Playground Of Death and things and uhm then we stopped at sonic and brittany's dad got a root beer and fries for me and brittany got a junior sonic burger thingie and a root beer and elisabeth got this massive oreo blast and doc rob got a little teeny pathetic wannabe vanilla ice cream cone that swirled round and round and i like those. so i devoured all the ketchup with my fries and brittany finished her burger wayyyy too fast and she was like clutching her stomach and going 'i am never eating a sonic burger again' *brittany does these things all the time you know* and her dad went 'why not' and she went 'because it was gross and nasty and now i feel sick.' *this happens allllll the time* and then i laughed quietly to myself and then like a minute later she was like 'nevermind i just had to burp' and it was amazingly funny that brittany is such a doof bucket. and i was like 'indigestion, eh' and then we drove to chinatown imports because brittany wanted a dress or some pants and we went in and looked around and at first glance all the dresses seemed way way way too big for brittany's size but we like attacked it and i went 'look look this one's short' and we found some smaller ones and she tried on four or five dresses and came out in one and she said that one of them had been too big and two had been too small and would've fit a size more like mine. but they were like short dresses and i don't really like short dresses because i feel too exposed but that's totally beside the point and anyway. so elisabeth stole the dressing room and brittany had to wear the dress around and it was a really good color, we decided, doc rob and i. it was like a silvery type thing sort of. but anyway so after she had been walking around in it a while she discovered that it was hard to sit down because it tightened around her neck and the slits in the sides were too high to wear to school. she'd been wearing her blue volleyball shorts underneath it and when she sat down to try on some shoes you could like see the whole shorts. so she didn't end up getting that but she got a shirt just like it practically. the color was the same but the pattern was slightly different. and she got some small black shoes like the kind my mom used to wear. and she got chopsticks and all of it was a birthday present. oh happy day. then elisabeth didn't understand the concept of birthday presents and was demanding these little pajama thingies. and i don't know if she ended up getting them or not, but later brittany said that when she pulled her arms up or back.. i don't remember like the front popped open or something and so it didnt fit and then her mom like stole it or something. but anyway. then we left chinatown imports and they took me home. and we heard the breeders in the car and it KICKED ASS and then we heard that wretched fuel song 'bad day' and brittany's dad was singing 'i wrote a bad song again' and i was cracking up and it was hilarious and brittany was attempting to sing the real one over him but doc rob was like.... loud. ahhahaha. so i came home and i was all alone because mom was at work and morgan and dad were at the workshop for the new play they're gonna be in. its supposed to be a lot of dancing especially since kimberly's directing it and its about disco. zak and zoe are gonna be in this one too. morgan tried to get me to join but i told her i don't dance. and shes like 'oh yes you do' and i said 'very rarely and very badly' or something of that sort and so i don't want to do it anyway. even though the cast seems great. it would be fun just to hang out with them. i think we should get together with zoe some time... hahaha.... it'd be funny. anyway. where was i. so i read some more jane eyre and i did a load of laundry and folded some things... and then mom came home and she was like 'do you wanna go see ghost world' and i thought it would be great fun and i was like 'sure' and so then morgan and dad got home and dad was like 'no i'm too tired' but then we convinced him and we had some spaghetti and clam sauce and we ran away to studio on the square in overton square which is also where moondance and memphis pizza cafe and uhm..... that other restaurant. they're all there. yes sirree. so uhm the movie was great great great the end was sad sort of. in a hopeful way. hard to explain. go see it. morgan and i were reminded throughout the movie of brittany and myself in the two characters.... it was funny. they even sort of had our hair colors/styles. and like rebecca really wanted to move into an apartment and stuff and she was really serious about doing it and enid sort of just thought of it as 'a seventh grade dream' and and rebecca wanted to make love to the waiter at the diner and enid almost told him so and she was really really funny and she like hated everybody and, as my mom said, she thought everyone was stupid but her. and my mom said that reminded her of me and i went X_X and there was much big x-eyed ness throughout the kingdom. and then i made everyone in my family really really really mad at me when we got home and morgan hates me and things are crappy.

Friday, August 17, 2001

so what's up with pete yorn. someone go call newby's.
dad and i were talking about this JUST the other day. what the fuck is up with nashville?! why does no one come to memphis?!!?!? we're more of a music city!! nashville's just country. dad says they get more people to come cuz its just more central and i guess so but memphis is a hell of a lot cooler. and anyway its a wednesday so we'd have to like not go to school. wanna come brit?
MAD DOG GOD DAM.........
so i'm reading 'jane eyre' now as well because my mom thinks it would be better for me to not have finished mythology when i go back to school than jane eyre, since that's more of a story. and the most important stuff in mythology is in the first chapter and i'm on page 208 in that. jane eyre is better than my 'friends' have said but who the hell can trust them, for liking misty crisco?!?! and they all HATE mythology and that makes me sob. as dad said, it should be the one we 'relate the most to' with all the tv shows and movies made out of mythology. like xena and hercules and shit. i know a lot of the stories already and i think i'm gonna have to reread sandman to catch all the little nuances which will be really really fun.
or a better word.
anyway, jane eyre has a really really slow start for what i've heard it to be about. its just opening up and i'm on page 100 and there's a lot crammed on every page. its by the same publishers as the monte cristo verison i had to read. damn you bantam book classics! and it has no illustrations either.
another thing that's wonderfully intersting about the myths, is seeing how things have evolved. like in fairy tales and all? things are much much less violent. the Chimaera, which is a fire-breathing monster with the front of a lioness, the end of a serpent, and the middle of a goat in the Greek myths, has diminshed to just 'a magical creature.' or some type of fantasy.
why does the singer lady in this song sound male?
and the centaurs also. they're very violent creatures.
i really love the way the gods are portrayed though. the greeks understood that NO ONE is perfect, least of all not the gods, who are full of imperfections. as well as representations. bacchus, for example. or uhm dionysus, the god of wine. theyre the same guy, for your information. but anyway. he's like a really jolly good-nature guy. until he's not. and then he's like ruthlessly violent. its showing two sides, and also the effects of the wine he represents.
oh and these followers of his are these wild women who run naked through the woods and eat the flesh of anything they come across.... the uhm maneads. or bacchalites. they killed orpheus.
well they kill him in some versions. in some, he was punished (not gonna get into that) into immortality and like his head is alive and seperate from his dismembered ... 'body'. which is pretty much nonexistant
well that's the version in sandman anyway. ahahahahahah. because there he's morpheus's son.
but in the book, he was uhm. killed. like really. and then the nymphs buried him. no wait.... not the nymphs, that was perkleahiaga whatever. the muses, i think, buried him. because calliope (muse of epic poetry... that's stories... for your information. sad fiends) is his mother. as she was in sandman. ooh and she had an issue in sandman too. i read that yes i did. and so should you!! and i like this song. what the hell is this.
eternal yay for diane izzo and her amazing voice of doom.
everyone go download 'wicked spell' by diane izzo. and if you can't find it, get anything else.
oh wait. nevermind. just go here. you can download it.
and uhm i'm gonna go try to change my updates. because i doubt blogger will let me publish this thing. so uhm i'll try to inform you guys from there.

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

i hate blogger.
blogger won't let me publish my page dammit.
Biting Flame: i had to tour the high school today and meet a couple of my teachers
Biting Flame: and i was horrified
hoy bofe: why???
Biting Flame: what do you mean why
hoy bofe: the teachers or the school
hoy bofe: or... all of the above
Biting Flame: everything
Biting Flame: its soooooo big
hoy bofe: aw
Biting Flame: its the biggest school in the city
hoy bofe: how many students
Biting Flame: like 2000
Biting Flame: i wanted to go to a smaller high school
hoy bofe: well
hoy bofe: I went to one w/ 1500
hoy bofe: it was kind of culture shock at first
Biting Flame: yeah
Biting Flame: its like a big shock though, coming here right after middle school. because the middle school only had two grades
hoy bofe: weird.
Biting Flame: but my friend, christen, who's going into 11th, she's my mom's friend's daughter and my mom was at their house and she got christen to call me
Biting Flame: and like she's gonna adopt me or something and i was like ;_; thank god
hoy bofe: hehehe good :)
Biting Flame: i know
Biting Flame: i was freaking out
hoy bofe: just surround yourself with nice people
Biting Flame: and she told me all about my teachers
Biting Flame: and how i was gonna get the 'i'm a forty-year-old virgin and proud of it' speech from my latin teacher
Biting Flame: *dies massively*
Biting Flame: i know
Biting Flame: X_X
hoy bofe: you'll be fine
Biting Flame: i doubt it
hoy bofe: heheh, trust me
hoy bofe: you'll hate it, but you'll be fine
Biting Flame: -_-
Biting Flame: oh thank you
Biting Flame: i'll probably get trampled on the second day
hoy bofe: no
Biting Flame: yeah yeah yeah
hoy bofe: heheheh
hoy bofe: have you ever heard of anyone being trampled?
hoy bofe: at school
hoy bofe: noooooooo
Biting Flame: ahahgahkla yes
Biting Flame: jesse and jenny luo were almost trampled
hoy bofe: almost
Biting Flame: yes, see!
hoy bofe: hehe
hoy bofe: I promise, you've got nothing to worry about
hoy bofe: They always hype shit up to be soooooo much worse than it really is
hoy bofe: Especially teachers
hoy bofe: "in high school you won't be able to sleep in class"
hoy bofe: yeah right.
Biting Flame: aahah
Biting Flame: ive never slept in class
hoy bofe: oh well, lol
hoy bofe: mrs perfect here
Biting Flame: ............... not really
Biting Flame: i'm not a very good student
hoy bofe: yeah and you have what straight a's?
Biting Flame: noooooooooooooooooooo
Biting Flame: *dies massively*
Biting Flame: seriously
hoy bofe: hehe
hoy bofe: ok straight a+s
Biting Flame: -_-................................
Biting Flame: no
hoy bofe: :)
Biting Flame: i made a 10 on a history test last year
hoy bofe: HA
Biting Flame: but it was all mr. jackson's fault
Biting Flame: i hate that man
hoy bofe: I made a 36 on my government quiz
Biting Flame: hahaahahhahahahaahh
hoy bofe: But it was like seriously the hardest quiz ever
*junk about hard, evil teachers*
hoy bofe: oh well
hoy bofe: it will be a lot of fun
hoy bofe: you'll meet cool people
hoy bofe: but you'll hate the actual school :)
Biting Flame: i doubt that
Biting Flame: i like the epitome of anti-social
Biting Flame: or something
hoy bofe: i was when i was your age too :)
hoy bofe: well, now i am again... but anyway
hoy bofe: there was a period of time say, from when i got a car until basically 3 weeks ago
hoy bofe: i hardly was at home, or not w/out my friends
Biting Flame: well whatever
Biting Flame: i dont like people.
Biting Flame: seriously.
Biting Flame: i do NOT like people.
hoy bofe: hehe
Biting Flame: its true
hoy bofe: i know
Biting Flame: especially not friendly people
hoy bofe: ont even me?
Biting Flame: what is that supposed to mean
Biting Flame: i dont know you
hoy bofe: so you don't like your friends?
Biting Flame: you're twisting things
hoy bofe: well you know your friends
hoy bofe: right/
Biting Flame: yeah
Biting Flame: but i dont have very many friends
Biting Flame: at all
Biting Flame: brittany is my friend. i talk to her about things.
Biting Flame: i talk to my sister about important things
Biting Flame: and laylee is one of my really good friends even though we're just hyperactive
Biting Flame: and then everyone else is an accquaintance
hoy bofe: ah yes
Biting Flame: what does that mean
hoy bofe: I'm startin' to understand what you're saying
Biting Flame: thank god
hoy bofe: I never had a friend until like my sophomore year
Biting Flame: but i bet you wanted some, didnt you
hoy bofe: just casual acquaintances... that only talked to me when they needed something
hoy bofe: well, not really... because all of my "acquaintanaces" really pissed me off
hoy bofe: the friends kind of just happened
Biting Flame: the point is i dont really want any more friends. i dont WANT to be social. i dont WANT to know people
Biting Flame: people piss me off all the time.
hoy bofe: hehe
Biting Flame: stop heheing at me

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Laylee2000: 'girl goddess #9'..... actually that's pretty offensive. the book isn't even really about sex. that's so annoying
Laylee2000: whjat.the.fuck.
Laylee2000: ahahhaah
Laylee2000: you were disappointed cuz ud idnt get to read ur crazy lesbian sex boooks? SHEESH
Laylee2000: :)
Biting Flame: akghalkhaalksdhgasldkhlakshghlsad
Laylee2000: MUAHhahahahah
Biting Flame: imood recommended it to me because i said i was raunchy
Biting Flame: LOLOLOL
Laylee2000: i dont knwo what that book is although i remember you liked it in like 6thg rade
Laylee2000: oh my my my my MY
Laylee2000: ahjaaaaj
Biting Flame: ahahaahahahahahaha
Biting Flame: i was kidding
Biting Flame: but whatever
Laylee2000: ahahahahah
Laylee2000: you werent :) you reeally wanted to read a crazy lesbian sex book! admit it! AdMTI IT DAMMTI
Biting Flame: agklhsdlahhahahahhhhaahaahahalfmao
Laylee2000: whoa
Biting Flame: there's a band called dragsterbarbie
Biting Flame: that kicks ass
Chaodoom: hahha
Biting Flame: i wonder if theyre any good
Chaodoom: we can find out =)
Biting Flame: hey you wouldnt like them i think
Biting Flame: you'd probably label them as 'feminazi' i can tell already
Chaodoom: ahahahahahahaha
Chaodoom: i just call em feminazi cuz you like em. =)
Biting Flame: x_x
Biting Flame: youre so evil
ok so i've found some amazingly cool bands and stuff lately. such as..... Pavement, Marine Research, Sarah Dougher, radioKing, cherry soda, PURRr, Trophy Wife, Chickweed, Jen Faith, moonbabies, Kate Rears, and a Courtney Love who's NOT Courtney Love!! those are some of the better ones......... i have the most massive list ever of bands that were recommended to me and i haven't even finished looking through the first page yet. i'm like on download spree and check out my wishlist for some other shtuff i listen to. and the mp3 page thingies, even though those are mostly cds i own.
ok so i'm trying to remember what's been happening. nothing really.... i blogged on friday... we CLEANED on saturday so that was blah. and i didn't get online until late and then my dad stole the comp two seconds later.
then on sunday, i had been invited to frankie's cousin's birthday. he was turning three. i met a bunch of her relatives and relatives's friends and dogs and i was so confused because everyone's name suddenly sounded the same. or maybe its just the family. so the party was only 2 hours long, and it rained the whole time, and there was thunder and lightning and wahtnot, and afterward frankie's parents were driving me home. except that there was a flashflood thing and the street that they were driving on was like all flooded and some cars were stuck, so instead of trying to go on a different route, which they apparently find impossible, they drove me to frankie's grandparents's house and we stayed there for a forever and vibrated on the sofa and i really like that little dog and the grandmother put on some easy listening on the tv and was listening to big band on the radio at the same time and i nearly went insane and i called my mom a few times, and of course she was too not-worried to take my subtle hints and so i stayed there for another forever and we had some funkyass pizza and then at like .... 6:30 or so we went home. and i discovered that daddy had bought a dvd player. then i came home and after a while, i got online for a while and then mom got mad at me for i don't remember what and now i have to read 100 pages a day in my required reading before i can get on the computer. so i read 100 pages of monte cristo and got back on..... like five hours later. i am a very very slow reader.
today, i woke up, at like 3:30pm and started reading but i only finished at 11pm because
1. i am slow.
2. MORGAN was in the room and she's very distracting.
3. i had dinner and watched a sinead o'connor behind the music thing on vh1.
4. i took little short break thingies.
5. i have run out of things to say.
i'm talking to laylee about brittany's bday party thingie which laylee didn't even KNOW about. brittany you do have to disclose the information SOME time.
[Laylee2000: ......brittany is having a party? :)
Laylee2000: didnt know that! ahha----i donthtink im invited WAAAHhh]
and now we're talking about how we HAVE to watch rocky horror.
Biting Flame: and so we therefore have to rent dude where's my car
Biting Flame: and brittany halfway invited morgan
Biting Flame: awwwwwwww i'm sorry
Laylee2000: you flaming BASTARD
Laylee2000: ahhaha aww :) cutie
Biting Flame: i told brittany that we HAVE TO RENT
Biting Flame: ROCKY HORROR
Biting Flame: as well
Biting Flame: and then i said that you have to dress up as doctor frankufeentur because you'd make a great one
Biting Flame: and then brittany didnt get it but she laughed anyway
Laylee2000: ahahaha
Laylee2000: dress who up ? ME?
Laylee2000: yes id make a RAVISHING transvestite hahahahah OH MY :)
Biting Flame: LOLOL yes i know
Biting Flame: that was my point
omg ghaghahh. i changed my imood and they recommended me 'girl goddess #9'..... actually that's pretty offensive. the book isn't even really about sex. that's so annoying. imood eats my soul and they didnt have the word wretched the other day.
wow i sure am blogging. that had to be the longest break ever.

Friday, August 10, 2001

Super Saiyan AJ: *fixes his shorts*
Super Saiyan AJ: they keep riding up on me
Super Saiyan AJ: it's very
Super Saiyan AJ: irritating
Super Saiyan AJ: i had pants on
Super Saiyan AJ: then i took a shower
Super Saiyan AJ: and i was like
Super Saiyan AJ: shorts
Biting Flame: i like pants
Super Saiyan AJ: cause...
Super Saiyan AJ: then i stood in front of a fan
Super Saiyan AJ: and i said
Super Saiyan AJ: "that cowgirl looks like lana"
Super Saiyan AJ: and she was on tv
Biting Flame: O_O
Biting Flame: WHAT
Biting Flame: SHE DID NOT
Biting Flame: i hate you
Super Saiyan AJ: and then she shot that guy
Biting Flame: asgdhjalskgdhlsdagh
Biting Flame: i didnt shoot anybody
Biting Flame: and my look-alike didnt either
Super Saiyan AJ: and then she was like "john wayne"
Super Saiyan AJ: and there was crying
Super Saiyan AJ: and jive
Super Saiyan AJ: maybe it wasnt john wayne
Super Saiyan AJ: wasnt
Super Saiyan AJ: it was some other guy
Super Saiyan AJ: and he liked hanging out with a drunk postal worker
Super Saiyan AJ: that stole my dang-flangled candy cane!!!!
Biting Flame: morgan said that i cant be a cowgirl
Biting Flame: because i'm too wimpy
Super Saiyan AJ: naw
Biting Flame: and i have no hat
Super Saiyan AJ: you're a tough cookie
Biting Flame: and i don't own a belt
Biting Flame: or a boot
Biting Flame: or a pair of tight jeans
Biting Flame: i am not a tough cookie
Biting Flame: since when am i a tough cookie
Biting Flame: I'M SO HUNGRY
PoGiBoY182: geez
PoGiBoY182: are you like
PoGiBoY182: a deprived hungry child
PoGiBoY182: just like nick?
PoGiBoY182: ive seen his home
PoGiBoY182: its terrible
Biting Flame: ahgalkakahkgahkglahsddlgs

Thursday, August 09, 2001

i hate people.
JC84559: hey guess what
Biting Flame: ?
Biting Flame: what
JC84559: u kno alannas morsette?
Biting Flame: *alanis morissette
JC84559: yea yea watever
Biting Flame: you poor fool
JC84559: eminem likes her music
Biting Flame: like i care
JC84559: im jus sayin
JC84559: lol
Biting Flame: ............... and your point?
JC84559: he likes music
JC84559: lol
Biting Flame: so what
Biting Flame: is this supposed to make me think any higher of him?
JC84559: yrs
JC84559: yea
Biting Flame: well it didnt work
hoy bofe: bush is talking on stem cells
Biting Flame: o.o
Biting Flame: he's frightening
hoy bofe: woohoo
hoy bofe: stem cells are neato
Biting Flame: bush is not
hoy bofe: true
Biting Flame: ahahhaha
Biting Flame: see
hoy bofe: are you watching this crap
hoy bofe: here's the synopsis
Biting Flame: o.o
Biting Flame: what
Laylee2000: i love this part
Laylee2000: o.o.o.o.ol.
Laylee2000: LOOK many eyes
Chaodoom: satanic bibles, hmm?
Chaodoom: oh my god
Chaodoom: i LOVE 7-11
Chaodoom: i love slurpees
Chaodoom: i love mountain dew code red
Chaodoom: i am absolutely dying with love of this code red slurpee.
Super Saiyan AJ: who here knows where milk shakes came from?
Chaodoom: AJ. they come from cow-tipping.
Super Saiyan AJ: oh...
Super Saiyan AJ: i never would have guessed
Super Saiyan AJ: do you suppose that if you dont milk a cow for a long time...that...
Super Saiyan AJ: it's udder would then be full of cheese
Chaodoom: if you don't milk a cow for a long time
Chaodoom: then it stops producing milk
Chaodoom: =)
Biting Flame: whats that band
Biting Flame: and theres those guys
Biting Flame: and theres a desert
Biting Flame: and some shoes?
Chaodoom: jimmy eat world.
Biting Flame: no not them
Super Saiyan AJ: at which point you could hit it like a pinata...dang word
Super Saiyan AJ: and it would...explode with cheese doodles
Chaodoom: ok
Chaodoom: how... disturbing AJ
Chaodoom: new layout
Chaodoom: it's... interesting
Chaodoom: different
Chaodoom: but i am liking the pic of the giggling faerie.
Chaodoom: "giggle giggle," says the photo
Chaodoom: "i like you, photo," says the Chao
Biting Flame: my heart becomes unbolted
Super Saiyan AJ: call me mr. fixit
Super Saiyan AJ: cause
Super Saiyan AJ: boltin on the jive and tastic corn oil
Super Saiyan AJ: that only the java mocha cheeno mr coffee can buy!!!!
Super Saiyan AJ: the preceeding was a paid advertisment and does not reflect on the views of this station or it's...
Super Saiyan AJ: employees
Super Saiyan AJ: pertaining to...ME
Super Saiyan AJ: sex and the city
Biting Flame: ;)
Super Saiyan AJ: that face is cute
Super Saiyan AJ: are you hitting on me?
Biting Flame: you bet
Super Saiyan AJ: woo woo
the little evil girl child attacked us in the line while i was buying laylee's cd. she thereby attacked a little barbie book and the lady was nice and let us go before her.
the little girl was wearing a cross necklace.
so the little girl. we were sitting in the cafe and brittany has her head on the table and shes laughing so hard except you can't hear anything because its a silent dangerous type and the girl is like staring at brit and shes like 'oh my good lord that girl is dying' and she was scratching her dress too all at once. and it was amazingly funny and brittany kept making these noises like a drowning chicken all night.
we found a sofa there. they put it back.
laylee just reminded me of this part of the night::
ok we were standing there next to these yo-yo ma things and brittany like totally attacked laylee and then asked her if she bruised easily and then laylee was like 'OUCH YES' and then she was telling us about how she like scratches easily too or something and she then scratched her arms up and tattooed my name on herself and later she told my mom i did it and i went LKASHDLGAHSDAHAKGAK and told my mother that i was framed and that it had been self-mutilation.
which is the truth.
morgan and brittany interpreted the night, as well.
i forgot to write about the little girl who looked at brittany like she was a possessed demon monkey experiencing a heart failure.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

i just got back from dinner with mom and morgan..... it was soooooo much fun. but first the beginning. so like as soon as mom came home from work, she drove me and morgan out to germantown where borders is - across the street from brittany's house. we walked in and right there in the little cafe there's brit and laylee waving massively and they're like sort of laughing and they looked like they were on drugs. and so i pulled up a chair and made fun of brittany for having her monte cristo book there and then i made fun of laylee for her nasty ass mango drink and it was really really quiet there so we were all laughing silently as we could and i was choking on air and laylee was turning the color of her yellow mango drink and britttany was turning the color of her bright pink strawberry whatever thingie drink and i was eating the chips that laylee had bought for me and she told me that i didnt look like that and then i told brittany the paparazzi was coming for her and she was soooo pink/red/cherry-flavored and she looked like a balloon of sorts and i mean it was just so funny and we couldn't freaking laugh!! and then brittany started crying and i was staring at the princess diana books and i told brittany that it would happen to her and laylee told us about pablo and diablo and elijah the sexy bitch whore of laylee. and things happened. and we ran all around and laylee tried to read the sum 41 article to us and then who should we see while looking for the magnetic poetry, but ZAK BAKER of all people sitting there wearing a soccer shirt and his kickass hair reading... who knows what. i think we distrubed him. we all ran around behind the chirstian books and whispered and things were really funny and it was just toooo hilarious and then we ran back around and ahahahah and then we were standing there by the astrology and whatever and laylee pointed at this 'SEX ACADEMY' thing and someone's mom from her school looked right as she pointed to it and said it and i went 'look its brittany' because i meant the Leo book NOT the sex academy and it was just tooooo funny and then zak became horrified and quickly flew away to the music. and then suddenly my MOM was there and MORGAN WAS STALKING US and mr. bill baker was suddenly there and it was just really weird and everyone was looking for a gift for kimberly's birthday and bill was looking for zak so laylee and brittany and i ran off and we saw him and brittany went 'your dad's looking for you.' and he went 'oh. hi by the way.' and it was somehow extremely funny, as was everything and we laughed hysterically and looked at the CDs and then suddenly WILLIAM was there who, as we all know, is brittany's little brother. he was there to collect her. so he did. he's the cutest thing and he's really tan and the summer's made his hair lighter. then brittany was gone and laylee was like ;_; and she like BEGGED me to buy her a cd for an early bday present so i said i would except that she was like 'omg you are so nice you can't do this!' even though everyone knew she really wanted it. it was funny as hell. but anyway i got it and spent all my money and didnt even get to get a coffee drink and turn that color. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY LAYLEE!! I CLEANED FOR YOU AND THEN I SPENT ALL MY MONEY (and then some) ON YOU!!! ahaahah i'm just kidding. you know i love you. i hope you like your cd. so then we had to leave and we left laylee there and she was happy i think so morgan and mom and i went to bosco's, which i'll have you know has great music and great beer (so i've heard). its like a dark smoky little place with these MASSIVE booths that you could fit like... 10 people in. we ordered garlic pamesean fries, some type of pizza stuff, and some type of shrimp thingies. it was all very pretty. then we all shared the food to death and talked about college and drugs and drinking and brittany and lots of Felix memories and it was great shit. then we ordered dessert. mmmmm it was delicious. morgan got blueberry cheesecake, mom got taramisi or however you spell it and i got creme brule. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. then we basically all shared that. ahaha. and we described it to each other and it was great fun. then on the way home, we passed like a little fender bender car accident and.. well..
mom: *talking about how any accident is really skary*
morgan: dad said that when he flipped his car over, it wasn't really skary.
mom: that's because he's an idiot. AND I LOVE HIM
and there was this massive MASSIVE laughter throughout the car. like the choking kind. it was just so funny!! you just have to know my mom. and mom's like yelling about how she married an idiot. and we're all dying of laughter.
morgan: you only love him because he makes you coffee
mom: its a good reason!!
uhm in a little while, i'm going to borders to meet brit and laylee. 'a little while' would mean like.... 5:30 or something? i dont know. whenever mom gets home from work. i can't find my bra and i'm debating whether or not it really matters. morgan's in the shower. she made a blog and its the cutest thing since shirley temple. only not. nick just got online and i do believe that jerel is there too and that means loveliness because i love nick and jerel.
my mom called from work and made me wake up at 11. wow i am was so tired but i'm not anymore. morgan is watching 'help' the beatles movie. and i'm supposed to be cleaning so that i can go to borders tonight. ITS ALL FOR YOU LAYLEE!! ok i'm sort of speaking at brittany and bofe guy except that i'm not supposed to be and mom's gonna be home for her lunch break soon and i need to be doing something.
Biting Flame: o.O.o <- my three eyed cyclops face
hoy bofe: ?.?.? that's my 3 eyed 3 eyed cyclops face
Biting Flame: look. the cat.
Biting Flame: the cat. the huge fat cat.
hoy bofe: i have no cat
hoy bofe: my friend has a huge fat cat
hoy bofe: the cat didn't move for 3 days once
hoy bofe: it was awesome
Biting Flame: the huge fat cat is sitting by her bowl 239573205 hours before breakast aka. the highlight of the day
Biting Flame: that is so sad.
Biting Flame: our poor cat
Biting Flame: who is huge
Biting Flame: and fat
Biting Flame: and hungry
Biting Flame: i should eat her
hoy bofe: now you're talking
hoy bofe: i don't really like chinese food though
Biting Flame: damn
Biting Flame: why not
Biting Flame: i like those chicken thingies
Biting Flame: chicken, cat. its all the same
Biting Flame: look theres the other cat. the one who is much less huge.
hoy bofe: i don't see it
hoy bofe: maybe because i'm not there
Biting Flame: damn
Biting Flame: wel.... pretend¿
Biting Flame: LOOK
hoy bofe: how fun it'd be
hoy bofe: CAT WATCHING
Biting Flame: WAHAHAHAHA
Biting Flame: kickass
Biting Flame: ?>??:>?<>?<
Biting Flame: well we have three cats
Biting Flame: so you could cat-watch three cats
Biting Flame: all at once
Biting Flame: and make yourself dizzzy
hoy bofe: and fall over
Biting Flame: yeah. thats the ticket
hoy bofe: oh no
Biting Flame: you'd probably squoosh grail
hoy bofe: you just said thats the ticket
Biting Flame: LOL sorry
hoy bofe: my eyes have been soiled
Biting Flame: O_O
Biting Flame: that can't be good.?
hoy bofe: i don't know~
Biting Flame: aghahgka what the hell
hoy bofe: WHAT
hoy bofe: Sorry i was busy cat watcing
Biting Flame: o_x
hoy bofe: was that a typo or one o f your faces
hoy bofe: you need to put a key or something up on your page
hoy bofe: so i can study them and use them to my advantage
hoy bofe: one day I'll go O - -_ o ¯
hoy bofe: and propose to my wife
hoy bofe: it's cool
Biting Flame: i'm sure it is
hoy bofe: you crack me up
hoy bofe: witty AND young....... lethal combination
Biting Flame: ahahahah i'm sorry
Biting Flame: loooovely
Biting Flame: o.o
hoy bofe: i can almost taste the sarcasm
Biting Flame: ahahahahaahah
Biting Flame: thanks
Biting Flame: this is terror
Biting Flame: TERRIFYING
hoy bofe: relax
Biting Flame: asdkhasldghas;lgkhasglkh
Biting Flame: no
PoGiBoY182:wow your only 14
Biting Flame:o.o yeah
Biting Flame:so what
Biting Flame:how old am i supposed to be
Biting Flame:*listens to bjork*
PoGiBoY182:whos ani difranco
Biting Flame:WHAT
hoy bofe: who are these heathens
wow pj just sent me the scariest song ever.

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

laylee on the blink 182 concert:::

BlinkChik441: i wish travis had taken a break from the drumbs
Biting Flame: ahhahahkakkakaahhaa
BlinkChik441: and grabbed a mic
BlinkChik441: and came up and talked
Biting Flame: LOL
BlinkChik441: and shaked his ass
BlinkChik441: :)
BlinkChik441: HAHAA
Biting Flame: which one is he
BlinkChik441: sexy sexy ass
BlinkChik441: AHHAh
BlinkChik441: the tattooed one
Biting Flame: shaked. o_o
Biting Flame: i wish he had shaked his ass
Biting Flame: wow that sure sounds funny
*while watching judging amy*
morgan: its a good thing they didnt take me away from you and dad while i was a baby
mom: why
morgan: because dad would be watching sports constantly and you would be online constantly
mom: yeah, that's true. only dad wouldn't be watching sports.
morgan: fine. sitcoms and soap operas and golf.
mom: more like monty python.
morgan: and you'd fall in love with someone you met in a greif chatroom.
mom: and he'd end up being an ax murderer.
morgan: or a jiggalo.
mom: or a jiggalo.
morgan: or an ax murderer jiggalo.
mom: and he'd take all my money
morgan: and then you'd fall into a pit of despair and that you're not in one right now, is all because of me. or because the lawyers didn't take me away because we had some sort of legal problem. but we don't and that's ok.
mom: now its time for us to watch dave
alanna: *in the other room* JON!
mom: *turns on the daily show*
Ladygodiva76: BYEBYE!
Biting Flame: of course you do
Ladygodiva76: LETS GO TO borders TONIGHT!
so i've been looking for suza scalora pictures all night long because brittany and i were discussing her new book and then i said it'd be wikidass cool to make a layout of something she'd photographed and brittany said SHE'd wanted to also but couldnt find any pictures. and then she went to bed. i thereby took it upon myself to find a suitable suza scalora photograph and i've got.... 60 possibilities right now. they just need brittany's golden stamp of approval. so uhm brit if youre reading this, which you will be at one point or another, then HAAHAAAHHH @ you for NOT BEING ABLE TO FIND ANY SUZA SCALORA PICTURES AHAAHHA she has like three web sites of her own all of which are filled to the brim with beautiful photographs... i suggest you check them out immediately. Colar Therapy and uhm... Mytheopia. colar therapy apparently doesnt get updated as much so. one of the best fan sites was the german one, and even though i couldnt read a thing they had like older pictures and stuff. the rare ones and all that. and then i found a really really cool site that had suza pics and DAVE MCKEAN and ALEX ROSS and....... that place was loads of fun. and then there was this one with lots of these lovely little poetry quotes that were so beautiful... and i sent them all to alex and he was like 'lol i hate you go away' and then he tried to crash my computer so that was really uncool. omg i am so hungry and all i could find to eat was this nastyass chocolate donut. it was cheap and now its stale and i'm about to vomit except that i'm too hungry to risk it. i think it would be a wise wise choice to go to bed. as soon as i finish this sad excuse for a pastry, i will.