Monday, March 29, 2004

today was marvelous! mostly because i was sort of feeding off the energy from the weekend. backwards:
-brandon called late last night. it was brilliant. i am full of love.
-we watched parts of our movie things on the computer, and i died laughing over and over.
-foot and mouse came over to watch a movie with morgan, and they were very very silly. i love them.
-morgan made lumpsy chocolate cookies. mmmm.
-ergolytes workshop was very good, although i couldn't remember my lines very well.
-i woke up very late on sunday.
-i nearly fell asleep on morgan's lap.
-brandon called me, but his phone died after like 2 minutes.
-me and brock drove around for forever, and ended up at shnuck's. we bought cake, and ate it across the street. then we got married.
-brock and i sat outside and talked in the heat.
-katherine and alice came over for a very brief scandaliz vandalistz recording session. brock came later, but i don't think he got to record any drum parts yet.
-forced to go to ergolytes workshop by my father, instead of ice cream cake with dan ying and jenny. it turns out they couldn't go anyway, and workshop wasn't so bad.
-mad series of phone calls between alice and brock trying to figure out what was going on.
-anti-SATs morning with LA featuring pastries and "the sword in the stone."
-LA came over and spent a wonderful night with me. we stayed up very late chattering and cuddling.
-after school on friday, alice and i picked up her guitars from her house, and came back here for a scandaliz vandalistz practice with brock and katherine.
-a week of things i've probably already forgotten.
why oh why am i awake.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

i'd love to stay a while, but my homework is calling calling my name.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

criss/cross mix for sallis

a lot of the songs are really long on this, i realized. also, it's very random. actually, this thing is really weird. i can't figure out what happened to it. but here it is.

01) bikini kill - carnival
02) desaparecidos - manana
03) superchunk - the question is how fast
04) the beatles - rain
05) the gits - second skin (live)
06) the raveonettes - chains
07) the faint - call call
08) i am the world trade center - sounds so crazy
09) the cure - lullaby
10) portishead - biscuit
11) the yeah yeah yeahs - y control
12) pixies - gouge away
13) kristin hersh - sno cat
14) pj harvey - yuri-g (4-track version)
15) violent femmes - kiss off
16) the moldy peaches - nothing came out
17) andrew bird - weather systems (live)
18) reindeer section - last song on blue tape
19) smashing pumpkins - disarm
20) death cab for cutie - transatlanticism
21) discount - math won't miss you

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

i'm very sorry about the lack of updates. this is the hiatus i mentioned but did not call into effect, i guess. it's not a real one because it's not official. but... rehearsals have been almost every day, and homework is on overload right now. i'm sorry if you're all a little less connected to the amazing life of alanna. le sigh. but i hope to catch up next week, when there will be no theatre for me. mwahahaha.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

today is quiiiite nice, mostly because it's thursday. although it feels like, as foot put it, wednesday of next week. which makes it sort of nicer. tomorrow will be pleasantly surprising for my silly brain.
after school, margaret, brock, katherine, and i went for a history study group at starbucks. we get so carried away, and talk like nobody's business. there was something a little off today, but i think it was just me. a mood thing maybe, but i didn't feel like i had a lot to contribute to the conversation. ah well.
around 5:15, william and morgan ambushed me, and stole me away to make organic waffles. it was beautiful. william is, again, the sweetest thing. it's proven this time. we made 2 giant waffles, one with bits of his favorite kind of dark chocolate. william drove morgan and i to play workshop, but could not convince him to come in. we were about 20 minutes late, but not as late as last night, and they still hadn't started when we came in. it was really relaxed tonight, i thought. zoe was there and that made me quite happy!! her hair has grown out so much. what a beautiful girl. there were some really interesting movement exercises, but, for my part, a lot of resting.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

after school, we had a very short "band practice ha ha" at alice's house. instrumentation was two acoustic guitars made by her dad, one of which apparently wasn't made very well. brock and i sort of sat, and very much enjoyed the jamness of alice and katherine. they work very well together musically, and they have a lot of ideas. which they forget. very quickly. next time there will be a tape recorder and words on paper. friday, guys?
katherine had an oboe lesson and had to go after barely any time. alice, brock, and i went to wendy's, baskin robbins, and super 88. i'd left my cell phone at her house and hadn't been able to get in touch with my mom before that, so she was really mad at me tonight for going to davis-kidd and not finding me. the second time this week. i don't want to stop doing things on weekdays because it really brightens up my silly life, but i don't want her to be mad at me either. and i wish i could find my house key.
william is the sweetest thing. he showed up at our house to take me and morgan out for WAFFLES. unfortunately, we were about to leave for the second ergolytes workshop, though we did talk for a few minutes. it was still a very nice gesture.
workshops have been nice so far. i'm still working on brock to work on his parents to let him be in the show... everyone keep your fingers crossed. the play is already enveloping my life and we've been in it for half a week. i think i'll die. that is not to say i haven't been enjoying the time, but homework is a real hassle. i was up till 2 last night. i feel very guilty posting. i'm going to go now. i hope everyone is having a lovely week.
spring break... what?? that was years ago.

Monday, March 15, 2004

today has become horrible, i want to die, and i ache terribly.
i only want to sleep.
play stuff starts tomorrow, and i am stupid. gahepoiahiei.
this blog might take a hiatus.
thanks a fucking lot for all the kids who DIDN'T audition with me today! gewiowhpaih. brock and william came, but neither of them is going to do the play. i can feel it.
well, to make up for your sorry selves, i beg that you come to at LEAST one of the workshops. it's purely for fun, and it doesn't mean you're in the play or anything, or commit you to the schedule. although if you were interested, i'm sure alex would let you in. i'll try to give some more head's up as the week goes along, but seriously guys. it's a great experience, whether or not you're into acting, dance, or theatre. no joke. you will never do anything like it. come out. support. play.

Workshops at the University of Memphis
Communication & Fine Arts Building, Room CFA 126

Tues, Wed & Thurs, March 16-18 -- 7:00-9:00pm
Sat & Sun, March 20 & 21 -- 2:00-5:00pm
Tues, Wed & Thurs, March 23-25 -- 7:00-9:00pm
Sat & Sun, March 27 & 28 -- 2:00-5:00pm

Sunday, March 14, 2004

friday: fuck if i remember anything. oh yeah. margaret called me at like 11:30 and wanted to hang out. i hadn't seen her all break, and i was ecstatic. she came over, we grabbed a bunch of cds, and took off into the wild blue yonder. we drove around and around and around, all through the downtown. there were many colorful and beautiful houses, which we admired. i was hungry, and she was low on gas, so we went to eat at the arcade. we got a 12inch pizza with mozarella, feta, and cheddar cheese with pepperoni. it was quiiiiite good. margaret and i were on a fake date, so i paid for us. it was sweet. then we came home, but i've lost my house key. so i broke in through the back door, and we grabbed the camera and took off to overton park. we met up with alice, brock, tarah, and mary w to film the pro bono recycling promotion video. my camera was wildly low on batteries, so we worked super fast. margaret, brock, and i went over to tarah's house to recharge the camera, watch the footage, and possibly film some more. but after we watched our stuff, we watched all of tarah's spring break documentary footage for a long time. it was pretty funny, but we didn't really know what we were doing there. ahhaha. margaret left for work, and the rest of us hung out around tarah's BEAUTIFUL house, and sat on the roof, and explored her room. it was nice. alice came back from her violin lesson eventually and sat around with us. people kept randomly appearing at the house: mary w, linton, frannie, some girl. it was nutz. alice and brock were very hungry, so we finally left for cafe ole where they ordered the same thing, and didn't enjoy it. kind of sad. we skipped that joint and went to black lodge where we rented "help!" and "lolita." the beatles are fucking awesome, as you know. we had great fun watching it. when it was over, brock still did not have a favorite beatle, which is very upsetting. (for the record, mine is george, and alice's is ringo. hell yes. they're all amazing, though, of course. POLL: name your favorite of the fab four. in comments, bitch.) afterwards, we put on "lolita" but we were way too talkative, and after a while, realized that it would be no use in trying to go back and watch things and figure out what we'd missed because there wasn't time to finish the whole thing anyway. anyone up for lolita party tomorrow or tuesday night? call. i'm not kidding. so we put on michel gondry videos because that's what always ends up happening, and it was very nice. i'll never be sick of them. i love the man. plus with music videos, we could talk more while we watched them and it was more mood-suiting. i can't remember what we talked about, though. anyway. they went home at some point. i probably got online for a little while. i can't really remember.
saturday: dad woke me up 11ish, i took a shower, and went to the library at 12 to meet my english group. only allison was there and we sat around for a few minutes. i was really annoyed. i bought a caffe mocha. finally, shana got there. she and allison had done the same damn part of the project, and i wanted to suicide. i'm not going to go into detail. i was only there for about an hour and a half, but christ, that was enough. when it was over, i talked to brock on the phone for a few minutes, and we tried to make plans to do something. but we suck. so dad came and picked me up, and for the next hour or so i was on the phone with alternately katherine, brock, and alice, trying to make plans but getting wrapped up in talking. like always. brock and alice got here at 4ish, sallis arrived shortly after, and katherine after that. we watched parts of the beatles anthology. (update -- katherine's favorite beatle is paul, and sallis' favorite beatle is also ringo.) we spent forever trying to make plans for a second time. alice had said she just wanted to go somewhere to talk, and some people were hungry, so we decided a cheap dinner would be nice. it took forever, but around 6 we split into 2 cars and set out for pyrtle's chicken. i was not amused. sallis and i arrived there, and moments later received a call from brock saying that katherine had a flat tire. we drove back to help them, and everyone (except me) assisted in changing the tire. it was quite an adventure. i filmed the whole thing. the best part was katherine being her usual movie self. she thought we could add it in as a scene in our cinderella parody, and made everyone act their character. she is pretty great. i'm glad that i got to see her at least once over spring break!! at any rate. we split back into our 2 cars, and drove back down poplar toward home. sallis and i got to my house, and again, our comrades were nowhere to be seen. seconds later, we recieved a call from brock saying that they'd stopped at the smart mart. i think i was sort of bothered that we're such fucking awful planmakers by then, and i don't know what had come over my mood but i sort of hung up on brock. i'm very sorry, brock. i didn't get the chance to apologize yet. i'm such a ho bag sometimes. anyway, the point is that we decided to get a totally SHIT dinner. everyone bought one item of shit like ramen noodles, pringles, hot fries, popcorn, sticky bun thing. it was really gross. we got that done, and went back home where we took great delight in noting the arrival of mom, morgan, and 2 pizzas. we hung around the kitchen preparing our feast and then went to the den to watch more beatles documentaries. i've really been hoping something would pop out at brock to help him find his favorite beatle, but nothing has worked so far. also, katherine and sallis, though they do have a favorite beatle, can't tell them apart, and aren't that familiar with their off-record personalities. so that was an adventure. i tried very hard to coach sallis which one was which. my parents got excited too and came in and whatnot. (update 2 -- dad's favorite beatle is paul, mom's favorite beatle is george, and morgan's favorite beatle is also ringo.) hunter arrived to pick up alice for the memphis symphony orchestra concert, and he watched a little of the documentary too. (update 3 -- hunter's favorite beatle is john.) it was kind of funny because when he came in, we were watching this music video-esque thing for "rain" which is apparently one of his favorite beatles songs. he, alice, and sallis all left at the same time, and after that we all got more mellow, i think. we put on baz luhrman's "romeo and juliet" because katherine and brock had never seen it. so that was very nice. brock cuddled with me. that boy is beautiful. i told him how much i love his nose, and i think i made him self concious about it. which was not the idea. god damn. i think they enjoyed the movie, except for that brock was falling asleep at the end. poor love. around 11ish, his mom came and picked him up. katherine spent the night, partially because she was worried about driving on the spare, but mostly so that we could edit. and somehow we did not edit a single cent! it was amazing, the way we got absolutely nothing accomplished. never have i been more impressed. we came in to edit, and somehow started talking and talking, and just couldn't stop. we moved to morgan's room, where we eventually fell asleep -- at 5am. it was absolutely insane. i was really really really really glad that we did that though. i never get to talk to katherine these days, so it was just very nice. conversation is my absolutely favorite thing, and it makes me sad that some people don't like to hold conversations like that. i would go crazy if i didn't. but who knows. maybe i'm already crazy, and that is the issue. anyway. we went to bed eventually.
sunday: katherine woke up at 11 something this morning, and was going to leave me a note to say goodbye because she had to get home, but i woke up as she was leaving and i am shit for going back to sleep. i've just sort of hung out with morgan so far. lalala. ergolytes auditions today... come on kids. i need you.

the server is back! hallelujah and thank you kevin. i WOULD urge you to check out some eye candies but there's not really anything new yet. the only pictures we've taken over spring break, really, have not been digital and are not developed yet. oh, but you might want to take a look, since i don't think you guys ever got to see the pono nite stuff, or the drums day. but keep an eye out in the future for some additions...

Saturday, March 13, 2004

i got brandon's latest package and i'm now wearing mardi gras beads. hoo boy!
at 12, i had to meet with my english group at the library, and only allison was there. stupid english group. how i hate thee.
katherine is back in town from her college tour trip and i'm supposed to see her, brock, and alice today. i should be seeing them at this very second, but i'm um. not. i really want to get out of the fucking house, but i have no idea when anyone is coming and what we're doing. the past couple days, we've had ideas to go downtown but alice isn't really allowed to drive there, so it doesn't work out. which is too bad. plus i paid for a pizza yesterday and now i'm pretty moneyless, except for the money i need to save to buy cds with. yes, i NEED the cds. they are essential to my happiness, health, and wellbeing. bitch.
…a theatrical exploration into the ascent of technology, the loss of our humanness, and the impending consequences.

Auditions at TheatreWorks
2085 Monroe in Overton Square
Sat, March 13 2:30-4:30pm
Sun, March 14 4:00-6:00pm

is anyone up for doing this with me? please? at least come audition. that just means we'll do workshoppy kind of stuff, nothing painful. it will be nice. i promise.

Friday, March 12, 2004

brock wants earl grey tea because our flavorous kind is not good enough for him, and alice wants fruity ice cream because she sucks.

listening to: portishead - biscuit
while posting last night, i was also in conversation with brandon and william via instant messages. i told william i was lonely, and he literally offered to come sleep on my couch, just to keep me company. i was sort of stunned, and told him to do whatever he wanted. we talked for a couple more minutes, until he said "looooooooooook out!" and a few minutes later, there was a rappa taptap on my kitchen window. we sat around on the futon, listened to the amelie soundtrack (which he left here accidentally), and had a lovely talk. around 1:20 he was falling asleep, and i was tired and no longer lonely, so i quit the room and made like a tree for my bed. after setting the alarm clock on my cell phone for 2am, to wake up william so that he could drive home. i had a lot of trouble sleeping, though, and i think i was half-awake when it went off. however, he didn't wake up until 5:30. he came in to say goodbye and goodnight, though, which was very nice. i remember hearing him talking randomly throughout the night. i couldn't make out any of the words, though, so he could've been talking on the phone, to grandpa the cat, or to himself randomly whether sleeping or awake. maybe an hour after he left, i still wasn't asleep, i was cold, and i remembered that he'd left the front door unlocked, and dad would get onto me about that in the morning. so i got up to lock it, and went into the comic room (where william slept) to get my cell phone. it, the other phone, all the blankets and some pillows, were strewn across the floor. it was very funny. i was putting them back on the futon when i was overcome with sleep (thank god) and collapsed on sight. it was a very weird night, and i'm quite upset with my body's sleep pattern. i slept until about 10:45, and got up to make some tea. oodalali.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

i spent most of today pining in solititude. around 6, alice and brock showed up. we hung out here for a while, ate some food, burned some cds. the highlight of the evening was cuddling in my futon, where we had mass ticklage and love-age. brock and i rubbed, gummed, bit, and licked alice's ears to death, but how can we be blamed? they are soft, tiny, beautiful: you would have done the same.
at any rate, i was impressed that brock participated. it was only because alice was there, but i'm not complaining. after a while, we went to sonic for some sweet treats before dropping by our old favorite place the java cabana thursday night open-mic. we drove by it, but no one was there so we parked, looked in the window, and drove off again. very very stalky, if i do say so myself. we were listening to this beatles tape in the car, which made us want to watch "help!" and "yellow submarine" so we came back here. i couldn't find them, and brock finally helped me remember that i'd left them at laylee's house during the beatles party. we thought about going to laylee's to get them, and then watching them at brock's, but it was almost 10 and alice had to be home at 11, so it was not going to happen. instead, they found some old tape labelled "SNL" which i couldn't figure out why we had, since i'm not a huge fan or anything. all became clear when sting announced that veruca salt was the guest musician. but until then, i think i must've fell asleep. i don't really remember anything except hearing the opening bass line of "shutterbug" and sitting up momentarily to watch louise post and nina gordon be cute and matching. i crashed back into the pillow when it was over, and sort of died again. when brock and alice had to leave, i walked them to the door like a good hostess. i went back to the futon and turned off the light, but for some reason, could NOT fall asleep. i'm really annoyed, so here i am. yep. but kind of lonely now. le sigh.
last night i was planning on catching up on all my shit in the most minute detail, but i got home, got online, and got lonely. luckily, brandon signed on and i convinced that bastard to call me. after some bed talk, his cell died and i fell asleep where i was. i woke up to the phone this morning -- it was my mom and sister in georgia, guilting me about not getting together with my engrish project group yesterday. my throat is really really sore, so i've made some peppermint tea and doused it with wildberry honey in order to get cracking on this stupid language bitch. in my unmentionables.

listening to: the reindeer section - raindrop

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

in an chance fit of lunacy, brett hanover biked over to my house for a glass of the lemonade he helped me conquer about a week or so ago. he stayed for about 2 hours during which time we were involved in random acts of internet surfing (ex: the crimson room) and email harassment, i.e. "welcome to the jungle. unbeleivable, isnt it? that two people could exist in perfect harmony without realizing the nature of it all. 2 times the charm, i always say." -- sent to the owner of this site.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Monday, March 08, 2004

quote of the day, brought to you by miss jo hoyle:
"you bashin my fashin?!"

also, she invited me to go see a show at the caravan with her tomorrow. don't forget!! anyone up for it?
today is kind of disappointing. that seems like the wrong word, like it shouldn't have turned out this way because it started out with me thinking i would be doing NOTHING. but i spent most of the day on the phone with brock, a good bit with alice, lay in the bed with morgan, made macaroni, and cleaned up the comic room to the best of my ability. brock, alice, and i had decided to hang out but had to wait for a long time to be able to. i can't remember why exactly. around 8, while waiting for brock to call me back after he ate, sallis called and asked if i wanted to go out for ice cream. he hadn't had a very good day, and i think he was lonely, as was i. he got here at about 8:30 and we went to sonic for something sweet and quick. he had "sunny border blue" by kristin hersh in his car, which was great and very mood-appropriate. sallis had to be home by like 9, so he took me home at 8:45 or something like that. we fought over who paid for my root beer float. oh it's me. bitch. SO after he left, i called brock's cell phone and told him that i was back at home. he said they were getting gas, and arrived at my house about 10 minutes later. we went to cat's and looked through all the used cds, but only brock got anything -- an early shonen knife album. very good find!! it was late, so they were closing before i found anything. after we left, we drove past melissa's house like the stalkers we are. then i was taken home and given a ritual hug. there were some highlights while with sallis and at cat's, but mostly the night (like the day) was really empty. i've come home depressed and i want to go to bed early tonight.
so apparently i'm not exactly confined to the house. i think i can still go out tonight as long as i finish cleaning the comic room. but i'm still sad that our happy day has been postponed... it doesn't matter. someone call me.

listening to: that dog - punk rock girl
i learned this morning that i'm on house arrest because i am not going out of town with mom and morgan to visit my grandparents. i can't leave on wednesday, when they're leaving, because i have a group english project to do that day. so until they're gone, i am not allowed to leave the house. apparently. i'm hoping that at least by late tomorrow, mom will let up. this is upsetting, especially since for once i actually had an awesome day planned, consisting of bra shopping, picnicking, and movie partying. does anyone have suggestions for things to do in my own house, once i finish cleaning? i do NOT want to sit here online for two days.
the sickest blog of all time.
i think i finally feel the urge to give a real update.... maybe. okay. we'll try this.
friday: i think i failed the history test i studied so hard for. i felt prepared, but not really prepared for what was on the thing, which KILLS me. i don't know if i've never taken a test like that, where i studied so hard and felt so unconfident. anyway, that's enough of that. at lunch we flung water on each other and got laughed at by crazy people. i was obnoxious and loud. we also bought tickets for the softball game feat LA and lauren for the last hour of school, but it got cancelled so i had a 1.5 hour math class, which i slept through 2/3 of. so when the bell finally rang, i was really crazy tired and out of it for my post-school time that i usually spend kinda crazy with people i know. i was so weird feeling that i forgot to ask for a ride to davis-kidd, and everybody had to be somewhere after school anyway, so i had to walk in the rain. partway there, sallis called and asked what i was doing. he would not put up with me going to davis-kidd alone for friday afternoon, and went to ask his mom if he could come hang out. in a while, he called me back and said that it might be a bit because he had to run errands first, and then i thought he was only going to hang out until like 4 anyway because of picking up his brother, but it turns out that he didn't have to do that. go figure. at any rate, when brock called and asked if he could come hang out at davis-kidd, i thought sallis was going to be a while in coming and i also thought that katherine, whose house is close to there, would be able to come pick up brock and take us to my house for drumming, since sallis can only drive one person. (CHRIST, RUN ON?!) but sallis got there sooner than i'd though, and katherine wasn't allowed to hang out after all. things turned out okay though. i was still really groggy when i got there, so i went and fell asleep on the bench in the YA section. brock called and woke me up to find out where i was, and he came and tickled my stomach with his soft soft fingers. we walked around a little and were looking at supposedly easter-themed picture books when my phone started ringing. i picked it up, and it was sallis... and he was standing like a foot behind us. wahhahaah. i hope he wasn't upset that brock was there; i felt bad that i had fucked up his plans for just the two of us for a bit before meeting back with the group. instead, the three of us walked over to BYB and had some food. alice came after a while, and we split up to drive to robin's house, to pick up the rest of the drums her dad found (!!) but no one was home. that was sort of irritating, since robin said it would be okay for us to come before 6, as long as we called. which we did. twice. at any rate, we went on to my house, and sallis and i listened to le tigre, which was nice. i haven't listened to the whole album in a while. i am getting impatient for a new one though, like woah. at home, alice and sallis each got their first go at hitting the skins. i think sallis will make a very good drummer, and i am excited for him to learn. alice has already learned a few little beats, so we are already on our fucking way. or someone is. after a while, hunter came over to heal them. he said they WEREN'T completely crappy, which was sort of cheering. he said he'd give us some head or something, i can't remember. but my mom had ordered 3 pizzas, so we went and ate those, and forgot about the drums for the rest of the night. it makes me wonder if hunter finished doing whatever he was doing... but whatever. so we ate pizzas, watched a couple bjork videos, very randomly watched the momo's ball tape, looked at SHIT on my computer, sat around, and generally were silly. sallis left at some time because he didn't want to go to this show with us, plus i think he had to be home. around 9 or so, hunter said "my face hurts from smiling and laughing so much!" it was super sweet. i really like him, so i'm glad he's had fun being around with us. at 10:30 we left for the show that started at.... 10:30. it was kind of a bad idea, because we knew that since it was at hi-tone, which is a bar, we should go early to try and get in. but instead we were late. very smart. so yeah, we were turned away at the door. they would'nt even let us come in with x-ed hands. that was really weird, they've done that at all other shows i've seen there. even more weird was the event of walking over to circle k before we left because alice had to use the restroom. inside was none other than mr. brad postlethwaite, who said to me "hello, how are you?" i am positive that he thought i was my sister, whose play he played music for. after he went away, i said to hunter "HE THOUGHT I WAS MY SISTER." and uh, he was still right behind me, and still looking at me according to hunter. i think he was confused, like he could tell there was something a little wrong, but i looked like her and was the same height, so what was the problem? i didn't think until later that i should've been like "brad, pallie! they won't let us into the show because we're underage. give a friend some help." but i didn't even THINK of that. oh well. it wasn't a really big deal to me anyway, plus it would've been $10 and i'm... poor. after that bust, we drove around trying to think of someplace to go since no one for a while. we ended up at republic coffee, but no one really wanted any food/drink, so we left. then we went to peabody park and swang on the swings. for some reason, i got kinda down, but i don't really remember why. i sat in the slide and got wet from the rain. they came to get me when it was time to go, and when i got dropped off i was wet and unhuggable. i think i got online for a little while, but i don't really remember anything. i can't finish this post now, my brain is leaking. i'll be back...

listening to:

Sunday, March 07, 2004

christie: hes a cutie
alanna: yeah
alanna: kinda nuts
christie: i cannot believe i said cutie
christie: what the fuck
christie: im 37 years old
last night brandon called at 12:45 and we talked until almost 3. i fell asleep with the phone in my hand. i feel really horrible that whenever he calls, i go into my room and lie on the bed, so i get really really tired and make no sense whatsoever. every time. but even so, talking to him was beautiful, and i love him. by the end of it, though, i think we were both a bit sadder than we'd started out. fucking distance.
i just woke up like an hour ago, and i'm going to keep sitting around for a bit before i do anything. oh wait brock is on the phone apoighpwoihgpoawiehgawhg.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

cheese + turkey + wax + carrots mix for brock

if it seems similiar to the cheese + turkey love mix for laylee, that's because this is the same mix, only i replaced the songs brock already knew.

01) Lunachicks - Jerk of all trades
02) Bangs - I Want More
03) the Seconds - burning up
04) The Gossip - Got Body If You Want It
05) The Frumpies - Baby Plays For Pritty
06) Selby Tigers - Droid
07) Sleater-Kinney - Off With Your Head
08) Stereo Total - LA, CA, USA
09) Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci - Poodle Rockin’
10) James Kochalka - Monkey Vs. Robot
11) Tullycraft - Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend’s Too Stupid To Know About
12) Jimmy Eat World - The Authority Song
13) Against Me! - we laugh at danger (and break all the rules)
14) Ima Robot - Alive
15) The Slits - shoplifting
16) Semiautomatic - Resident Genius
17) Peaches - Set It Off
18) Deerhoof - Milking
19) Tracy + the Plastics - Hey Rubella
20) The Casual Dots - Clock
21) Xiu Xiu - Clowne Towne
22) Amps For Christ - Enids Rant
23) Kristin Hersh - The Key
24) Devendra Banhart - Nino Rojo
25) Lakuna - Lemongrass
26) Apples in Stereo - Glowworm
27) Death Cab For Cutie - The Sound of Settling
28) Throwing Muses - Shark
29) Talking Heads - Pulled Up

listening to: alex lloyd - black the sun
does this movie look amazing or what?
i love late nights. wooka.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

what a fucking nuts day.

i'm not tired because i've consumed so much grease/sugar/coffee. after blogging earlier today, i met up with margaret and katherine at starbucks around 6:30 to study for this massive history review test we have tomorrow. i'm really glad we did that because i study SO badly on my own. katherine and i were there till closing time at 11, and margaret had left only half an hour or so before that. it was crazy studying like woah. we got a LOT done, and talked only a minimal amount, but what we did say was great. i love talking to margaret. we discussed what a great mom she'd be, and we talked about parents, and about college, and people, and it was just all in a very good way. maybe because of the spring and the wind and the nice everything. i still have all my regular homework to do, and still fucking chemistry make-up work that i've been avoiding. gahhhh. i failed that test today.
brandon brandon puppy love, i'm so sorry i missed your call AGAIN. we were at starbucks and the phone was in my bag, and i wouldn't have been able to talk anyway. but margaret really enjoyed listening to the message. she thought your voice was great.

listening to: got rice, bitch?
every day this week, i've missed calls from brandon on my cell phone. i feel very bad about that, and love, i'm sorry. one of the times, he called at 9:08 and i turned on my phone and got his message at 9:10. it was sad stuff, but i had too much work to call him back. maybe tonight will be the charm of the week. i'm rambling, and okay.
this week is full of spring, and i love it. alice, brock, and i went to ck's after school and had milkshakes and grease. i rubbed all over alice's soft-ass arm, and brock rubbed all over mine. it was very nice. nobody rubs me but laylee, so that in itself was exciting.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

a good afternoon! i'll come back later.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


after school and BYB club, katherine and i headed over to robin's pad to pick up/pay for our new (for us, at least) set of DRUMS. the whole thing was in a wheelbarrow in her backyard next to pink flamingoes, daffodils, and a long-neglected pool. robin's dad showed us basically how to set them up. he was a really cool guy, and kept saying what crappy drums they were. we got our snare, tom, bass, sticks, cymbals, and infinite amount of stands into katherine's hotass honda, and presented the contract we had written only minutes before. mr. goodwin considered the proposition, and rejected it. $40 was too much for these drums, apparently. it turns out that the snare was the only thing decent in the whole kit, and was the only thing he even wanted to make us pay for. but for some reason (embarassment?) he GAVE THEM ALL AWAY! we were ecstatic. so ecstatic that i attempted to drum on the glove compartment to alice's mix allll the way home. we set up the drums in the comics/futon/blue/Alan's Writing Room and tried to mess around for a while. but, as sleater-kinney would remind us, "good things never wanna stay," and we had to study for history. we called brock and of course, he had to drum for a bit as soon as he got over here. we tried to watch these american revolution tapes, but nearly fell asleep. even though the little old man was super hot. we then took turns reading aloud from the study guide, but such a group as ours is easily distracted, so we got very little accomplished. so little that i really don't need to be blogging right now, because i should be studying still.
pictures to come when the server revives...

listening to: swans - big strong boss

Monday, March 01, 2004


good things:
-february and the winter months are dead and gone.
-though it rained all night, the day was beautiful and sunny.
-we had a jumping contest after school, which brock obviously won, his little head hitting the blue painted sky. but he LIFTED ME so that i would win! he LIFTED ME like a real lift! ohhhhh my.
-tomorrow is dr. seuss and eileen's birthday.
-morgan read "horton hears a hoo" aloud to us in the car
-i got a sonic reese's blast, and i'm enjoying myself.
-i got my amazon packages that weren't supposed to come until march 11, and that makes me happy.
-this week feels like a relief, even though i can tell it won't be.

listening to: dirty power - hate my way (throwing muses cover)