Tuesday, June 26, 2001

i read the entire death book.
wahhh i was so bored i decided to make a blog.... just like laylee did. wahaha so lets see. last night i made my alltime favorite forgotten cookies also called sleepytime cookies also called (by me only) bliss. they turned out quite well considering i made them. and i have now decided to eat one at this very second. mmmmmmmm ;_; ill have to post the recipe.

so last night i was talking to nick and then the wall wiggled and i sort of looked at it and THERE WAS THIS HUGE HUGE HUGE MASSIVE ROACH CRAWLING ON THE WALL!! before i knew it i had screamed slightly (and just for your information, no one came running. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A RAPIST BREAKS IN, EH?!?) and ohh god it was so disgusting. i was also standing in the chair, wondering slightly how i got there, and watching the roach horrificly. i sent a few urgent ims to nick and he was very sweet and tried to calm me down...... after a while of making fun of me. O_o OH WELL I STILL LOVE YOU THERE NICK. and then laylee made fun of me... and well it was really really horrifying. but i managed to save my cookies from the evil beasties.

i woke up a while ago when mom was banging on the windows yelling at morgan and i to wake up. she had, apparently, forgotten her house key. so it seems that these cookies have become my breakfast. blissss. i should probably have like cereal or something. so uhm morgan's making me go play something with her. if im bored enough ill like.... post some more later.

currently listening to --- "here in my head" by tori amos (this song is sooooo beautiful why the hell isnt it on an album!??!?)
current lyric--- in my head i found you there running around and following me but you dont intend it but i find that i have now more than i ever wanted to so maybe thomas jefferson wasnt born in your backyard like you have said? and maybe im just the horizon