Wednesday, June 23, 2004

finally bought some new goddamn bras at victoria's secret, and i actually like them. i went with laylee and alice and it was surprisingly unpainful. i also got some thigh high stockings, which i wore with laylee's little black skirt, my doctor who shirt, and the magnificent foot's top hat. we went to whitney camp's house for another pono party, and it was really weird. we were expecting them to either make jokes about our outfits or be really awkward about them, but they didn't really do anything. they were actually really involved in watching the porn, and it wasn't even good. go figure. the rest of us tried to make the best of it by dancing around to avenue d and the pixies, but it didn't really work. oh well. the best part of the night was cuddling with brock and alice on whitney's bed and unbuttoning his vest with our teeth. le sigh. how high school can you get?
we went to sonic for a few minutes before we came home. alice and hunter hung out for a little while, and we listened to some music. i talked to brandon on the phone. i'm going to miss all of you kids when we leave town tomorrow... we come back july 4, but i hope to blog a bit while we're there to keep you posted maybe. stay hott, my loves.

Monday, June 21, 2004

patti smith was fucking amazing!!

if you come see me before i leave town again, i'll tell you about it. mwahahaha

Sunday, June 20, 2004

i took an accidental nap from about 10:30 to 2:30am when brandon woke me up. the little bugger fell asleep on the phone, and it was the cutest thing i've ever heard in my life. but anyway, now i can't sleep. i'm listening to the new beastie boys album. also the sky is purple and very pretty. too many lights. eaghhiio.

Friday, June 18, 2004

i'm about to go shopping for clothes with mom and morgan. i hate shopping. i hate to shop. i hate the shop. i do not want to go. but i have to go. for future use, does anyone have tips on how to make shopping less painful? i can't think of anything.
on sunday, we are going to st. louis to see patti smith. i am going to die with excitement. brandon saw her a few days ago and said she was amazing. weeeeoooooo. after that, we are coming back to memphis for one night before we leave for orlando where the librarians of the world will unite for one week. i can just imagine playing spot the librarian as we surge up some themed rollercoaster at disneyworld... ah yes. that is the life for me. actually, i don't give a shit about the amusement parks. i need some books. plus i love visiting cities and people-watching and all of that. of all the library trips i've been on, my favorite cities were chicago, san francisco, and new orleans. take me baaaack...

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

hello to goodbye

01) babes in toyland - hello
02) kimya dawson - chemistry
03) kristin hersh - gut pageant
04) the cure - close to me
05) the dismemberment plan - you are invited
06) david grubbs - knight errant
07) bonfire madigan - swarm
08) sleater-kinney - get up
09) rainer maria - broken radio
10) the butchies - trouble
11) the raveonettes - cops on our tail
12) deerhoof - magic star
13) our lady peace - clumsy
14) 50 foot wave - dog days
15) pj harvey - meet ze monsta
16) veruca salt - loneliness is worse
17) interpol - NYC
18) chappaquiddick skyline - knights of the night vol. 1
19) the mountain goats - historiography
20) broken social scene - anthems for a seventeen year-old girl
21) the moldy peaches - goodbye song

sallis just dropped off some lovely soup to heal my cold. what a guy!
last night brock came over to watch the atom and his package live concert with me before we headed over to republic coffee to see bella sun's show, in which becca's band (now Minnie Proctor) played a short set in the middle. the turnout was way bigger than expected, and i thought the show sounded really good. we danced a bit, which i've never been able to do at one of becca's shows before. plus val talked to me a bit and was quite nice as always. brock took me home at 11, and i stayed up too late. i'll never get well.

listening to: lothar and the hand people - that's another story

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

i took two naps yesterday so i didn't go to bed until 3am, and then i slept horribly. i woke up about an hour ago feeling a little worse than yesterday. i think i'll go eat some of morgan's good ole chocolate cookies.

listening to: pj harvey - the sky lit up
Everyone go read this comic. Wait for the whole thing to load before scrolling or you'll miss the text.

Monday, June 14, 2004

my cat is all stretched out in my lap as though she loves me again. le sigh.

listening to: throwing muses - snail head

cleaning again...

compounded with my cold, i'm incredibly tired and i might go try to take a nap. i really want to get out of the house tonight, though, if anyone wants to help.. or just a visit would be nice. i'm in my pajamas covered with soap and my hands are pruney. in other words, i'm not a happy girl right now. although i did just listen to "hair: debatable" by atom and his package, which is a live recording of his last show ever. it was nice to scrub the kitchen to, but it's over and it's also raining. it seems silly to be up to my elbows in water when there's plenty outside. for a minute there, i was honestly wondering why i couldn't just take the whole damn room outside and let it wash its damn self. too bad i don't know how to take the roof off...

Sunday, June 13, 2004

i need to post, but in order to keep my parents happy, i MUST clean!

Friday, June 11, 2004

it is very early. oh my.

last night i smoked one of the strawberry cigars katherine gave as a going away gift. i had a lot of fun, and then i burned a lot of incense to cover up the smell. i've become quite the delinquent, it seems. ah well.
i ended up not going to senior pictures yesterday. so it goes... today is kathryn's birthday party, and that will be nice. she is such a sweet girl; i wish i knew her better. i am going to see LA very soon, and i'm excited about that. i miss her a lot. she is someone i love to see one-on-one and i never ever get to. maybe i can kidnap her one of these days.

listening to: the mountain goats - letter from belgium

Thursday, June 10, 2004

i'm supposed to take my senior pictures today.

i'm debating whether or not i'm actually going to do it. i hate senior pictures because of those fake outfits you have to wear and how no one looks like themselves. i don't know. i have less than an hour to decide... help!

listening to: pj harvey - the darker days of me and him

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

as you can see, i'm playing around with these new blogger layout things. i'm also checking out the blogger comment system, so flex your wings, wiggle your toes, and let me know what you think of it. eileen's already told me she hates it, so we'll see. the plus about it is that the comments won't be fucking deleted after a month the way they would on the haloscan comments... i still have all the haloscan stuff and i can bring it back really easily, but you guys are the ones who are commenting so let me know which you prefer. also let me know about the layout. i'll probably be messing with it a bit this week. yes.
i saw trainspotting last night.
i can't stop looking at this site...

Monday, June 07, 2004

yesterday i woke up and went to the midtown food co-op where i volunteered for almost 3 hours and had WAY too much fun with the price gun. ahem.
around 5:30 i was lying in my tent listening to brandon's love mix when brock appeared, followed shortly by alice and lauren. we talked inside my fort for a while, but just ended up cuddling and being silly. do we ever do anything else? who would want to? at 6:30 we went to java cabana to see hunter play jazz drumz, but our little group has such bad feelings associated with that place that we didn't really enjoy ourselves. LA came around 8:30 and then lauren got picked up by some friends. afterwards we went to shnuck's where i was literally picked up and carried by the three of those crazy kids through the entire refrigerated section and dropped off in the meats. after that, alice and brock bought a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream while me and LA ran off to starbucks where we stole some straws and wooden stirring sticks. we all trekked to peabody park where we sat on the playground equipment and attempted to eat the ice cream. we were all very silly last night, oh my. there was much licking and passing of chocolate. we ate sooo much of that tub of ice cream. alice got very thirsty and went to find a water fountain. she discovered one -- with the longest spurt of water shooting out of a fountain that has ever been known by mankind. it was insane. we took turns pressing down the button so that we could all play around and dance. in the WATER FOUNTAIN. it was pretty great. when hunter arrived, he saw such a sight-- brock pushing down the button while alice, LA, and i danced around topless in the watahs. it was too much fun, and i love water to death.
the rest of the night was also very nice. as stated many times previously, i love my boys.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

last night was alyssa's party, which was fun for the most part. i loooove to swim. brock took me home; brandon called; brett called; william came through the window. it was a pretty average night. i love my boys. they're so good to me! i'm about to go out with brock and alice and whoever else wants to come. if you're free, call my cell and see me. i need people!
in other news, i finally have a new email address, which is -- praise god!

listening to: iggy pop - fall in love with me

Saturday, June 05, 2004

saturday already?

well at least i'm no longer grounded. i'll soon be off to alyssa's party where i will see many kids from ergolytes. i took the SAT this morning, and that was okay. i get distracted really easily and i work very slowly. oh well. i can always take it again if i really messed up. i have a milkshake and i'm happy.
last night i watched dr. strangelove with my parents and immediately afterwards received a very very happy call from a tipsy brandon. we talked for longer than we should have on the night before a test, but i still got enough sleep. it was quite sweet, in all honesty. william visited a while after that, but i was so tired that i don't really remember if i said anything much at all to him. he's a good night-time companion though. we slept in my tent and i was happy aka 9 years old.
i really want to get out of the house and DO something.

Thursday, June 03, 2004


thank god. six months from now.... i'll be a driving machine. (hweoiahhahahahwehoaiheahhaa). maybe by december, i'll at least have taken a class.
to celebrate, alice, brock, and hunter came over for a while. we sat around. you know. then alice, brock, and i went to evan w's house to play dance dance revolution with him, greg, boze, doug, and LA. we were crazy touchy like usual. we also danced around, played badly, and whipped people with *evan*'s belt. mmmm.
brock's parents wanted him home early, so i was home at about 8:45. now i'm hungry and aloooneeeee.

mr. green in the study with the candlestick

adam green
adam green (moldy peaches): you and adam are goofy
as hell. who mistakes her steak for chicken?
you do, dawg!

who's your indie rock boyfriend?
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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

hope everyone had a better day than i did.

farewell to everyone leaving town. have a safe journey and a smashing time, filled up to the brim with amazing experiences and life lessons... i'll miss you.

lake arkabutla

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

well, i think brett's comment on my last post covers just about everything you need to know about yesterday. the only thing i can add is that i'm grounded for the rest of the week. hooray!