Friday, November 30, 2001

CutiePatootie005:WHO'S GOT A MULLET
Atea Diosa:william on toilet : come out, come out baby!!!!!
Atea Diosa:
........ *freaky scared face*
george harrison died. he is my favorite beatle. good lord. i hate it when people pretend to know things they dont.

Thursday, November 29, 2001

i finished reading 'the night trilogy' by elie wiesel a little while ago. an hour or so. i don't know why they made it a triology... it's three books, yes, but the first 'night' is a biography and hte other two 'dawn' and 'the accident' are fiction.. I THINK. god i am so confused. if 'the accident' is fiction, then the character has the same name as the author. it's quite quite confusing. but anyway 'night' is about the holocaust. and then the other two are like post. and really theyre all mainly about death. i really liked them though.
ok this is what i found to be the saddest part of the whole damned book. i'm sure it wont seem as sad now, without having read everything before it, but it was the only part that made me teary-eyed. the main character (eliezer) and his father have just been taken to Gleiwitz which is this concentration camp and theyre shoved into these barracks (to go to sleep) and it's so crowded that they have to walk on people and no one's screaming or making noise or anything and people are walking on them and it's awful and there's no room to breathe and things. ehh i think there might be more to this passage than i thought. uhm. anyway....
"My father and I were thrown to the ground by this rolling tide. Beneath our feet someone let out a rattling cry: 'You're crushing me... mercy!' A voice that was not unknown to me
'You're crushing me... mercy! mercy!' The same faint voice, the same rattle, heard somewhere before. That voice had spoken to me one day. Where? When? Years ago? No, it could only have been at the camp.
'Mercy!' I felt that I was crushing him. I was stopping his breath. I wanted to get up. I struggled to disengage myself, so that he could breathe. But I was crushed myself beneath the weight of other bodies. I could hardly breathe. I dug my nails into unknown faces. I was biting all round me, in order to get air. No one cried out.
Suddenly I remembered. Juliek! The boy from Warsaw who played the violin in the band at Buna...
'Juliek, is it you?'
'Eliezer... the twenty-five strokes of the whip. Yes... I remember.' [elie got beaten at buna] He was silent. A long moment elapsed.
'Juliek! Can you hear me, Juliek?'
'Yes...' he said in a feeble voice. 'What do you want?'
He was not dead.
'How do you feel, Juliek?' I asked, less to know the answer than to hear that he could speak, that he was alive.
'All right, Eliezer... I'm getting on all right... hardly any air... worn out. My feet are swollen. It's good to rest, but my violin..." I thought he had gone out of his mind. What use was the violin here?
'What, your violin?' He gasped.
'I'm afraid... I'm afraid... that they'll break my violin... I've brought it with me.' I could not answer him. Someone was lying full length on top of me, covering my face. I was unable to breathe, through either mouth or nose. Sweat beaded my brow, ran down my spine. This was the end––the end of the road. A silent death, suffocation. No way of crying out, of calling for help.
I tried to get rid of my invisible assassin. My whole will to live was centered on my nails. I scratched. I battled for a mouthful of air. I tore at decaying flesh which did not respond. I could not free myself from this wass weighing down my chest. Was it a dead man I was struggling against? Who knows?
I shall never know. All I can say is that I won. I succeeded in digging a hole through this wall of dying people, a little hole through which I could drink in a small quantity of air.
'Father, how are you?' I asked, as soon as I could utter a word. I knew he could not be that far from me.
'Well!' answered a distant voice, which seeemed to come from another world. I tried to sleep. He tried to sleep. Was he right or wrong? Could one sleep here? Was it not dangerous to allow your vigilance to fail, even for a moment, when at any moment, when at any minute death could pounce upon you?
I was thinking of this when I heard the sound of a violin. The sound of a violin, in this dark shed, where the dead were heaped on the living. What madman could be playing the violin here, at the brink of his own grave? Or was it really an hallucination?
It must have been Juliek.
He played a fragment from Beethoven's concerto. I had never heard sounds so pure. In such a silence.
How had he managed to free himself? To draw his body from under mine without my being aware of it?
It was pitch dark. I could hear only the violin, and it was as thought Juliek's soul were the bow. He was playing his life. The whole of his life was gliding on the strings–– his lost hopes, his charred past, his extinguished future. He played as he would never play again.
I shall never forget Juliek. How could I forget that concert, given to an audience of dying and dead men! To this day, whenever I hear Beethoven played my eyes close and out of the dark rises the sad, pale face of my Polish friend, as he said farewell on his violin to an audience of dying men.
I do not know for how long he played. I was overcome by sleep. When I awoke, in the daylight, I could seek Juliek, opposite me, slumped over, dead. Near him lay his violin, smashed, trampled, a strange overwhelming little corpse."

i just don't know what i'm gonna do for my biography report (due monday) x_x... and i still havent turned in this project that was due an eternity ago because i keep forgetting about it when we get to class. as we are studying the odyssey in a very odd way and it consumes my entire attention, also as i am eating many cheesy popcorn bits.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

yeah so i was in jackson, mississippi visiting my grandparents for a few days over thanksgiving break. and uhm i am going to post on the travel blog about it so yeah. laylee is mad because i dont post gahahah. i saw harry potter on friday, as i was manually forced into the damn theatre (betrayed by my family!) and it was godawful. and i bought 'dummy' by portishead and 'the bends' by radiohead and it was Big Fat Head Day. morgan did some more sketches for her Innocent Vegas Showgirl theme (thats what shes calling it, go complain to her) and theyre all gorgeous let me tell you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

A mere Statistic:fuck health
A mere Statistic:
I'm never gonna be healthy I don't need to take this class
A mere Statistic:
I'm gonna die of aids like last year
A mere Statistic:
I'm probably like technically dead
A mere Statistic:
like my heart stopped pumping a few years ago

Thursday, November 22, 2001

A mere Statistic:go use this creepy vibrating cucumber thing
A mere Statistic:
go like
A mere Statistic:
feel like a woman
A mere Statistic:
or whatever
Atea Diosa:
A mere Statistic:

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

good lord. this is the most TERRIFYING thing i have seen in a while.
Laylee2000:im megaversatile
Laylee2000:i just got a direct hit on a bug ! ewwwww i squished it riiiiiight there w/the middle of my hand and it STUCK to my haaaand and ewwwwwww ewwwwwww ewwwwwwwwwwww its AFJSLDfkj gross. i dont like dead bugs. or live ones for that matter

A mere Statistic: ::smashs a laylee with the middle of his hand::
A mere Statistic: ::sticks::
A mere Statistic: ewwwwwwwwwww ewwwwwwwwww
Laylee2000:why yes, yes i am
why yes, i am god.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001


Atea Diosa: damn snood

do you dare addict yourself?! SNOOD ON!!
kat09987:Anyways, that gave me an idea for the CLUE extra credit thing....we could go tou lots of diff. movie places [dressed up really really weirdly] and hang outs in diff parts of town and see how the reactions differ
ghaha what would that do
I guess it would be a bit ..... I dunno... steryotypical,
It would be extrememly interesting
yeah it would
and then we would get shot
the end
It would be so cool...
;_; brittany has made me REALLY paranoid about christmas. fuck fuck it's not even THANKSGIVING yet. BRITTANY THIS IS ALL YOUR DAMN FAULT.
jezebellekilara:john [boyfriend] looks like joe dirt
i still love his chest and his tattooes
but oh well
not a basis for a relationship exactly
unless you're REALLY shallow
and i was aiming for that
i think reblogger died again ;_;
A mere Statistic:I wish I talked like r2d2
beep beep
A mere Statistic:
and that some big yellow robot always understood me
A mere Statistic:
I could me like "beep beep et oh et oh et et oh"
A mere Statistic:
big yellow robot: "take that back!"
;_; i want a kill rock stars gift pack for christmas
aghahga it would seem that yesterday nick spent his spare time taking all the damn test thingies. he cracks me up. dont you love him.
i just rememberd that in my dream i went to a radiohead concert
aahaah i just took the blogaholic quiz again and somehow managed to get 48% instead of 32... x_x have i changed so much in the past few days? or did i just learn what a meme was? hmm....
it would seem as though i am staying home again today.

Monday, November 19, 2001

ok it's called "Vidrar Vel" and it's by this icelandic band and good lord it is beautiful please go watch the video at
my god i just saw the saddest/sweetest/beautifullest music video of all time. it was by sigur ros but i dont know the title.. it had a v in it. GOOD LORD I LOVED IT. if anyone knows what it was please attack me... ;_; i could cry

gahsdhaha what the hell sdhglaskdhglas
Morty the Death's Head
Click here to find out what robot you really are
HAHAHA i rule

Take the Affliction Test Today!
well who is REALLY surprised.
Schizotypal:Very High

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deptartment at a college. I never really
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I AM 40% GOTH.

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I am pretty dirty, all right and, I reek of teen spirit... I would sell my own children for a moldy hotpocket, man.

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today, brittany and bly and i are staying home from school.

Sunday, November 18, 2001

A mere Statistic:my hair is all bed headed
mine is too
A mere Statistic:
*feel feel*
A mere Statistic:
so it is

Saturday, November 17, 2001

stuff is dumb
it sure is
lets eat it
now that is some good eatin
my cousin rita had her second baby today. they named her cassandra

Friday, November 16, 2001

Thursday, November 15, 2001

aLittleStarlight: ....
aLittleStarlight: what
aLittleStarlight: no
aLittleStarlight: O.o
aLittleStarlight: i dont think so
aLittleStarlight: no
aLittleStarlight: what
aLittleStarlight: no
Atea Diosa: I POSTED THAT!??!?!
aLittleStarlight: YES LAHAHAHAHA
Atea Diosa: x_X
Atea Diosa: LOL WTF
Atea Diosa: your dirty words come out clean
A mere Statistic: damnit I'm talking to lana about social and innate morality, and how it affects sexual morality and whatnot
Atea Diosa: lol what
Atea Diosa: it was just in a song
Atea Diosa: shut up
Atea Diosa: i am the master at shoving many candy wrappers into a tiny milk dud box
Atea Diosa: <---master
A mere Statistic: ok
A mere Statistic: ::throws trix at you::
Atea Diosa:"and when it comes it comes abrupt it feels like trading brains with an imbisle"
what the fuck
Atea Diosa:
what the fuck

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Ladygodiva76: dude we're so buying britt the new magnum XL XL trojan condoms - ok?

Saturday, November 10, 2001

lana: oh you've gotta read the laylee quotes emote deleted my account
morgan: i posted on doy really stupid did you see it HA HA HA this is really stupid
brit: no
morgan: stp=afij I CAN'T KEEP UP
brit: X_X
mom: hey has anyone seen my terry pratchet book
alanna: i think it might be in the umm in the den?
morgan: hey alanna hey allana i'm aligator man*ramble* bumped into a tree swamp monster trying to drown her and i didn't know dingos lived in this part of george your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of eldeberiries(oops)
BRITT: Triest ot type
alanna: everybody talk about i know the trouble with the *something* grail is a bfat bastard
alanna: *makes fun of rbrit typing *
tv: *scary music*
brt: o.o *pulbish*

Laylee2000: im going to eat my leg
Laylee2000: mmmmmm yummy knee....
aLittleStarlight: shh i'm putting you on my blog
Laylee2000: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laylee2000: i love when u put me on there
Laylee2000: i go WOOWOO LOOK THATS MEEEEE !! and point to it like theres someone else here to see me pointing :)
Laylee2000: only i dont actually do thta....hahah
Laylee2000: omg i was offered a bar of chocolate last night by kyle and i was liek no i dont like solid chocolate
Laylee2000: and he was like? ok
Laylee2000: and i was like HAHA if id taken it, i woulda been a chocoalte whore
Laylee2000: haaaaaaahaaaaaa it was funn
Laylee2000: na dhe was like....whta the fuck!? hahahaha
Laylee2000: i thin kmy brothers really cool so its cool that hes [kyle] remotely like my brother in the "im not a preppy boy and im all cool n shit and i like all this cool music and im cool n shit" way
Laylee2000: ahahhahah thzt was fucked up
Laylee2000:but arg i think i shaved myt legs for nothing
Laylee2000:this is so annoying
ok it would seem that emote has deleted my account. emote is the place that lets me upload all my pictures and whatnot which is why everything is dead. also they will not let me make a new account, so for the time being everything is dead. sorry. give me a minute. blogs were supposed to be simple. i hate web sites.
my mother is insane.
mom: somebody saw my purse. somebody stole it. named alanna.
but. good lord. i think emote deleted my account. that is very sad. where am i going to put everything?!
A mere Statistic:I mean when I was little kid I became convinced that I could put headaches in socks
A mere Statistic:jesus christ on a cracker
hoy bofe:do you ever sleep
aLittleStarlight:that fellow frightens me
A mere Statistic:
as he does me
and his VOICE just KILLS MY SOUL
A mere Statistic:
A mere Statistic:
A mere Statistic:
I love him

Friday, November 09, 2001

aLittleStarlight:my mother turns into a pumpkin at 11
A mere Statistic:
well that's creepy
aww blogger is dyign
yay i am SO staying home from school!! and i almost slept through the whole damn thing too. we had a half day you know.
i love you, mr. bofe

Thursday, November 08, 2001

now i am having archiving troubles.
the pet cd is very good.
i think the colors look funny over on the right side of the page. what do you think. i think they do.
i bought the pet cd today.
yay. many thanks to brittany AND bofe. you have healed mine bloggie.
this is beginning to kill me.

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

i agree with bly: blogger is pmsing.
this better not be fucking permanent!
i should file a complaint.
good lord i broke the page
brittany, stay home on friday.
good lord x_x....

anyway liz phair was chosen for this layout because in the song 'supernova' she sings 'cuz youre a human supernova, a solar superman, you're an angel WITH WINGS OF FIRE, a giant flying friction blast' and i didnt know that at the time of the creation of this site.. yes indeed. so uhm. i'm about to go heal the little current side thing. yeah. uhm. ok.

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Monday, November 05, 2001

laylee on halloween::: i was  a WHORE at aschool, and iw as the only one!!!!!!!!!
it seems as though brittany has just made a feeble attempt to speak at me. she doesnt even really know why i'm upset and i really don't think she's going to figure it out. morgan said she doesnt think the friendship is going to hold out much longer.
i am mad at brittany. i wonder if anyone could tell.

Sunday, November 04, 2001

my grandfather, Henry Orville Stewart, 86, has suffered a mild heart attack. and he's ok. and he's in great health, considering he hasn't been to the hospital since 1970. last year granny had a little heart trouble as well and dad thinks grandaddy is going to have another heart attack also... they are keeping him in the hospital again tonight. he's going to be fine for now.
yesterday, as i hope you know, was morgan's birthday. we went to see monsters, inc and then we went to embassy suites and spent the night. it were good times indeed. monsters inc was cute and all and i may have liked it more than shrek. too early to tell. but i dont think it will win the oscar or anything. at embassy suites we road the elevator and looked at the fishies and marvelled at our room. then morgan opened her presents and we went swimming for a while till we reeked of chlorine and were wrinkly like many prunes. we then watched part of miss congeniality in the room (good lord i am sick of that movie) and mom ordered lovely room service pizza. and i drank mug root beer. and it was good. so uhm it came eventually and we ordered moulin rouge on the hotel tv. i liked it way more than i thought i would. waaayyyy more. it was very very good. its sad that they made such a big deal out of that fucking awful song. morgan said someone should have remade 'your song' (early elton john rules) and i think that would have done quite nicely if they'd gotten the right person to do it. or.. another song.
POINT: that song that did get done was godawful.
another point was that i really liked that movie. amazing. maybe my family will buy it later. they seemed to really enjoy it.
i wonder what that guy directed besides romeo and juilet. which is lovely. and the filming was just like that, everyone being all up close and people running around all fast. and the guy who played tybalt or whoever was in there as a midget and he was my favorite. good god he was funny. i love funny little people such as that.
POINT: go see it.
i can't believe i didnt see it earlier. christen saw it five times in the theatre.
so anyway. i was QUITE tired and thereby fell asleep. oh and morgan's cake was very good. from baskin robins. a beautiful thing. mint chocolate chip ice cream pie type thing with a chocolate crust and lots and lots of whipped cream all over everywhere. mmmm and whatnot.
look i have run away with myself again! the point was that uhm. where was i. oh yeah. the next morning morgan freaking woke me up while she was trying to get the damned yet LOCKED door to our room open and failing miserably. she did not notice that the little slidie thingie was all in place and LOCKED and whatnot. so i was like 'THE LITTLE THING IS IN' and she was like 'whaaat' and i died and she died and we all died and then she got it eventually and ran around on the balcony for a while and looked at everyone eating breakfast and then she came back in and dad and mom eventually got up and we had breakfast. mine was scrambled eggs and two pieces of bacon and two glasses of apple juice. i think there was a cheerleading competition or somethin because they were all there. and uhm. yes. indeed. so then we went swimming for only a little while and we left and yeah. so we didnt really do much else.
Ladygodiva76:remember elizabeth rosen??
apparently she used to carpool w/kyle when he was in 6th grade
she was there last night, and we were talking
and she said kyle used to think he was a VAMPIRE
and hed go around sucking on anyone who had a papercut
i laughed my ass off ALL FREAKIN NIGHTT bout that
good lord
thats fucking hilraious

Saturday, November 03, 2001

happy birthday morgan
aLittleStarlight:*sneeze sneeze*
A mere Statistic:
::sneezed on::
A mere Statistic:
isn't that sexy
A mere Statistic:I respect all women bhahhaha what the hell ever happened to jas anyway

Friday, November 02, 2001

Laylee2000:i taste heavily of brandy
Laylee2000:we had to drive past hunter thompsons house to get home-- remember the party was tonight? haha i saw a ton of people outside and i went OH LOOK PEOPLE! and hallie started laughing her ass off because everythign isaid she took it as LAYLEEDS DRUN KOFF HER ASS!!!!
i am fucking pissed off