Sunday, October 31, 2004

they call it way too rowdy

i bought the new le tigre album yesterday afternoon at last chance and i'm listening to it for the second time in a row. it's really that good. as soon as i can handle giving it up, i'll loan it to anyone who wants to borrow it.
on friday, brock, laylee, and i went to wendy's after school before heading over to the school's cross country meet in order to get pyschology extra credit points. we stayed for like five seconds before christie dropped laylee off at home and took me and allison to CK's for milkshakes and fries. i swear, i need to never eat again. jenny and will met up with us there, and it was really cool hanging out with all of them. kind of a strange group, of several people i never ever see, so that was nice. we talked high school about rumors and gay boys. christie drove me home, i grabbed my costume, and we high-tailed it to theatreworks for call. everybody was sort of jittery. we had a pretty good crowd come for opening night, including my mom, alice, brock, katherine, LA, and lots of freshmen kiddies. elise showed up too, and that could not have been more awkward. she talked to all my friends and my whole family except me. as for the play, i didn't make any mistakes myself, but there were huge problems running rampant through the first act. we skipped about half an hour of the play. everybody was really freaked out during the intermission, but the whole thing was salvaged with a fucking awesome act two. sarah was too amazing. afterwards, everyone i talked to said that they'd barely noticed anything was wrong, which was very surprising. the kids wanted to eat, which was the very last thing i wanted to spend money on, but we ended up at shnuck's buying supplies for a picnic. we split the bill, and each of us only had to pay $3. we should ALWAYS go out to eat at the goddamn grocery. we headed to overton park and lounged in the grass, bathing in the light of MCA. we dined on turkey + gouda on egg bread, chocolate pudding, and hot fries. we quaffed sparkling apple juice. it was brilliant. brock drove katherine and alice home for their midnight curfew. me and LA sat around and talked for a while longer, which was special since i haven't seen her lately. i got home around 12:10 and went to sleep pretty immediately.
yesterday brett and i ran around cooper-young. i checked out the media co-op archive which he's trying to reorganize. we went by the antique store, i had a poptart lunch at java cabana. brock met up with us and we went to last chance. he bought albums by devendra banhart and stereo total. i don't even remember which ones. i'm such a bad one. afterwards they dropped me off so that i could get to theatreworks for the play, which went better last night. personally, i fucked up a couple lines. i think everybody had a moment of floundering, so the (small) audience could probably tell more easily that there were problems than on friday. how weird. because we managed not to skip anything. afterwards, i went with eileen and morgan across the street to IHOP where we ordered nothing but water and cheese sticks. they took like 30 minutes to come and they just made us more hungry. so we then ordered some fries. again, $3 dinner. LA, alice, and brett came to pick me up. they hadn't been able to find any midnight showings of "rocky horror picture show" which we were SURE would be SOMEWHERE for halloween. but apparently not. so we had the brilliant idea of playing it at media co-op, since brett has access to it and whatnot. we invited laylee and kevin, who were sitting in the parking lot when we got there. however, brett then discovered that the co-op DOESN'T have the movie in their collection like he thought, and we had to go rent it at black lodge. they were really bitchy to brett, and they wouldn't let me rent it because they said we still have a movie out on our account. which dad is positive he turned in. so we angrily trudged off to midtown video, which was closed. blockbuster was closing, but the workers told us it wasn't checked in anyway. my copy of the tape has been broken for a while, and we've never bothered to replace it. we called laylee and kevin, who were tired and decided to go back to kevin's dorm until we found the movie. videos, movies, and more AND hollywood video were closed. we ended up driving all the way out to laylee's house and borrowing her dvd. nobody was upset since we had an extra hour from daylight savings time, and we were listening to pixies. which was awesome and creepy and halloween-appropriate. we finally got back to midtown after a goddamn hour and a half of looking for that fucking film. we called laylee and kevin, but they'd fallen asleep and didn't feel like going out anymore. and although we'd made several calls and shouted to different people on the street, no one else showed up. so the four of us munched on a box of 3 dozen donuts and slurped on milk out of bendy straws. i only remembered a few of the audience participation things, but i could sing all the songs and we all did the time warp, so that made up for everything. LA had never seen it, and it's her new second favorite movie. so. that was successful. i got in at 2:15 (only because of daylight savings) and went to bed.
this morning i woke up at 9:15 to the vibrating of my cell phone under my head. brandon and i talked briefly about our weekends, but he couldn't really talk long because he was just checking in. i'm trying to think of something fun to do for halloween but i have no ideas. if anyone knows something happening before 6:45 and/or after 10:30, please let me know. or come to the play haha yeah right. there will probably be no audience tonight. which is why, if you're not busy, you should check it out. 8pm, $8.
happy halloween.

listening to: le tigre - viz

Friday, October 29, 2004

just what god needs

everybody everybody! come see "the passion of joni dark" at theatreworks this weekend and next weekend. 8pm, $8. we open tonight. we need your support. and your sweet loving. mental, social, and political conciousness! do it up!

listening to: tori amos - crucify

Thursday, October 28, 2004

bounce boo

aghhhh!!!! i want to sleep. i have lots of homework. but i am drinking apple cider. i desperately want more cookies, but i've eaten far too many today. good god. good night.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

you've changed some

i hate wednesday. although we did have a meeting of the paranormal club today, which was quite exciting. an alien-abductee speaker guy came from out of town just to talk to brett and katherine's little club for about an hour. he was a nice man.
yesterday i got to talk on the phone to both katherine and brandon, respectively, which was really nice because i haven't gotten to talk to either of them much lately. i need contact.
rehearsals are going okay. we open friday, and i hope hope hope we'll be ready. last night i got home from theatreworks, did like really easy german homework, and fell asleep with the light on. which sucked. luckily it was the only homework i had to turn in all day. unfortunately, i don't know if i can catch up with all the shit i'm failing to do every night. i'm so draiiiiiined. if anyone has any pick-me-up type advice, for de-drainage, please let me know. i'm dyin, babies.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

i'm having problems

last night i had nothing else to do so i tagged along with morgan and mouse to the movies. we saw i heart huckabees again, which wasn't my first choice obviously, but it was still great the second time. that's a hard test to pass in my book. so. i got home and had a real conversation with brandon for the first time all week. then i talked to margaret and she said she wasn't feeling great, that she was just going to go home and sleep. i hope she had a good birthday anyway though. now i'm in an awful mood, i don't want to go to rehearsal, and i don't want to do homework. i want to sit. and rot.

listening to: a tribe called quest - 8 million stories

Saturday, October 23, 2004

i'll tear my heart out before i get out

last night i saw i heart huckabees with family as proposed. it was soooooo great, and i recommend it to everyone. it made me love movies again. when i got home, i talked to becca on the phone for a little bit but both of us were too tired to go out. i hung out for a little while before going to bed around 11. how pathetic is that? the phone woke me up at about 1:45 when brandon called, but we only talked for like 30 seconds or something like that. today i woke up earlier than i planned and just lay in the bed for a few hours, practicing patheticicity. by the time i got up, there was only time to have a quick breakfast and lounging session before rehearsal. which actually went really well. i didn't use my script at all and i only fucked up the easy scene. i always know i'm learning my hard lines best when i start fucking up the easy stuff. afterwards, me and morgan and dad roamed cooper-young putting up posters for the show, which, by the by, opens next weekend. everyone should come. i'll remind you later, but mark your calendars now. for info about the play, you can go to this site.
if anyone wants to go to the film festival, or do anything, or see the ramones documentary with me and margaret at midnight (it's her birthday!) they can call me at 4938900. i'm that desperate. i just posted my phone number on my blog. i've fallen into blog hell. well i have no more shame. i apologize. please love me.

listening to: smashing pumpkins - today

Friday, October 22, 2004

i'm so ronery

anyone up for a movie night? i might be seeing i heart huckabees with the fam tonight. although i do want to see that, i'd rather go with friends. also, the indie memphis film festival down at muvico begins today. they're showing a ramones documentary at midnight. plus i'm just plain lonely. call me?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

and baby, my heart's been breaking

i shouldn't be here. i am a bad woman. i am eating cheerios. i have pounds of things to do. i guess i'm off. the next two or three weeks are going to suck ass. god damn.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

question 3

since when do we have rehearsal tonight?! god damn.

question 2

have you ever heard a song you've known for years in a different context and sort of fallen over? it's absolutely insane. you know you'll hear it again like you used to, and you might not want to. what a feeling.
"oh come child, come rescue me..."

listening to: cat power - cross bones style


do i look like a pretzel to you? huh. what an interesting proposition. if i could spend the rest of my life as a big salty pretzel i could be happy. i'd be one of those soft ones, i think. i would tear easily.
my knees are bruised.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

quite simply

i am NOT happy that this is the third post i've written since i got into town. i'm NOT happy that this is the second time i've had to write it. and i'm NOT that my college entry was longer than my main one. that's just wrong! i can't live with it! so. i'm going to write more about voodoo ask soon as i get the chance. ask me anything, i'll answer truthfully. let's fuck shit up.


as you can see, i COMPLETELY forgot to mention college visiting. i guess it feels like a very very small portion of my trip, although it was supposedly the main reason i went at all. and i know how you guys are about these things. you gotta know! so. dad and i attended loyola on friday and tulane yesterday. of the two, i definitely prefer loyola. even if it is catholic. it's more personal, and the campus is smaller and nicer than tulane. at loyola, before the tour started, each prospective student and parent met with a separate admissions consuelor to give us an overview of the school and talk about our chances of getting into the school and what major we're thinking about. tulane showed a video and gave us soda. tulane intimidated me a little, although they do have very nice facilities, but their tour guide was boring and seemed less informed than the loyola girl. what can i say? i'm a simple girl. plus i saw more interesting kids at loyola. and i'm sure it didn't help that we went to tulane on my last day in new orleans after i'd gotten very little sleep. i was really sore from the concert and walking around with dad all afternoon in the rain at the damn riverwalk, which is a big ole mall sitting right on the mississippi. i hate it. and at tulane we were walking all over a much bigger campus than at loyola, where we got a better look INSIDE buildings, classrooms, the library, and lived-in dorms. so tulane's tour was less thorough and shorter than loyola's. still, through the whole thing, i kept trying to make myself like tulane more since i know it's such a good school and everything i saw there was so nice. but i was in a shitty mood and it just really wasn't for me. the end.

it's my voodoo working

just got back from new orleans and the voodoo music experience. since we all know i've had repeated problems with confidentiality and the internet in the past, i'm not going to repeat the sex/drugs/rocknroll version here. you'll have to ask me for the dirty details. however, i CAN say: i had an awesome trip. new orleans is great. music is great. people are great. pixies cemented their place as my favorite band by putting on a goddamn amazing performance. brandon is a beautiful human being, and so is my dad for letting me spend as much time on my own as he did. and brandon's friends are fucking great. i love all of them. at this point i'm still too crazy hazy feeling to put any other sorts of general thoughts into intelligible sentences. all i want is a nap, but i've got pounds of homework to do. alas, my doves, i must away.

listening to: pj harvey - long snake moan

Monday, October 11, 2004

all in all

the weekend was very weird -- up and down and up and down and up. i'm so dizzy i can't tell how it's ended, which is probably good for now. yesterday i moped around, went to rehearsal, parked it up with LA, laylee, brock, and margaret. margaret and i ended up driving around alone for a good hunk of the night. Park is the best street in this damn city, we have decided. we found a dixie queen and had huge dipped cones. it was brilliant. i love shit and i love margaret.
i spent all of today just being pathetic in general. but i got to listen to good music while doing it, so i guess i didn't waste any time. i'm going to go to school as few days as possible in next two weeks. look out for my absence. mwahahahhaaha i'm totally going to get kicked out. i can't wait.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

bipolar bear

i can feel today beginning to suck. it's not a good feeling to have on the saturday morning of a long weekend. i went to bed in a really weird mood and couldn't sleep because of that and an awful stomachache. i woke up at 6:30 to the sounds of a dying stereo, making god knows what kind of noises. i sort of got back to sleep but dad woke me up when he bumbled through the room trying to find a comic book. i've wasted my whole morning. i'm eating scrambled eggs. i'm going to spend the next hour attempting to memorize lines i should've learned days ago. i'll spend three hours at rehearsal doing the same things over and over again. and then i'll come home. and sit. someone should call me at 4pm to make my evening nice. i dare you.

Friday, October 08, 2004

i'm not alone with these stars on me

i barely remember school, so there's no reason to even mention it. zoe picked me up and i spent the entire lovely afternoon with her. i absolutely stuffed myself full of reese's cups, coffee, gum, sprite, bubblegum, apple juice, and a meal at the cupboard consisting of mac & cheese (i had a craving in government today), chicken, and cornbread muffins. sweet lord. i'm so fucking stuffed i can't even move. we hung out at a party at her dad's gallery downtown for a bit. that always fascinates me. art feels so alien to me, although i love it. i like to look at pieces without knowing how they're done. artists would probably slay me for such blasphemy, but i can't help it. i apologize in advance. we went back to zoe's beautiful home and watched a lovely mexican movie called like water for chocolate which was very well shot, even if it felt incredibly long and drawn out. i liked the magical aspect of it. i'm such a sucker for a good fairy tale. at any rate, it was a very nice surprise of an evening. although now i feel totally bloated like a beached whale. aoigighghe. fortunately, i'm wearing nothing but my granny's old pink silk nightgown and it's as though i'm about to slide away. i could really use a cigar. any 18-year-olds up for doing me a favor?
i feel very guilty that i have not yet memorized my lines. oh well, pleanty of time tomorrow!
the hairct offer still stands.

listening to: throwing muses - mr. bones

Thursday, October 07, 2004

i know you know

anybody want to cut my hair this weekend? i'm dead serious. whoever shows up with a pair of scissors and a couple of eyeballs is free to snip away. first come first serve.

listening to: eisley - telescope eyes

home again

blaghhhh. i've got a constant headache, except for when i'm lying down. in the dark. with no noise. i'm okay right now because i just got up, but soon it'll be back. i've had this shit for 2 days now and i'm sick of it. how do you get rid of the eternal headache?

Sunday, October 03, 2004

always on the...

another weekend comes to a close, and i have nothing to show for it, other than being about 20 times grosser than i was before. i stuffed my face with donuts, lard cookies, and coffee for the entirety of friday. i haven't done much better since. eblagioghe. i should be studying for math. i did three practice problems, is that enough to barely pass the test?

listening to: landing - fluency of colors

Saturday, October 02, 2004

"we just can."

tonight i watched "the graduate" with my family. it is hysterical and amazing. what a damn great movie.

listening to: har mar superstar - cry 4 help

get in the zone of positivity

yesterday fluctuated between bad and good too many times for me to count. it ended well, though, because i got to go out to coffee with margaret. i never ever get to see her, and i love the girl to death. however, i'm grounded so i can't go out this weekend. oh well. somehow i don't mind that much.

listening to: a tribe called quest - excursions