Wednesday, August 22, 2012

words to keep for Better Critter

drowning in wonder and hunger of several varieites

i have a fever
let's sleep in a freezer

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

abandoned alphabet

​a is for aquarius there are no words
b is for blue fire eyes dear god i'm falling
c is for catastrophe, the only kind i need
d is for danger, disaster, delirium, deliquency, deranged, dirigible
e is for ecstatic my love
f is for face your face its shining its beauty and f my friend we'll always be and f my fool and for FURRRRR let me live in there in your forest and let's f
g is for gigantic a big big love
h is for your head, i want ot hold it forever. holding your heart in my hands. please let me.
i am working on feeling alright
j is for my jester, my joy, filling it all with laughter and spark

(edit and finish this thing and turn it into a letter/book/paper present)