Monday, May 31, 2004

casey jones railroad village, here we come!

Sunday, May 30, 2004

weird day.

that's about all i have to say so far. if you're in the mood to be faux-afraid, come over and watch old b-rate horror movies with the kids.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

went to the mutant space bats show tonight.

danced like a maniac machine with the brock. afterwards, he, alice, lauren, and hunter all came over. they didn't stay long because i guess everyone was kind of tired.
spent a large portion of the night on the phone with selected kids from The AP Crew. apparently, they didn't know we wanted to play main street. in fact, they didn't even know we wanted to play tomorrow, and they can't make it... sorry to everyone who has made a place in their schedule for the game tomorrow because it's not happening. and we have to find a new location. so please help and please volunteer to be on our fucking team. thanks to everyone and sorry for the inconvenience.
you know, they hung up on my when i told them they had no lust for life. go figure. they were being really stupid and childish all night. we are silly goofballs, not 3rd grade idiots. it made me remember how much i hate some people and love some others. i love my kids. fuck da AP.
i have a headache, and i have chegroes embedded in my belly. but i'm in a very good mood! beat that.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

yesterday brock came over to hang out, and then katherine over to edit. in short, the night fluctuated from me being really irritated to being really stressed to being really upset/sad/freaked out to being really calm to being really happy. katherine and i had a long, great talk in my yard until 2am, and i really really appreciate that. we then stayed up al night editting, and the first version of "much finer" is FINALLY DONE!!! pleeeease watch it and give us some feedback. we are still trying to work out some kinks, and you can help! anyway. around 7:30 brett showed up and we ate biscuits, watched the end of "party monster" and invited alice over. the four of us headed downtown for a fun-filled day at mud island. i completely soaked my skirt, so katherine wore it like a cape or a skirt for the rest of the day, and i wore her extra pants. we ate lunch in court square with the pigeons, squirrels, and wide array of insects, with a great view of brett's favorite abandoned building. he proposed that we try to get into the tower it has, so he and i decided to climb up while katherine and alice waited for brock to arrive. it was very impromptu so we really weren't prepared –– i was in sandals, we had no flashlight, we knew very little about the building. plus my fear of heights kicked in a good bit. we couldn't get into the little tower thing because the door was locked, but we were RIGHT there. it was kind of cool, but i was pretty nervous nonetheless. we did get to wave to katherine, alice, and brock from a very high window, in any case. after that we went back to my house to make some plans for our game of capture the flag against the AP Crew on sunday afternoon/evening. PLEASE come join our team! it's (probably) going to happen on main street around 2pm, but that's tentitive since the opposing team hasn't confirmed yet. but oh they will... but honestly, we have a much smaller team than we realized, so we urge you to come support us. call me for more information, and come to our team meeting on sunday morning. i'm very excited!!

listening to: hypofixx - bright yellow gun (throwing muses cover)

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

doing inventory at the library was nice.

i shelved misplaced books, checked the placing of the entire nonfiction section, put stickers on some easy reader spines, and scanned about 1000 books into the computer. i had a good time. morgan, i believe, was miserable. oh well. brandon called for a few minutes and made me very happy. alice also called to make plans for the rest of the week. that reminds me -- when are we capturing the flag? and by the way, morgan had a GREAT idea for our team, but i won't reveal it here... take that, snicker bitches!

listening to: belly - red
so i accidentally stayed up all night last night talking to brett and later william. i got really hungry so william offered to treat me to breakfast. william picked me up a little before 7am, adorable in overalls, and we went to brother juniper's. he couldn't eat anything because he's fasting until friday, but i had some very good french toast. i had to rush a little because he needed to get the car home so that his mothe could take it to get the tires rotated. at his house, we talked for an hour or so before falling asleep until 1pm when my mom called and told me to go home. william got up to get ready and blacked out for about 2 seconds. he collapsed for a minute and scraped up his back. it worried me. william took me back home, and i invited him in. "i'll stay for a minute" -- such fateful words. in simple terms, he was there for the rest of the day, and i was very happy. we talked and played around for a while. paul f. rode over on his bike, and william drove him and morgan over to the zoo. i wasn't allowed to leave the house so i made a fluffernutter sandwich and danced around to PFFR in the kitchum. when william came back, we sat at the table in my backyard and made lists of short-term and long-term goals. later, brock came over and joined in. mom came home from work, armed with large bandaids for william's hurt, which i doctored. we picked up morgan and paul from the zoo and sat in the front yard for a little while. paul went home, and we got some dinner at sonic. mmmm oreo blast.... william was starving so he took me and brock back to his house so that he could make some fast-juice. i fell asleep for a few minutes, and when i woke up, the three of us had a lovely cuddlefest in ye olde bedd'de. we were really silly, and it was quite nice. those boys make me soooooo happy. then we made a fort on the couch and squished inside to watch donnie darko which i enjoyed a lot. it put me in a really weird mood. we didn't say anything through the whole credits, which i like. those guys know how to watch a movie right, which i also like. they were both very cuddly with me, and it was actually a very good group of three. i was so happy. now i am home, and i should be in bed since i have to get up early and go to work with mom. we will be doing inventory of the john p. freeman school library, and i'm actually looking forward to it. also i think katherine is going to come over tomorrow and have edit-fest all night... i hope i hope!!!! it'll be a good day. this summer is off to a great start, and i'm very glad that all of you are a part of it. if you ever want to hang out or you ever need me for anything, call me, email me, IM me, leave a comment, knock on my bedroom window, scream at me, do ANYTHING because i neeeeeeed you.
in other news, alyssa left her CDs here on sunday. a little while ago i went through them and found one thing i wanted. i am the luckiest woman i the world because of what i now own. hell yes.

listening to: 2 unlimited - get ready for this

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

i'm wholesome!

ahhhh what a (mostly) great weekend. saturday was spent with william looking for estate sales. we got started a little late, and didn't really find anything too great. then we met up with alice, brock, and brett for dinner at jasmine, where LA and alyssa eventually found us. we walked over to peabody park where we swang, climbed up to the railroad tracks, and smashed coins on the tracks. we climbed back down the weird way, and i felt bad alice, LA, and alyssa had sandals... and alyssa had a skirt too. then again, i had sandals too and i did okay. we had a game of tag to take us back to our cars, and drove topless to the full moon club for a show by becca's band, angry bank romance. she was full of charisma and shrieks, and i love the sound of the full band. after the show, we spent far too long trying to decide what to do, but brett, alyssa, LA, katherine, and i ended up going down to the old railroad bridge and sort of scuttling about for a while. we didn't really have a lot of time, though, because mom wanted me home early (12:30am). LA, katherine, and alyssa spent the night, and we had a heaping mess of girly fun. it was the first time i hung out with just girls in a long long while, so i remembered how to do that and it was nice. even though brett was on the phone a bit, that doesn't really count. sunday was alyssa's birthday, so we went to ihop for a celebratory breakfast. our waitress was very very nice. she sat down with us a couple times. people can be so lovely. after that, LA and katherine headed home. alyssa and i hung out alone for a bit before brock and mouse came over, and we rented "party monster" although alyssa had to leave in the middle. we turned it off before the end because mom wouldn't stop making fun of us for wasting our time, etc. she then chastised me for being selfish, a bad hostess, and a terrible friend, and went on and on about how i do nothing productive. in the middle of all that, william called and invited me to a pool party which mom wouldn't let me go to because "what's the point?" well i was very upset. she graciously allowed me to go out for a damn hour with brock, mouse, and morgan to get milkshakes at a place that turned out to be closed on sundays of course. brock was nice and the night got better back at home. after he left, i talked to william and then brandon on the phone for a little while. both of them are such good, comforting late-night friends. i even got them to talk to each other on the phone for a minute, and that was amusing. i'm not sure what time i fell asleep, but i woke up a bit after 10. i today cleaning the bathroom with morgan, and working on making mp3s of the angry bank romance show. eventually, i started to make plans simultaneously with brett and brock, but i REALLY didn't want a group of 3 day, so i invited some other people. we ended up with a very nice group of 7 -- me, brock, brett, alice, hunter, katherine, and leah. the best part was how many IDEAS we had for things to do. it's such a great example of how i feel about this summer. there's soooo much to do, and i can do it all. we ended up going downtown to the river to martyrs park for a picnic and some pathetic kite-flying. we also tried to film a little for "much finer" and also planned out some things for the game of capture the flag we will be having against The AP Crew. i'm very irritated with them for copying so many things we do since they have no originality and no LUST FOR LIFE. i can't say it enough. i'm sure they're very nice, but you know me. i hate nice. it means nothing. opwaehopiawheg. eventually, we walked down this awesome little path that went straight to the river. we sat there for a few minutes admiring the view. i went off by myself exploring the side of the bluff, which was so cool. i had some honeysuckles, climbed around barefoot, saw many interesting bugs, and enjoyed myself in general. eventually, brock and brett caught up to me, and the three of us climbed up to, surprise surprise, the old railroad bridge. we ended up walking across, which took like. an hour. partly because i was so nervous about it. i'd heard that it was abandoned, which it is not, proven to us by a train going by and a nice conductor waving at us. that was a really great moment, with the bridge shaking and the three of us holding raised hands and sweating into the wind... sigh. if only all days could hold moments like those. even still, i was nervous after that. i mean come on. with a choice of walking on rickety old metal grates or on decaying wooden boards and being either miles above the unswimmable mississippi river or a crazy forest and the addition of amy lovely fear of heights, you wouldn't think it'd make for too great of a time. but brock held my hand to help me keep my balance, and the view was sooooo beautiful. i was really irritated that i'd left my camera with katherine. although the bulk of it would've really irritated me. so that's okay. maybe i'll go back some day. we got to the other side, and the sun was nearly setting so we didn't really have as much time in arkansas as we'd anticipated. i think brett was irritated with me for taking so long. but that's his fault for bringing me, i guess. anyway it was pretty on the other side. i enjoyed myself. better than last time. we called katherine and asked her to come pick us up in arkansas. they were actually about to walk across the bridge, but we talked them out of it. it would've taken them an hour or longer as well and it was already getting dusky. i can't even imagine walking that thing in the dark. so we waited just off the highway, rolling in the grass and getting attacked by massive beetles. we crammed 7 kids into katherine's car and drove a bit farther into arkansas. we tried to get into the dog races but a nice security guard noticed we were way under 21 and made us leave. which sucks, because admission is free. ah well. such is the life. the guard actually told us a place to go watch from outside the fence, but we hightailed it outta arkansas and went to pick up brock's car. we ended up getting some liquid refreshment and a cigar. after that, katherine took me home where i talked to brandon on the phone, then brett. i'm very itchy. i think i rolled in too much grass.

listening to: angry bank romance - the waltzing song

Sunday, May 23, 2004


listening to: broken social scene - stars and sons

Saturday, May 22, 2004

i'm in a great mood. yesterday was really good, and it was a great way to start off the summer. we stopped by ye olde grahamwoode, thrifted, honked at the pedestrians with a bike horn, hung out at chris's/ima's/katherine's party where i got thrown into the pool about 10 times in my clothes, snuck into the drive-in, and had great car talk with LA, who i hadn't seen in forever. i got home around 12:45am insanely happy and feeling slightly smutty. no comment.
tonight is becca and hunter's show at the full moon club! 10pm, the upstairs of zinnie's east on madison! be there, you sick fucks!! and bring a couple spare dollars. if i get becca's permission i'll film it. i think she should sell CDs with the recordings of her shows if she isn't going to record any time soon, because people would love it. anyway i'm REALLY excited for it. also, since it's such a late show, i'm inviting kids to spend the night at my house afterwards so that they'll all still be allowed to go. so you've got no reason not to come! wooooot.

listening to: patti smith - jubilee

Thursday, May 20, 2004

woooooo i'm going to see patti smith in june!!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Monday, May 17, 2004

i really need to sleep, but i'm trying to wait for night time so that i don't throw myself off... gahh!! i got only one hour last night, and this has really got to stop. you know who i'm talking to...

listening to: pedal steel transmission - i only got 1 hour of sleep

Sunday, May 16, 2004


last show today at 3pm... hope you will come out. support community theatre. because it exists.

i'm having an amazing weekend. yayyyyy! it already feels like school is out, though, and i need to get over that, and hunker down for exams. i'm debating whether or not to go to school on thursday, since i have no exams that day (AP, bitch!) but i probably shouldn't miss another day of school. whatever. i hope i get more sleep this week than i have in the last couple ones. this should be easier with my brand new jersey-knit sheets. mmmmmmmm. very quickly--
friday i had to walk to davis-kidd in the rain which was really really unpleasant. even more unpleasant was the cold temperature kept by most bookstores which i had to deal with. i did not WANT to deal with it, so i went to sleep on one of the YA benches, even though i wasn't tired. it made my legs and arm fall asleep, and i wasn't pleased. when i woke up, i went to call brock because we were supposed to do something, and there he was reading a french newspaper. asshole. he took me home where i put on some dry clothes and we proceeded to snuggle in my bed listening to the cranberries. then morgan came home, and the three of us went to quizno's where i was overwhelmed by choices and made brock order for me. he then dropped us off and left for home. the play went pretty well-- i was worried we'd be rusty after no rehearsals all week, but the audience was really receptive and we were hyper, so it was good. afterwards, me, morgan, zoe, eileen, foot, and kathryn went over to bosco's squared for dessert. kathryn and i shared a creme brulee. hmeemoagiheaoeixg.e. we were all in character, and i was bambi. yeah you heard me. take that. when i got home, i talked to brett on the phone for 40 minutes so he could tell me about his day. then brandon called and we talked for three hours because he got his new phone in the mail. it was an event. so basically, i went to bed at 3:30am and got none of my highly-anticipated sleep because brock called at 11:30am. after rushing around and attempting to plan, brock and brett picked me up and we headed to the flea market. we pet some rabbits, met the hosts of Junkin' and met up with the other kids. i had a really good time, despite several really depressing incidents. brett knew everything on the planet about the flea market world; i was incredibly impressed. we got a lot of free food, too. we bought a watermelon, and everyone ate it on my kitchen floor listening to liz phair. except me. i had a fluffernutter sandwich. brock had to be home at 5, so he and brett left. then i was treated to a cinnamon milkshake at java cabana, and headed to rehearsal. dominic didn't show, so kimberly had to learn his whole part 5 minutes before we went on. it was very nerve-wracking, but she did a really good job. the first third of the play felt really off for my group, at least, but we got into the swing and i got a lot more confident. afterwards, part of the cast and their friends walked across the parking lot and had dinner at pizza cafe, which was very nice. then a couple people went to zoe's to have a piece of chocolate raspberry cheesecake.... jesus christ. i orgasmed multiple times. after that we went home, changed my bedsheets, listened to nice music, and had a 1am nap which turned into an all-night sleep for me. i am in a very good mood, i have to leave for the play soon, and i hope to see you there.

listening to: patti smith - trampin'

Friday, May 14, 2004

sorry everyone.

i'm covered in work lately and haven't had time to post. thanks for all those little moments this week, like the trip to the grotto or the lovely chopsticks (thanks eileen). things have really been dragging, and i'm exhausted as usual. today was tolerable, despite the rain, thanks to a wonderful piece of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake *melt*. it's late as usual and i haven't even started my work. i swear guys, when school's out we need to have a sleeping party.

listening to: Rasputina - My Captivity By Savages

Thursday, May 13, 2004

scandaliz vandalists songs finally available for your listening pleasure.. just click here in your own leisure time, and enjoy.
i've really been wanting to blog lately, and it really hasn't been working out. we'll see. right now i'm trying to write english essays, so i'm going to try that. it's not going too well. is it ever? school sucks ass.

listening to: the decemberists - the tain

Monday, May 10, 2004


listening to: rasputina - if your kisses can't hold the man you love
ahahah i love that i'm still awake. oh man.

Sunday, May 09, 2004


i think i like this new blogger. what do you kids think? i'm enjoying myself.

yesterday was awesome.

although i got sunburned and also got in trouble, i still got to go to anti-prom, which was pretty great. i stayed up way too late, though, and i just got up. mom is very unhappy with me. i've got to figure out how to make her happy.

listening to: rasputina - doomsday averted

Friday, May 07, 2004

play went well, but was not-so-well recieved. i have changed my mind, and i don't want anyone to come see it.
history test was better than expected. go figure.
i want someone to eat ice cream with.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

my mom made me stay home today to catch up on sleep. which i did. quite well, i might add.
rehearsals are driving me crazy. classes are driving me crazy. i'm going to explode. if i can just get through tomorrow, it'll be okay.

The Ergolytes
at TheatreWorks
2085 Monroe in Overton Square
May 7, 8, 9, 14, 15 -- 8pm
May 16 -- 3pm
…a theatrical exploration into the ascent of technology, the loss of our humanness, and the impending consequences.

Monday, May 03, 2004


except for a couple fleeting happy moments. but yeah. today is the suck.
i want to thank all the people who've kept my life interesting this last week –– william, brett, brandon, cast of ergolytes - you have been my breath of fresh air. thanks also to all the usuals who keep me in check. and no thanks to you bastards who've put me in a terrible mood! fuck this! i'm sick of being angry and tired.

plug this bitch

Sunday, May 02, 2004

i feel like i have a lot to say about the past few days but very little time to do so. i don't think i'll be posting much at all in the near future either because it's Week Of Doom –– tech week for ergolytes, and AP exams week. i know i've mentioned in 30 times but i'm just reminding you. also i'm bitching. that (and DOY turning 3 years old) is why i'm about to go have a triple chocolate vanilla coke float. oh jesus. *orgasm*

Saturday, May 01, 2004