Thursday, April 29, 2004

although most of today was hellish, it took a surprising turn and now i'm in a lovely mood! too bad i have to squash it with pounds of homework.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

You're Geek Chic. Offbeat and with a thumbful of calluses, you spend most of your time catching Simpsons reruns and sucking down raspberry Jell-O. However, you're still a hipster, you've still got your own style, and you probably dig the Velvet Underground's "Who Loves the Sun?"
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what exactly are thick cut sea salted natural lays'. they don't say "chips" anywhere on the package, anyway. they just have pictures of potatoes. so here's hoping.
today is simultaneously bad and good, so i can't make my mind up about it. this irritates me.
i have a rehearsal at 5, so i should be running lines with morgan right now but i am the suck, and here i be. we have our girls' sleepover on friday night after rehearsal, and it's really surprising that i'm looking forward to it as much i am, i think. i guess it's not weird that i should want to do something new every once and a while, but i didn't expect to be excited, exactly, about not hanging out with my good friends. i think i really need a change of pace though. and i'm doing pretty good with it. last night was quite nice, and i mean to talk about that when i get a chance but for now i'm going to eat sea salt and mope.
someone remind me to study at some point in the next couple weeks.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

today started off very nicely.

i slept late, and managed to get ready for school in five minutes. robin and i went around recycling and i even had time to study some history very quickly because of an extended homeroom. then i had to take the end of course history test, which was incredibly easy. although we missed two whole periods, the actual test took maybe an hour. i was sitting at table with brock, margaret, and william, which was really nice because we got to talk and doodle and make merry. i always forget how much i like william since i only see him very rarely. i want to hang out with that kid some time soon. anyway, after that i had study hall with allison, where i attempted to translate some latin. in latin, miranda, jenny, and i worked on a good luck card for someone about to take the AP latin test. at lunch, i was in a really good mood except for being really restless. i'd thought we would all come over here after school to watch the battle of the bands footage today, but katherine was absent. so i figured we could at least hang out, but brock had something to do after school anyway. hopes falling, i continued to history where we had a miraculously boring lecture and i recieved a deficiency. my day got steadily worse when i was late for 7th period, i realized i had only done half of my math homework (and i was even more annoyed that i would've had time to do it in study hall, if i had remembered), and we were informed that our next test will be may 7 –– opening night of ergolytes as well as the AP U.S. history exam. i dropped into a pretty bad state for the rest of class thinking about all the shit i have to do, and how bad i am at getting it done. after school, alice dragged me to the international fair thingie where we tried to eat some food, but mostly it was gone before we could get to it. although i did have some nice things, and the whole thing put me into a much better mood. we ran into brett, who was was stealing his own nutella from the french booth, which we, of course, stole. sorry for eating half of that stuff, brett. but it was damn good. once in the car, dad dashed all my dreams of seeing anyone later today by reminding me of our 6-9pm rehearsal. funny because i'd also finally decided to catch up on all my shit today... great great great. i want to die. i need more nutella.

Monday, April 26, 2004

anybody know what i was supposed to do on the math homework?

accidental four-hour naps can suck it. fuck.

i just hung up from an hour and 20 minute long phone call with brandon, and i have done no homework. god damn it all. why do i keep doing this?

Sunday, April 25, 2004

i have so much shit to do today. sorry i haven't had any real posts this weekend. maybe tomorrow? school and rehearsals have been driving me nuts.

listening to: the simpsons theme song
she is real okay: ho ho ho
Lordpook1: shut up santa clause

Saturday, April 24, 2004

best link ever thanks to alice!

listening to: christopher walken on SNL - more cowbell
white cheddar popcorn! oh my god!!

Friday, April 23, 2004

hope all of you will be at battle of the bands. wooooo.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

happy earth day, everyone.

i am irritated because last night's post had more written on it at some point, about my day and all. i swear to god. grrrrr.
aside from fucking up three tests, today was chaotic because last night billy backed out of drumming for the battle of the bands, and we spent all day trying to find a new drummer. also, alice wasn't at school because she's sick -- dizzy, feverish, and sore-throated from a terrible cold.
i will skip to the end, and tell you that sean lisner agreed to drum for us tomorrow night, and we had an interesting practice in which he came to my house, along with katherine, alice, and laylee, and we did what we could. alice couldn't really sing so i had to do her parts, and i really hope she's feeling better tomorrow because i think i'll die if i had to do them on stage. i'm bad enough with the handclaps and "do-do-do"s. morgan and laylee worked on the groupie shirts, which are actually just pieces of pillowcase with nice writing that we are going to pin to the clothing of our supporters. please everybody come, wear one, and dance.
after everybody else went home, laylee stayed at my house for a while. i haven't seen that girl in forever, it feels like! we hung out on saturday, but i suck. and it's always different to be with someone outside of a group. at any rate, we cuddled like mad dogs. that's a bad analogy, but fuck it. because oh my. she makes me so happy and comfortable. there is nobody on the planet like laylee. after she went home, brandon called three times. what a boy! with a brilliant laugh and much to say. this is love.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

BOBB! .....or.....
white station high school auditorium
7:30pm -- 6 bands
for the price of 3 canned goods
sponsored by the pro bono club
and chucks's checkered ass

i'm really just promoting scandaliz vandalistz because they/we are obviously going to win. please come support!!!! we need dancers.

listening to: throwing muses - pretty or not

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

today was up and down.

i'm really mad at mr. munter for making fun of scandaliz vandalistz and saying we were a joke band. that was really pointless. asshole. at least give constructive criticism. he didn't HAVE to let us in the battle of the bands, but he did, and now he's whining. get the fuck over it. so we (katherine and alice) had a band practice from 4:30 to 6:30 so that we feel better about the music and all. i'm still not sure what my purpose is for being on the stage. i hope we get time to practice with billy soon.
after school (before practice) margaret, brock, and i stayed to read history essays. exhilirating. i'm so sure. brock read my essay, and when we left, he punched me and said i was never allowed to say that i'm a bad history student again. the punch hurt, too. maybe i need to start eating. we went to wendy's to get a frosty, but brock had to go home after that. margaret came over to lie in the bed, and we just got to talk and listen to music for a little, which was very nice. she went home a little after alice and katherine got here. the practice went pretty well. we played "yr 2 kewl" over and over, and "cinnamon" a few times before we drove away to the honors society inductions buisness thingie. and that shit was horrible. when we got there, i felt dressed really wrong and out of place in with my indie kid/feminist shit. no comment on that. depression ensues, etc. the usual. but once my name got called, and i was walking up the aisle thing, that awful bronzer faux-black girl was reading my blurby thing and it made me laugh, because the thing i wrote was very silly. after that it was all gravy train, except for that we were squished onto the stage like sardines. not a good idea when we've got our damn symbolic candles lit up all over the place. i was afraid i was going to light somebody's hair on fire, but it only resulted in me dripping wax all over my fingers. and then i got a piece of cake.
brandon called me expecting to find a lonely voicemail box awaiting, so he was surprised when i picked up around 10. i really liked talking to him tonight, even if it only was for about 40 minutes. i think we both needed it today. i planned to talk about all of the everything yesterday, but... it's late.

listening to: prance - exotic city
"Dear she is real okay,
i was treated with great hasteation concerning the explaination of a most inexplicable phrase. seeing as how i check for blog updates often enough to be called 'obsessive' or 'a stalker', i expect better treatment. please break alanna's shoulder blades with a golf club so that she can never ice skate in the olympics tommorrow. also, steal some money from her and send it to Brett Hanover, PO box 1, Jamestown, VA. also hire a squad of disgusting but morbidly sexy goons to lick her hair thouroughly, which will provide momentary sexual pleasure but will lead to rather uncomfortable matting. replace her hair conditioner with an air conditioner, watching carefully for any rhymes or puns which might be derived. then get her to explain what groping for luna is. with much electrons, brett"

"whatcha call it when you look at the sky in a poetic kinda way? you know, when you grope for luna?" -- frank black of the pixies, "subbacultcha"

listening to: ani difranco - the million that you never made

Monday, April 19, 2004

this site seems very exciting. i haven't gotten to mess with it too much yet, i just set up my profile but i look forward to making it.. beautiful. and i really encourage all of you to do it because it seems like a lot a lot of fun. and i want to know what you're listening to. wpoiahwgeih.
today was pretty good. i have to go eat so i can't really talk.
just first have to *plug* becca's new livejournal. check this shit.

listening to: john wilkes booze - sweetback's gonna make it

fuck so pretty you and me

standard love mix made for me by brandon. i got it in the mail today, and it's the sweetest thing anyone's ever done for me. i'll be listening to it a lot so i'm posting the track list for easy access. you don't have to pay attention.

01) garbage - #1 crush
02) peaches - lovertits
03) prance - exotic city
04) the cardigans - happy meal II
05) bjork - come to me
06) nirvana - love buzz
07) morphine - you speak my language
08) pixies - cactus
09) yeah yeah yeahs - cold light
10) richard hell - hey sweetheart
11) rusty santos - demon
12) x - i'm coming over
13) t.rex - jeepster
14) dead milkmen - punk rock girl
15) bright eyes - one straw (please)
16) throwing muses - tar kissers
17) necro - fuck you to the track
18) moldy peaches - anyone else but you
19) beck - girl dreams
20) eels - beautiful freak
21) iggy pop - fall in love with me
22) marianne faithful - don't forget me

Sunday, April 18, 2004

2:33 -- 2 minute 33 second songs

made at 2:33am. least amount of effort i've ever put into a mix. strangest combination ever.

01) andrew bird's bowl of fire - the idiot's genius
02) anti-flag - captain anarchy
03) apples in stereo - you said that last night
04) bodyjar - is it a lie
05) the butchies - more rock more talk
06) cursive - the road to financial stability
07) dead prez - be healthy
08) eels - my beloved monster
09) the faint - there's something not as valid when the scenery is a postcard
10) free kitten - oh bondage up yours (x-ray spex cover)
11) the gossip - fire / sign
12) green on red - gravity talks
13) guided by voices - back to the lake
14) the hives - main offender
15) the impressions - talking about my baby
16) james kochalka superstar - oceans of girls
17) kristin hersh - shake
18) the ladybug transistor - the great british spring
19) le tigre - much finer
20) lunachicks - heart of glass (blondie cover)
21) lush - single girl
22) pixies - river euphrates
23) pj harvey - joe
24) the pogues - streams of whiskey
25) polaris - hey sandy
26) the queers - psycho over you
27) smashing pumpkins - tribute to johnny
28) super furry animals - something for the weekend
29) tattle tale - a girl's toolbox
30) x - soul kitchen
31) yo la tengo - here comes my baby (some crazy cover)

listening to: pixies - cactus
hand claps, anyone?
alice, this mix is dominating my life.
(that's an exaggeration. but come on.)
ENFP - "Journalist". Uncanny sense of the motivations of others. Life is an exciting drama. 8.1% of total population.
Take Free Myers-Briggs Word Test
personality tests by

does that seem right? i don't think so.

listening to: death cab for cutie - title and registration

Saturday, April 17, 2004

today was very very nice, surprisingly, and filled with grass. practice AP english exam? fuck that! i didn't finish the multiple choice, and i wrote 3 terrible essays, but whatever. after it was over, me, sallis, brock, LA, katherine, and laylee hung out at u of m for a few hours, rolling around in the grass and talking about pono. we were there seriously all day. the ap thing ended around 4, and we stayed on campus until 6:30. after LA left, we wanted to leave and get some food or something, but only sallis and brock had money, so we spent forever trying to get out of there. i played in a fountain and very wet. eventually, sallis said he had to go because he didn't think anyone would want him to drive him around, even though we said we would. then katherine went home because she had to be home by 7 anyway. so laylee, brock, and i drove around for a little while, starving to death and saddened by the lack of music in brock's car since his radio and shit are broken. we finally decided to go back to my house to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a picnic. but of course, we were out of bread. i mean come on. bread. jesus christ. i didn't want to beg for money, so mom gave us this memphis pizza cafe coupon which we spent on a beautiful ultimate cheese pizza with pepperoni added. we ran into that adorable girl. oh my. after that, we wanted to go to a movie, so we went back home so that i could... beg for money. which i got. then laylee remembered that she was supposed to buy her mom a birthday present today. my plan: we go get laylee's mom a present and see "kill bill" at 10. but laylee admitted after a while that she didn't want to see that, and brock waited so long to call his mom and ask if he could be out later that laylee had already called her mom to get picked up. and of course brock wasn't allowed to go anyway, so everything broke. we tried to find presents for laylee's mom around the house, but had no luck. by the time she got picked up, brock and i had decided we should go drive around and sit outside somewhere. but then he sat there playing with katherine's bass forver and it was 9:45 and driving someplace would be pointless. we just got a quilt and lay in my front yard. i think there was a new moon last night, and no stars, but i didn't mind. brock is such a beautiful boy. we rolled all over the place. morgan came out after a while and lay with us. i love putting my head on brock's chest/back and listening to that damn hum. i could live forever there. i got him to spoon with me for about two minutes and then he had to go home. FOILED AGAIN!!!! it's all cool, though. i had a nice time in the grass today. obviously.

listening to: 50 foot wave - petal
today is crazy. thanks to all of you who showed up at my house, and i'm sorry if it was awkward. i, at least, had a good time.

listening to: the yeah yeah yeahs - rich

Thursday, April 15, 2004

today has been a really really really really weird up and down. i got about an hour of sleep last night, and i was surprisingly untired. i only hope i can get to bed relatively early tonight, or die tomorrow. then again it should be a short day. don't we have some kind of assembly?
yesterday i left my cell phone in brock's car, and today when we went to go pick up morgan, i got to listen to two new voicemails from brandon. i mean, shit, the boy is beautiful, and that's all there is to say about that. who else would read frank o'hara to me long distance after 9pm? i melted right there in the car, and i swear it was not just the sun's fault.
i'm incredibly hungry. mmm cheez-its.
brock, morgan, brett, and i hung out at davis-kidd after school today, and that was nice. i really think brett should go into the music business.
i wish i didn't spend all my money in 3 days.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

mom told me that i got mail today, so i opened it up just now and it's brandon's graduation invitation. i'd totally go if that wasn't the weekend that the whole world was being invented (AP U.S. exam the day before, garrison keillor contest day, ergolytes openings, prom haha). but now i'm being distracted by his froggy little class picture oh my. and the shrek government stamp and my name on a sticker. eheoehehehe. giggling.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

i went back to school today, and was sort of hyper. it turned out to be a good kind of day. for some reason i manage to make monday-esque days okay. lately i've been having weeks that start up, then go down, and then back up. today was very nice because i spent a LOT of time talking to brandon, and the couple hours i wasn't talking to him were spent on the phone with brock. also brock came with me to davis-kidd after school today for a couple hours, which was also very nice. it was an okay day, considering that i failed the history test. i wrote this very stream-of-concious thing during math, which was very nice because i haven't written that kind of thing in.. oh forever. i don't think i'll show it to anyone, but it was funnish. well, kids, i've done zero work, for school or for the play, so i really must run.
oh, by the way... if you guys who use the comments could check your recent posts because i've gotten a LOT of anonymous stuff, and i am positive that not all of it was on purpose. so if you find that you posted something without remembering to put your name on it, please let me know. thank youuuu. sweet dreams.

listening to: mum - the ghosts you draw on my back

Monday, April 12, 2004

home sick with a stomachache. blegh yucksy me.

morgan is also home sick, with a cold. she's working on her portfolio to get into art 2, and i am trying to encourage and be a good coach. i already threw a bunch of crayons at her, and told her a few different things she should paint. in a minute, i'm going to go put on some mood music for inspiration. i love my role in this mess.
hope school is going well, everyone. wex will kill me for missing the poisonwood test...

Sunday, April 11, 2004

happy easter, everyone.

i am not ready for the weekend to be over, although it has been very full and good. i'm currently trying to fix morgan's camera, which is very hard because i don't know what exactly is wrong with it. this happened before, but no one can remember how we fixed it the first time. oh my.
last night was very very fun. i posted some pictures, but i'm hoping that eileen, foot, and becca will send me some more to upload since morgan didn't take all that many. by the way, she dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, because we have a the ballgown dress that we wore when we were like 8. she knew that it would rip when she put it on, so she just ripped it up to pieces and tied a stuffed wolf to it so that she would look like she was being chased. it was hysterical. anyway, the only whole movie i watched was "aladdin" which is funny since no one dressed up as anyone from there. LA drove herself over for the first time, and that was exciting, but it meant that she had to leave at 9. everyone was dressed up and adorable. guest list:
morgan as Ravaged Belle
me as Madame Mim
lauren as Ariel
alice as Mulan
foot as Mulan's lucky cricket
sallis as Prince Charming
LA as Alice in Wonderland
brock as Lumiere
eileen as Tinkerbell
becca as one of the 101 Dalmations
william as a dognapper of the dalmations
laylee as Merlin
daniell as Pocahontas
hunter as a blue Brontosaurus

alice spent the night again, and i love her. she and hunter watched "a little princess" while i talked to brett online and brandon on the phone. i feel bad for abanonding them, but... yeah. hunter left at 3:30am, and alice and i stayed up wayyy too long making hard boiled eggs and eating sallis's delicious cookies. we had a nice talk, also. i love talking. wooooo. alice and i woke up at 12:15 this afternoon, and alice had to leave almost right away. i made 3 more hardboiled eggs for breakfast, and found my easter basket which had mint shampoo and beautiful chocolates in it. i got to talk to brock on the phone for the first time in a while, and told him a bit about my week that i haven't really been talking about. that was very nice, although i felt all emo and dumb. it's okay though, i guess it needed to happen. then i put on a nice flowy blue skirt and my worker worm shirt to be festive, although mom laughed at me. i went with the family went to molly's la casita for dinner and had chicken quesadillas. we had an interesting talk. now i have lots of homework to do. why am i crazy and posting. oh my.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

disney/childhood movie party tonight! open invitation! come the fuck over!

Friday, April 09, 2004

brandon, why do you evade me so? i want to talk to you tonight. or early in the morning. over waffles.

yesterday was okay at school.

we all went to watch LA play in the softball game. woot woot!! the weather was great, and incredibly hot -- i love it, though, what can i say? after school, brock and i went to baskin-robbins where we met up with dan ying and jenny. we were kind of late after having to stop at brock's so that he could change clothes, and i felt bad about that. but it was cool, and we got to talk over ice creams. linley was there with her daughter, and i got to talk to her, which was awesome. she hadn't been notified about the show, so i hope that she calls alex and can join in late. she was really sad about missing the workshops. i had a 2-scoop sundae with jamoca and world class chocolate with hot fudge and whipped cream. mmmmmmm oh my. dan ying had to go home to practice piano, and she gave jenny a ride. brock and i sat in his car for a long time just talking and sticking our feet out the window. who on earth is better to just talk to? after a while, alice called and said that she and katherine would soon be on their way to my house, so we headed out too. we got there at the exact same time as alice, and promptly went to sonic. katherine was practicing keyboard in the comic room when we got back, and we commenced to recording scandaliz vandalistz songs for a prairie home companion contest that we started working on incredibly late. considering that it is due on saturday. katherine was all ready for playing all night, and taking the 5-song CD to fed-ex at midnight to get it to into mr. garrison keillor's hands by sunday. the four of us did what we could until hunter showed up, and lent his amazing talent to the SV cause. he then told us that his step-mom works for fed-ex, and could have it shipped for us for free, and that we wouldn't have to take it in by midnight. that was happy, and we didn't feel as rush. i'm talking "we" as if i do anything but i was just singing backup, hand clapping, dancing, and performing as co-taskmaster with katherine. in the end, we were pretty satisfied with how the takes came out. i want to upload them for your listening pleasure. soon, my pets. soon...
near the end of the recording session, william and becca showed up. i felt bad because we advertised the night as "The Who/Rock Star Party" night, but it became something totally different. so once they came, i hung out with them, since i wasn't really needed for SV. we listened to the new rasputina album, played dress up, and took many silly pictures. i love them, and i wish i saw them more. also, i really want to have a laylee/becca day soon. i'm so lonesome and disconnected from them. actually, i feel kind of disconnected from everyone lately, but i guess that's my own fault. anyway.
brock left about 11. he is beautiful, and was being very sweet yesterday. ohh brock i love ye. katherine left around 11:30, after making sure that everything was in place with the CD and the package for our hero garrison. william and becca discostumed at around 12:15 to get becca home on time. unfortunately we didn't have time to make the music video we wanted to. (i need new tapes, too.) hunter left almost directly afterwards, with promises to return back today to pick up the package. alice and i stayed up late being silly and listening to music. we fell asleep on the couch watching quadrophenia. and we never even saw the hot sting. tsk, tsk. we'll probably be watching it again very soon.
today has been mellow. mom got us la baguette thingies and we all sat around and listened to the scandaliz vandalistz songs. mom wants a mini-cd of her very own. aww. alice left at 12, and since then, i've just been hanging out and doing nothing in particular. katherine called to check up on the package, and i also talked to brock on the phone for a very little bit, but he had to leave to go to the zoo with wenli. hunter picked up the package a little while ago, and that is very exciting.
i am finally getting sort of stir-crazy being here. i will probably go organize some cds or something. i really need to get out though. i am free this afternoon, and after 8 tonight. pleeeeease.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

i feel really crazy. i have to do some math and settle down before i explode. wish me luck.
why are mixes so hard to make.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

have been staying up far too late.
have been starting homework way way way too late.
have been enjoying much too many lovely late night phone conversations with brandon.
oh my.

Monday, April 05, 2004

today was totally invaded by brandon. sneaky bastard.
i failed a couple tests. nothing big. ra ra ra.
i worked on lots of playlists for mixes, in every damn class. look out, kids. if you want one... let me know. i'm totally on a rampage.
after school, brock and i picked up alice, and they ate greek kwik shop delicacies while we rolled around the grass at overton park. sarah schweig's dog chunky attacked us. it was awesome. we swang on the lovely swings, and i was obnoxious and sang to myself while alice and brock talked about stuff. then we came to my house, where i got a reese's blast and we attempted to practice. it didn't go well. we talked for a while. me and alice had a mad cuddle fest on the living room sofa. it was supahott. lips and tits and hips everywhere. what can i say? brock wouldn't join, but he still hugged me a lot. also we wrestled at the park, and now i'm nothing but grass stains. oh what a world, in which my lovely sister makes organic alfredo for our own delight.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

quoth alice, "we need to make a club dedicated to trios. we will discuss songs, movies, etc with trios. then we weill reenact them. you can be president, brock can be treasurer, and i will be in charge of milk and cookies. or should i say milkshakes and honey"

listening to: Peaches - I U She
today i have added about 54 new pictures to the visual section of this blog. good luck finding them all... some are from this week, and some are from spring break. my scanner pooped out a little while ago, and started giving me this error repeatedly, but i'm still amazed that i got as far as i did. thought i'd give the heads up if you were curious about those old march pictures. keep on the lookout for some more coming tomorrow and in the next week.
so sorry i haven't been updating as much as i'd like. i've been kind of crazy. plus it's 4am.

"i ask him why the grass is blue, why stray boys don't go home, why 4am's so screwy? he says, 'sleep through it.'" - kristin hersh

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Schizotypal:Very High
Borderline:Very High
Dependent:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

why do i insist on taking this test year after year? it makes me feel crazy. i guess that's the idea.

holy christ.

download this please. it's a live solo song by kimya dawson, the woman from the moldy peaches. and it's brilliant. (lyrics, bitch.)

Friday, April 02, 2004

my oh my what a day.

school actually went by really quickly, and then i sat around doing math with alice, katherine, and laylee at davis-kidd. it would be nice to always have friends there. we did work, too! genius. at home, i called brock for a little while, then went to this thing for the play which i will not go into detail about right now. an hour later, i was back home, getting ice cream and talking to brandon online. we got into a really good talk, which continued on the phone, and then back online once his phone died. i'm so glad that we had that conversation, although there were some kind of stressful bits. if that's the right word. i'm sure no one wants to hear about it. but at any rate, let me just say: i love that fucking boy.

listening to: the coasters - along came jones