Tuesday, November 27, 2018

things yr gonna do

  • start a workshop series
  • host movie night
  • host writing group
  • host salons
  • host art hours
  • make an installation show
  • write a script
  • make a zine
  • publish an essay
  • release an album
  • tour a show
  • write a biography
  • Thursday, November 15, 2018

    let me be a better sister
    let me not in my sickness linger
    let me carve paths through the suffer
    let me see
    where i dropped me
    and pick back up my sister

    Thursday, November 08, 2018

    if we can't now then how

    when you break the thing you were trying to carry.
    your fingers aren’t fast enough to clear up thinking flurries.
    your words are the turds that you scrape from your belly.
    you silenced the sole sound that wanted to be many

    look and say look and know
    it’s so hard to write within this flow
    (every word corrected into a typo
    every gorgeous creature stifled into camo)

    this isn’t the way this isn’t the time
    let yr own hand say this line
    let yr own mind be its own scribe
    consider how the pen will choose the usefulness of mime

    stop this nonsense
    i’m sorry for my shit
    i’m sorry for my selfishness and ache and spin and spit
    i haven’t found a way to speak this stuff i’m carrying all the time
    it should and jives and jerks and buckles and flails behind a rhyme