Sunday, September 30, 2001

i had a terrible headache earlier at rite aid while i was buying a folder for my health project and then i came home and cleaned out the catboxes and started talking to nick and my headache went away. and then i talked to nick for forever and worked on my health report and after a while nick went away and my headache took the oppurtunity to come back. i finished the health thing... it was a report on manic-depressive disorder for your information. yeah and in a moment i'm gonna have to write a crappy poem for english class with only actions about "someone i admire" and i dont even know who that is yet. probably morgan becase she does so much. right now i am eating plain spaghetti noodles with nothing on them and i'm about to die but i want some ice cream.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

laylee has the best way of saying swear. go ask her.
brittany needs to learn how to drive and i get to be in the car and listen to disney music and i am so special and laylee has the best laugh. i am a rapid cheetah.
laylee is going out with kyle and she's on the phone right now with me and she wants me to say so and that its rumored that he's a rapist or something and he wants to take her to rocky horror and he will dress her up as dr. frankenfurter and you know. and i'm supposed to go to wild oats and harass arman now

Friday, September 21, 2001

the pictures you see right there, the four different ones, are the covers you can buy for the album. there's four. yeah. you can count. i know you can. right. so i convinced morgan to buy this on tuesday. but she was at rehearsal and so dad went out and purchased it with her money. and he didn't know there were multiple covers and i forgot to tell him so he got the one where she has short black hair.
dad's logic: he didn't think morgan would want one where she had long blond hair, and he didnt want her to have the smoking one. he's dad. gee. what can we say. and then he figured short dark hair was safe since morgan likes and has short dark hair. as do i.
and anyway i was gonna talk about all this in tuesday's post but you'll notice that tuesday's post is nonexistant because i am a lazy bum.
i have been talking to nick all afternoon and that puts me in a very good mood and this cd was lovely. my mom HATES the cover of 'heart of gold' the neil young song. because tori changes it a lot. which is the whole point. the whole album is covers. it's really interesting though. and then in like the photographs in the album she's portraying the women in the songs... and all the songs were originally by men. so she's covering stuff like the beatles and eminem. she doesn't rap though thank god. it's spoken word. oh and it's really really eerie how she does it. its the song '97 bonnie & clyde and i have heard the original but i love tori's version because it's so terrifying. shudderworthy and chillful as i've been coming to call it these past couple days. so uhm. you guys should definitely check it out. tori is great. even though we only have four of her albums. i still want brittany's mom to drag us to nashville hashville or get my mom to take us to another show... she's supposed to be great live of course and i saw her on regis today and she said she's just gonna be touring with her piano and 'a couple vintage keyboards' and that's how people usually like to see her. its how she started and everything. like ani difranco on the stage with just her guitar. but now she's got a band and everything and i love her expansion in music but anyway. i'm gonna go now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Super Saiyan AJ: sweet deal
Super Saiyan AJ: i'm not so sure i like having nipples
Super Saiyan AJ: though...i'd look weird without them
Super Saiyan AJ: *ponders*
Super Saiyan AJ: ....i guess i'll keep them...
Super Saiyan AJ: but i still say they're weird
aLittleStarlight: ahahahhahahahahahaa
aLittleStarlight: ahahahahahaa
aLittleStarlight: youre hilarious
aLittleStarlight: i love you guys
Super Saiyan AJ: haha
aLittleStarlight: mr. nipple
aLittleStarlight: aka aj
aLittleStarlight: aka mr. krinkle the whorepig
Super Saiyan AJ: i'm a whorepig?
Super Saiyan AJ: neato
Super Saiyan AJ: whats my going rate?
Super Saiyan AJ: caps lock, a way of keeping your hat on your head
Super Saiyan AJ: much like, the hat-club
aLittleStarlight: ahahahahahahaaha
Super Saiyan AJ: the blooga-dee-doo
Super Saiyan AJ: son of a bitch man
Super Saiyan AJ: dammit
Super Saiyan AJ: and so on and so forth
Super Saiyan AJ: and my pants are far too hot
Super Saiyan AJ: *grumble*
Super Saiyan AJ: i enjoy bellyaching
Super Saiyan AJ: it's like...relaxing
Super Saiyan AJ: guess what
aLittleStarlight: what
Super Saiyan AJ: i cant log into blogger
aLittleStarlight: damn
Super Saiyan AJ: i dont exist anymore
aLittleStarlight: X_X
Super Saiyan AJ: yeah
Super Saiyan AJ: it's a bummer
Super Saiyan AJ: or
Super Saiyan AJ: i'll use my powers to call my squirrle friends
Super Saiyan AJ: el
Super Saiyan AJ: whatever
Super Saiyan AJ: however
Super Saiyan AJ: dont correct me!!!
Super Saiyan AJ: i'm in
Super Saiyan AJ: far out
Super Saiyan AJ: damn the man!
Super Saiyan AJ: and then bobby hill put his head back and his neck looked like a pack of hotdogs
Super Saiyan AJ: and then we laughed
aLittleStarlight: hahhahhaha
aLittleStarlight: holy shit

Super Saiyan AJ: yeah well
Super Saiyan AJ: i'm hot as hell in these pants
aLittleStarlight: take them off then
Super Saiyan AJ: and then i shall be almost nekkid
Super Saiyan AJ: at which point my mom will come up
Super Saiyan AJ: and go "you're cybering arent you?"
aLittleStarlight: LAHAHAHHAAHAA
aLittleStarlight: well of course
Super Saiyan AJ: and then "argh!" *phone line explodes*
a conversation between jerel and i (yes i have a new sn. come attack me. please.):::

x Eien No Yami x: ever put c4 on a genomes back?
aLittleStarlight: no
x Eien No Yami x: YES ALANNA
aLittleStarlight: WHAT
aLittleStarlight: FINE
aLittleStarlight: BASTARD
x Eien No Yami x: WHAT
x Eien No Yami x: YOU TOO
x Eien No Yami x: BITCH
aLittleStarlight: *runs away sobbing*
x Eien No Yami x: *runs away walking*
x Eien No Yami x: ???
aLittleStarlight: HAHAHAHAHAHAH
aLittleStarlight: ahahahahhahaha
aLittleStarlight: gahhahahahahahaahhhaha
aLittleStarlight: lmfao
aLittleStarlight: sorry
aLittleStarlight: i need to laugh though
aLittleStarlight: so i am
x Eien No Yami x: haha
x Eien No Yami x: good
aLittleStarlight: aahahahahahahaha
aLittleStarlight: i'm in the mood to laugh
aLittleStarlight: YOU KNOW THAT?!
aLittleStarlight: YOU BETTER WHORE
x Eien No Yami x: I DID KNOW THAT
x Eien No Yami x: SLUT
x Eien No Yami x: *crawls away flying*
aLittleStarlight: lsgdhahghahhagladsma
aLittleStarlight: ahjahglasdhaahahahah
aLittleStarlight: *bitchslaps you*
x Eien No Yami x: *pimpslaps you*
x Eien No Yami x: damnit
x Eien No Yami x: ehhh
x Eien No Yami x: bitchslaps are cooler
aLittleStarlight: holy fuck
aLittleStarlight: i know
aLittleStarlight: that was pathetic
aLittleStarlight: you better get a better slap
x Eien No Yami x: hm
x Eien No Yami x: ...
aLittleStarlight: lol
x Eien No Yami x: ....hmmmm
aLittleStarlight: problems?
x Eien No Yami x: NO!
x Eien No Yami x: uh...PERSON THAT...I...SHUTUP!!!*nurs away bossing*
aLittleStarlight: HHALKHLkhahghahah
aLittleStarlight: hahahahahahadglkhahaghaha
aLittleStarlight: i love you jerel
aLittleStarlight: i wont ever bitchslap you again
aLittleStarlight: until i do
x Eien No Yami x: aw
x Eien No Yami x: what if im into that sorta thing
aLittleStarlight: spanky boy, eh
x Eien No Yami x: lodfdlfol
aLittleStarlight: i see
x Eien No Yami x: *cough*
x Eien No Yami x: yeah, tahts me
aLittleStarlight: i always thought so
x Eien No Yami x: but no
aLittleStarlight: oh
aLittleStarlight: oh well
x Eien No Yami x: lol
x Eien No Yami x: unless YOU'RE into that sorta thing
x Eien No Yami x: but hey]
x Eien No Yami x: uh...
x Eien No Yami x: hey
aLittleStarlight: HAHAHHAHHAHHAAHHAH holy fuck
aLittleStarlight: you bet i am babe
x Eien No Yami x: well then...that changes everything now doesnt it
aLittleStarlight: it better
x Eien No Yami x: lol!
x Eien No Yami x:
aLittleStarlight: holy shit
aLittleStarlight: is that an egg
x Eien No Yami x: depends...
x Eien No Yami x: do you want it to be an egg?
x Eien No Yami x:
aLittleStarlight: :-* hell yes
x Eien No Yami x: lol, jeez
aLittleStarlight: i like its shoes/feet/little whatever thingies
x Eien No Yami x: haha oh yeah
aLittleStarlight: i gots to get me some of those
x Eien No Yami x: ill hook you up
aLittleStarlight: ahahahahahahhahahhha holy fuck
x Eien No Yami x: holy fuck huh?
x Eien No Yami x: sounds fun
aLittleStarlight: it better!
aLittleStarlight: its on the menu for tonite
x Eien No Yami x: hahahomg
aLittleStarlight: you okay, babe?
aLittleStarlight: you better be
aLittleStarlight: i'm getting my spank stick
x Eien No Yami x: oooh,i better be a good boy, or something
x Eien No Yami x: gahaha
aLittleStarlight: be a bad boy
aLittleStarlight: we looove bad boys
x Eien No Yami x: good to know
aLittleStarlight: you bet it is
aLittleStarlight: and dont you forget it
x Eien No Yami x: never will i forget it
aLittleStarlight: good
aLittleStarlight: *pats your head*
x Eien No Yami x: ^_^
aLittleStarlight: WEEEE
aLittleStarlight: *dies massively*
aLittleStarlight: i want some plastic ears
aLittleStarlight: and a prosthetic forehead
x Eien No Yami x: lol, err no
aLittleStarlight: oh
aLittleStarlight: ok
BlinkChik441: i just ran on the treadmill for like..half a mile

we are so so proud of laylee.
Laylee2000: whats u???????/
Laylee2000: noot much!!!!
Laylee2000: omg brittany WROTE ME A NOTE!
Biting Flame: ahahaahahhah wow
Laylee2000: and she took the time to write my name really pretty
Biting Flame: ahhahahahaha
Laylee2000: and ya know what happened? ya know what ha[p[ened?
Biting Flame: what happepned
Laylee2000: marc and kyle were reading it and then kyle stole it and i chased im around trying to get it and after many people grabbed at my gorgeous note it tore into 5 pieces!!!
Laylee2000: and so i had to tape it together whehn i came home
Laylee2000: it pissed me off tho! i hit kyle really hard *for me newayz* on his bac
Laylee2000: haha thtat was pretty bitchy but i mean i doubt it hurt or anything cuz im fucking weak ad hes a GUY
Laylee2000: and isnt he all muscley under all that clothes? someone told me he had major arm muscles newaysz
Laylee2000: haha
Laylee2000: OMG someone asked me if i was going out with kyle today
Biting Flame: X_X
Laylee2000: and someone else asked if i liked him- but that ones a LONG story in which it all makes sense but not like that cuz we werent actually tlkaing about me OR kyle but she jsut argfh
Biting Flame: thats really funny
Laylee2000: ahahah iknow
Laylee2000: and kyle stayed w/me @ my locker and made me go to his
Laylee2000: and he changed his earring because i told himt o!q

Biting Flame: x_x
Biting Flame: alsghahlashka
Biting Flame: he has an eearing?!
Biting Flame: no one tells me these things
Biting Flame: thats terrifying
Laylee2000: haha
Laylee2000: NO ! its cool man!
Laylee2000: haha
Biting Flame: ...
Biting Flame: i doubt it
Laylee2000: hahaha
Laylee2000: no it is i swuuurr

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

this album comes out today and i really want to get it. i am gonna try to convince dad to take me.
what is that great fiend on her back. is she supposed to be nude?
on to other things.
as we all know, today two planes crashed into the world trade center, and another into the pentagon. i will not bore you with the story you have already heard.
what i mostly thought about today:
1. all the people ("casualties")
2. vulnerability
3. what this day will be made into. if the history books will mark september 11 as the start of a war or what.
4. i hate retaliation.
5. our president is disturbed.

Monday, September 10, 2001

bjork's new album came out a few days ago.. i cannot wait to buy it. the cover is absolutely GORGEOUS and i just watched the video for the song "hidden place" and it was lovely and at this very moment i am listening to the mp3 for the song "verandi" which isn't actually on the album but that's not the point. it has to do with vibes and atmosphere and whatnot. and its delicious. and i had absolutely no idea that bjork had a book. if i could make layouts i would make a bjork layout. maybe i will put a picture of her in place of that faery and just change the background colors. i can do that much. and i just clicked a link that will show me tour dates for bjork and everyone cross your fingers that she's coming someplace close.... aaaaaaaaand...... she's not. damn. wow what a very short, selective tour! there's more dates in other countries than there are here. and when she comes to the U.S. she's playing new york twice, california twice, chicago, and... boston? god damn. ah well. so much for that. i wish i could at least go to see tori.... BRITTANY PLEASE TAKE ME! uhm my mom is making me go outside.

Saturday, September 08, 2001

Laylee2000: i dont have normal knees
Laylee2000: my knees are quite unattractive
Laylee2000: ahah
Laylee2000: as is my entire leg
Laylee2000: haha
Laylee2000: ahahah
Laylee2000: well theyre fucking ugly
Laylee2000: and my legs/knees turn in
Laylee2000: HEY BICH
Laylee2000: dont u FUCKING call me bow legged
Laylee2000: oim not actually bow legged
Laylee2000: only like just a tiny bit? idunno i asked my mom and she was liek UR NOT BOW LEGGED!!!!
jezebellekilara: Luke just said, "Wretched piece of crap" i've never heard him use that vocabulary
oh my god i found my quints. i am so happy
i just added a new page to the cam including two pictures of me, like five of morgan, seven or so of aj, and like... worlds upon worlds of brittany. and uh earlier this week i added a pj harvey mp3 and yes it was the shortest song on the cd.
laylee was ticked at me. ahhaah.
forever = one week
geez i sure not have blogged in FOREVER

Saturday, September 01, 2001

dad: *looking through the tapes* LOOK SUGAR BEATS
alanna: O_O
dad: havent you been wondering what happened to sugar beats?
alanna: ......
dad: don't you dare sat not really
dad: sugar beats. the eternal stain upon our lives.
morgan: *sings* aaaaaaamazing sugarbeats how sweeeeet the sound
dad: give thanks and sing praises
morgan: *sings* i once was lost but i'm not now
dad: *sings* ohhh how lucky for meee
i've decided to say that i used to love this pet store, ruby begonia's. and i can't find a site for it, so bare with me. the point being that i used to love that store.
but a couple college guys bought it. and i think they went out of business. and when they did. they left town.
leaving all the animals locked up inside the store to die.
cooper has got to be the best street in memphis.
i've just been informed that not everyone knows about the peabody ducks. well.
they're ducks.
that live at the peabody hotel.
and every day they come down the elevator and walk down the red carpet and go into the little fountain in the lobby.
those. are the peabody ducks.

they even have a children's book about them.
what's with this place?
i had been looking for the peabody place site to link to the thing in that last post and i found this and figured it was good enough even though its fairly annoying.

"Strategic location

Peabody Place is at the heart of a vibrant metropolitan area with 1.1 million residents. In addition, the city welcomes 8 million visitors a year, who spend $2 billion during their stay. "

that's actually amazingly annoying because its like someone from memphis didn't write it. no way in hell are these freaks gonna convince me that downtown is randomly the heart of the area. thats fucking midtown for god's sake. we're the ones who have everything good, anyway!!
but did you know that the peabody hotel is the coolest place ever and my friend had a birthday party there in the first grade and we woke up and got to watch the ducks? that was really cool. and of course for years we took field trips down there to watch the ducks and they even took us out on the roof too. it was really cool.
i went to bed at like a quarter to three last night ("quarter to three" by sleater-kinney. go download it. a great song.) and you'll notice that i am awaking at fucking 10am. i actually woke up like an hour or so ago and i was just laying in the bed listening to, of all things, sleater-kinney. and then the cd was over and i hadn't fallen back asleep so i got up and came online and then i was randomly really tired so i went and got back in bed and i didn't fall asleep so here i am again.
she's actually supposed to come over today. last night she called me on her mom's cell phone and we just talked a while and its like '... you wanna do somethin tomorrow?' 'sure.' 'what' 'i dunno' and whatnot and we thought it'd be really cool to go down to peabody place which is this new thing downtown sorta like a mall. judith (my mom's librarian friend who reminds me of the library chicken and drinks a latte) said it was terrible. but i think she only went in the movie theatre part. she said it looked really dumb cuz its like a train station motif and that its been said to have great like uhm... i dunno. sound or whatever in there but she just said that it was really loud and every noise becomes really really loud. and then we were driving past it, mom and morgan and kimberly and i, when we were coming back from tap dogs, (see post from august 20) and i was like 'theres that place' and someone mentioned how judith said it was awful and kimberly said that 'its very new york. not memphis at all.' and brittany's friends have apparently said good things about it. oh and katherine dohan said that the movie theatre there was annoying because they have like 22 screens but they only show like... 6 different movies or something. but we haven't actually been yet. i think it'd be kinda interesting. but ANYWAY the point is that dad said he wasn't gonna leave us someplace he hadn't actually been to yet and that's really annoying but uhm the point is brittany's still supposed to come over and bring movies and we can sit around and be junkies instead of shoppers. as if we have any money. oh and by the way, i bought 'rid of me' by pj harvey last night and i've decided i need an mp3 of her on this place. someone remind me later.