Wednesday, January 30, 2002

i'm Mayor!aLittleStarlight: [*insert eternal laughter which lasts for longer than the blog here*]
Atea Diosa: ahahah
aLittleStarlight: GUESS WHO THE FUCK I GOT
aLittleStarlight: GAKLSDHGLAA
Atea Diosa: ok so why are you laughing
Atea Diosa: who the mayor?
aLittleStarlight: YES
Atea Diosa: LOL go figure!!!!!!!!

i got a nightmare before christmas watch for christmas you know. we all did because my mom gave everyone one. and tehy were all different and mine had the MAYOR because he rules. and and and i always knew i was the mayor.
they say it's your birthday

well it's my birthday, too! yeah. alsdhahaha i'm so funny. anyway. yes it is my birthday. and i'm about to freaking starve to death.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

i'm lemon flavoured!
agahhasga i knew it.

A mere Statistic: ::eats you::
A mere Statistic: ::in a happy way::
A mere Statistic: lol wtf
A mere Statistic: I'm a watermellon

Sunday, January 27, 2002

you say love is a hell you cannot bear. well then give me mine back and then go there

today started off not-so-great. i went to bed around 5am or so and i was NOT a happy person. when i woke up six hours later, i didnt even realise that i'd woken up. does that say something? the point being that when i remembered that i was awake, i was again an unhappy person. then morgan came and sat there and talked at me and then uhm. well i came to get online and the new aim i had installed had deleted a bunch of my old aim files and it wouldnt even SIGN ON. the computer would break before i could do a thing. it was HORRIBLE. anyway i tried restarting several times but when i did that then the computer would just break more and i think brittany installed some crazy thing on my computer. oh yeah and i finally finally got adobe installed after clearing away hoards of files and burning mp3 cds. anyway. after a while i got an email from nick and suddenly remembered that i had the msn messenger thing so i got on that and talked at him and it was blissful. and then i went to davis-kidd with mom and read something called 'quotable sandman' and then i looked for ghost world (comic) but they didnt have it and i was sad. but i got a chocolate bar. and then we went to bookstar and they had even less stuff so we left again after mom bought morgan a rumi biography for history fair. and now i am talking at nick again. blissful.

but i said yes.
i didnt answer and i just asked what exactly that entailed of and he said 'what? oh. so is that no?' and the whole time he was like. pasting things from the onion in between. and dammit. and then he was just like 'well bye' and he left he fucking left and he hates me and what the fuck about nick and i'm immensely distraught.
jerel just asked me out?
it won't be fair if i hate her, if i ate her, you can go now. leave me with your borneo

ok that place decidedly RULES for eternity. wahaha. so today. uhhh. rehearsal went ok. we ran the whole of act 1! i actually SAW ALL THE SCENES. and i think everyone was actually PRESENT. it was amazing stuff, that. the bag dance. went.... ok? it went as it usually does even though i still dislike it. yes well. anyway after rehearsal i had like two seconds to eat dinner before mr. wilson came and picked me up to babysit his children - holly, rebekah, and david. it went well only that i was there for FOREVER and nearly fell asleep on their couch like a million hours after i'd put them all to bed. but i got paid $40 and that is quite cool. and i had a good time, aside from nearly falling to sleep to death. of course they were late. they said i would be home by 12:30 and they came home at like 1. but it's ok i'm not complaining. i'm disappointed that i didnt get to see laylee and brittany this weekend. but laylee was of course busy the whole time, but i didnt get to talk at her at all anyway. and brittany i didnt get to talk at either as her fucking phone is dead. last night i online-talked at katie (as below post would indicate) and nick for forever and that was lovely. the alphabetical cd thing is not going so well. as you can see by the above quote thingie i'm still on tori amos. only one more of her cds, though, after this one!!

big sexy laylee picture

Friday, January 25, 2002

aLittleStarlight:lets go invade brittanys house
good idea
is she still dead
of course
how evil
i know!
i still say we murder her at tai chi
u dont think she got turned into a cat and ran over by a bus do u
most likely.
how horrid
but would YOU be surprised
didnt he get ignited by a haystack
maybe that was someone else
no one cared to tell me where the pretty girls are - those demi-gods
i'm listening to my SECOND cd on the little thing. and it's tori amos's debut album "little earthquakes" and if you're familiar with her you probably recognize the song. but uhm. i think my curvedspaces account might be working which is why i am posting. so uh. here goes.
i just asked you out -- to the pharmacy, no doubt

this week is fucking fast! or is it just me? i have decided to listen to all my cds. well. aahhaah yes it's a good idea. and i didnt mean that i havent listened to all of them. but. RElisten to them in alphabetical order because you know how it is. you start listening to the same few cds over and over and completely forget that you own them. such as this one (american hi-fi) which you didnt even remember owning in the first place. (because it was $10 at wherehouse and brittany told you to buy it when she was getting dishwalla).
so i'll probably try to blog about some of the things that i'm listening to. you know. the closet ones. and i will tell you how wonderful they are and you can say "crunk" and go download them at audio galaxy or whatever you happen to use.
:::quotes of the day:::
samwise is crunk
mordor is the ghetto
*directed at an orc* what a bitch
legolas aint no poltergiest
saruman be bumpin
JiveBassist:frankie is a booze hound named nancy
JiveBassist: walt disney willed everything he owned to the first man to give birth
JiveBassist: hey hey, looks like mickey's ass is mine

alkghahah and they were all true. well. except the saruman one AHHAAH but it was something along those lines.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

i love you, morgan
pelvic thrust
1) What color pants are you wearing right now? purple silkie pj pants
2)What song are you listening to right now? "touch me" from rocky horror
3)What are the last four digits of your phone number? 0299. gorgeous, eh.
4)What was the last thing you ate? uh. i just ate a chip?
5)Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no, thank the gods
6)If you were a crayon, what color would you want to be? uh. i always liked cerulean but i would probably be something horrible. like. tickle me pink.
7)Where would you like to go on your Honeymoon? i dont intend to have one. if i did, i'd want to go someplace like india.
8)Do you like snow, sun or rain? rain until it gets shitty.
9)How is the weather right now? a bit cloudy. it rained earlier, i do believe.
10)Who was the last person you talked on the phone with? .... sarah wilson i think.
11)What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? brittany is a fucking genius with this question. ["usually looks and then personality... cause its hard to notice a personality first because when you see someone in the hall and you're like "oh he looks cool" then you're seeing looks first... obviously. "] its asking what the first thing you notice is so its OBVIOUSLY a physical thing. but uhm. i dont know. the only place i really see people at all is in the hal at school. and (as brittany said) there are times when you see somebody who looks cool and generally it just has to do with. uhm. i dont know. maybe its a clothes/hair thing? and then some people have funny little faces that they make.
12)Do U like the person who sent this to you? I HATE YOU, BRITTANY. holy shit the phones ringing. hold on.... alsdgkhahgahahgahgha it was the walgreens pharmacy. of course. who the hell else calls here
13)How are U today? not great not good not bad
14)Your favorite drink? root beer maybe. i liked that organic apple juice stuff.
15)Alcohol? no
16)How do you eat oreos? very well
17)Whats your favorite sport(s)? n/a
18)What makes you happy? ... i dislike this question. and i dislike brittany's answer. ["Aj, new cds, fun new clothes. "] i dont know. what makes anyone happy? just stuff i suppose
19)Whats the next CD you're going to buy? never can tell. but i have like. $15 so i'll probably blow it at cd warehouse this weekend unless i can't find anything *cough cough cough*
20)Birth date? january 30
21)Hair color? deliriously dark brown
22)Eye color? hazel maybe. it's not like i look but mom said they were hazel.
23)Height? 5'.... i dont know. HAHAH. something. 5'2? something short. i hope it is 5'2 because it seems good. and besides i got the idea in my head from somewhere that both liz phair and ani difranco were 5'2 HAHAH i wonder where that came from.
24)Do you wear contacts? no. i should get some. it is hard to dance with glasses. esp mine, as they are always falling off anyway and i am a granny.
25)Siblings and their ages? morgan, 12
26)What school are you attending? white station pit of hell
27)If you could be any animal, what would you be? definitely a cat. i always think about this and this is just the kind of thing that has been put at me for my entire fucking life. i think it might have to do with hearing all the stories about the animals as people or the people who can turn into animals and all that. esp native american legends, that reminds me of things.
28)What do you like to do? uhm. music is good. i like reading. food is ok when i want it to be. today i took a shower.
29)Whats the best advice given to you? ... no one gives me advice as i have no life and therefore need no advice.
30)Have you ever won any special awards? in sixth grade i got 2nd place in the city for my history fair essay("Revolution for the Masses!"). and it was damn good. i wonder if i still have it. probably not. the point being. that was i think the only thing i ever won. then they wanted me to enter it in D.C. but it was too fucking expensive and it's not like i care.d
31)What are your future goals? n/a
32)Favorite music? things of which i like. uh. well this song is good. i like the butchies.
33)Favorite food? ... as if i know. uhm. jesus christ. CIRCUS PEANUTS. jojos HAHAH. doodlebugs
34)Favorite movie? ... holy grail, all those dumb guy movies (bill&ted, strange brew, wayne's world), rocky horror, moulin rouge
35)Favorite day of the year? i dont have a fucking favorite day. i will tell you when i find one.
36)Favorite months? june n july (ahgahhahah did anyone get my gorgeous song reference? as morgan says, everything in my head is music. sad, but true)
37)Do you like to dance? not generally. it really depends who is there. which is kind of funny as i'm in a dancing performance at this very moment. it's going to go very badly. i'm starting to freak out.
38)Are you shy to ask someone out? i wouldnt know. i have never needed to and i sure as hell dont intend to.
39)Whats the stupidest thing you have ever done? care about dumb things? ahghahahaha i dont know.
40)Do you like scary or happy movies better? scary movies are never scary and they are usually just fucking funny so.
41)In person or on the phone? neither, really. i dislike people. "i just watch them until it's time to look away" which is quite true. i was thinking about that today. i like to observe people more than i like to interact with them.
42)Summer or winter? summer
43)Hugs or Kisses? neither
44)Do you want everyone to write back? wow i'm sure not sending this to anyone.
45)Who is most likely to respond? again. 'wow'
46)Say something nice about the person who sent this to you: I HATE YOU, BRITTANY.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

hi all. i have had an amazingly wonderful weekend and i dont really care to blog about it all so if you're in the least bit curious you will just have to ask. so there.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Cloud Strife375: hey i got a new flissophy
Cloud Strife375: or whatever
aLittleStarlight: a what
aLittleStarlight: A PHILOSOPHY?
Cloud Strife375: ya that word
aLittleStarlight: jesus christ
A mere Statistic: lol what the fuck
A mere Statistic: where did he get it, 7-11
i told morgan to not let me sleep too late on monday.
morgan: *sits on me* wake up.
alanna: *small-type smile thing*
morgan: you have a sweet smile.
alanna: really?
morgan: kind of... tired.

Monday, January 14, 2002

my dad is trying to sing like hte guy from moulin rouge (the one who sings the roxanne song.)
dad: *all crazy rough like* rahhhhhhxannnnne
alanna: *big evil noise*
dad: what are you laughing at?
alanna: you.
dad: why should i be tarred with the epithet looney

ten minutes later...
dad: *even raspier and crazy rough than before* RAAAAAHHHHHXANNNNNE
what the fuck is a music log.


If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Galadriel, Elf, Queen of Lothlorien, wife of Celeborn and grandmother of Arwen.

In the movie, I am played by Cate Blanchett.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test  with Perseus Web Survey Software

hi all. i have had a little thing called "A Weekend" in which several things happened. amazing, eh?
saturday::: i woke up at like. i dont know. 10:30 or there abouts. and uhm. well. oh yeah i had a donut. then i washed some dishes and whatnot. and mom was playing really loud music -- laura nyro, leonard cohen, bruce springstein... i think that was about it. and one of dad's crazy mixes was in there but you know. so then dad drove morgan and i to rehearsal where we thereby finally finished the dance to beethoven's fifth. and i dont think we did anything else.... no. so then we came home and i nearly went insane because brittany and i were supposed to be making plans with katie and i couldnt get in touch with either of them for a while. but then i finally did. and after much 'planning' my family went and picked up brittany and we all went to borders and met katie. brittany and i gave her christmas presents and it was gorgeous. then we read such classics as everyone poops and once upon a potty and pass the gas which are all filed under 'nature.' and i had a quasi nosebleed and for once i bought absolutely nothing. dad got the moby cd and the moulin rouge dvd and mom got a winnie the pooh planner thing and a book about how to build robots out of legos. gahah we have no legos. and then we left (and poor katie was there for like another hour all alone!!) with brittany and we went to backyard burger and they were out of seasoned fries and it was sad. someone said backyard burger started in memphis. is that true? it's a very small chain, as it is. anyway. then we came home and ate and watched moulin rouge. and brittany said (in response to my question did she like it?) "i loved it. but it was so sad!!" and she thereby rolled over in bed. and said 'oooookkkk' and rolled over again and again and the bed went thuthunk and was a sex scene and there was much hot lesbian action. so then uhm. yeah after that brittany was like 'IM SOOOO TIRED' and we therby went to bed and took the quotes and whatnot. it was. good fun. ahaha.
sunday::: i wake up first, as usual, at like. 8am somethin. and i lie there and listen to tori amos and then i decide i have to go to the bathroom and check the clock and so i get up and trip over this glass of water (thankfully empty) and i scream and brittany rolls over and looks at me funny and i hop away to the bathroom. and no, the glass did not break. thank god. anyway so eventually everyone got up and i took a shower and during that period in time morgan managed to break my glasses. x_x so i was blind for a while until mom taped them togther ahahah until dad went to walgreens and got a little healie kit thing. even though now the screw is sticking up funny. and uhm. then we watched rock n roll high school even though brittany sucks because she refused to get up and dance. and then dad mentioned something about 'when are we gonna take brittany home' and she was GOING to have to come to rehearsal and read and watch us and laugh and doodles but instead she wanted to go home and thereby miss the horror of our dancing. so dad and brittany and i stopped by at cd warehouse only to discover that they were having a SALE for the month type thing. in which. if you bought two used cds for $8.99 you got one for $5.99. we took advantage of this. and there was a dvd sale of some kind, kind of like that only everything was a bit more expensive, but the point is. dad bought three dvds which were. the matrix, excalibor, and almost famous. and he got two cds. probably todddddd rungren and sting, but i cant remember. so i was just gonna get the murmurs but then i decided that i wanted hole so i picked up that too. and brittany decided she wanted the luscious jackson cd with 'deep shag' on it and she decided i had to pick out one more thing to take advantage of the sale thing and plus she owed me $6. so we ran ALL OVER and we had to be reeaallly fast because if we didnt leave soon it was going to make morgan and i late for rehearsal. so i grabbed cake for some reason, and it wasnt the album with the single (short skirt long jacket) OR the song that john kept singing (sheep go to heaven) so. x_x well we listened to some of it in the car and they covered 'i will survive' and it was hilarious. and then um. i didnt get to have lunch. just a couple crackers, really. but we rushed and we werent even late for rehearsal, really! then we danced beethoven's fifth a couple times and we had to teach sylvia, claire, and brad the parts we learned yesterday. today, though, katherine was still missing and sonja had to go to work. sad day. at least we had more people than yesterday and no one had to leave early. yes it went quite well. and then everyone had a break and she called back the fire tones (remember - morgan, mack, and sylvia) who worked on their dance to the moby song. i think linley was supposed to be there today, too, but she wasn't. so during that time zoe and i looked at magazines such as the new yorker, memphis, and redbook. whagha oh my horoscopes are funny creatures. anyway kimberly was sorta drilling them and we were like x_x ahhhhh because she seemed remotely stressed. and there song was really fast and ahhh oh my. and then at one point zoe and i were standing at the door and watching htem and they were doing this thing that looks like the push up position, in a little row, right after a roll. but when morgan rolled she did it funny or something because when she did the push up thing and she like diagonal and nearly running into sylvia and i started cracking up and then kimberly made us leave. hahhahah. and after they were done she called for "Dan and the Water Tones" and we thereby decided that we are a band. and for those of you lovely readers who do not remember who the water tones are, that is katherine, zoe, tracy, and moi. right so. when i came in bill was trying to find the track on the cd that we were going to be dancing to and reading the board for the name of the song hence he thereby said "ghost....." all absently and i thought he maybe meant from the movie. (oh i was one of the first people in from break, as well) and bill pushed play and i stood there and there was a woman singing and i was like "this is really familiar...." and said so, for once. and then i KNEW who it was!!
me: who is this
bill: kristin... kristin.... uh
me: hersh?!
bill: yeah
me: *nearly fallie leanie over thing* i LOVE kristin hersh!!
bill: tell kimberly that. *i think he wanted me to go far far away*
me: *floats away all happy to have MY GROUPS special dance be to KRISTIN HERSH!!!!!!!*
kimberly: *walks in*
bill: alanna likes kristin hersh.
me: *terribly happy* ;_;

[btw its a GORGEOUS GORGEOUS song called "your ghost" from the first album "hips and makers" and i intend to upload the mp3]
i am now going to discuss the dance itself. it's right after andy (our favorite synesthete) has painted a portrait of angela, thinking she was romantically interested in him, but she gives the painting to her boyfriend. and andy (thats not really his name, its just hte actor's name. i cant remember a thing.) is really. depressed. and if you didnt remember, the dancing bits of the play are what is going on in andy's MIND. so dan is playing andy as he wants to be in his mind. so, of course, as we are the sad colors, it is a saaaad dance. so through like the first half of it dan is sort of. curled. in the sort of corner. like on the floor in a little ball, poor thing. so then we come out and do this thing and then about halfway through the dance we have worked our way over towards him and we help him up (the colors do, that is.) and then we are sort of background, really now, because dan is what you are supposed to be watching. and the song says "i think last night you were driving circles around me" and we sort of encircle him and it's. just. gorgeous. only that i wish i could actually WATCH instead of BE. ok so the question is -- are we actually supposed to be helping dan/andy out and saying "it's gonna be ok" and doing the comfort thing? or are we like "we feel your pain. here we are. we are your pain. we exist here in your little head with you. let's dance." because i know that at some point after this we (all the colors) have to clean up the mess that the Terrors have made. and thats like healing. so i am not sure. the healing thing is supposd to happen while andy is at the therapist. oh well.
anyway so we worked on it QUITE a bit -- kimberly finished choreographing the whoooooole thing today. it is only 3:16 or something but still. i think its going to go quite well except me. poor katherine missed a good bit. but in this dance and in beethoven's fifth i'm sort of her partner, in a lot of times, so we're doing the same thing and that makes it good because she sees me more than anyone else in the cast and i can help her out! ^^ yay for that. next rehearsal is. wednesday, i hope katherine can make it!!!!
and uhm. then kimberly made us perform it for my dad... x_x oh but i'm veeerrryy proud of morgan, she recognized kristin hersh. ^^ i have raised a good chalt. so after rehearsal we came home and sat around for a few mintues and then we went to see the royal tenenbaums which i thorougly enjoyed. a lot. ahhhaha. and then we came back here and uhm. i'm talking to nick and listening to kristin hersh. it's a good thing.

Saturday, January 12, 2002

holy shit i have a huge craving for circus peanuts.
morgan and i watched rock 'n' roll high school which is hereby dubbed the best movie ever created. we also taped it so brittany and laylee and katie, you guys HAVE TO COME OVER TOMORROW AND WATCH IT WITH ME AGAIN AND DANCE ROUND THE DEN, OK!??! yes. good.
morgan and i also picked our five favorite lines in the movie and they are as follows.
5. "i thought she was splitting protons in the basement!"
4. "he's tall and handsome and he looks like a poem" (thats about joey ramone right after morgan had been commenting on his ugliness)
3. "those ramones are ugly, ugly people."
2. "i'm allergic to violence; i break out in blood"


Friday, January 11, 2002

What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Thrust-ship.I am a Thrust-ship.

I am small and tricky - where you think I am, I probably am not. I can work very fast, but I tend to go about things in a round about way, which often leaves me effectively standing still. I hate rocks. Bloody rocks. What Video Game Character Are You?
Empress CindyLou:you dork... HOW THE FUCK DO YOU FAIL BAND???????
A mere Statistic: ::has an ice cream social or some shit::
i asked my mom if she could drive me someplace because brittany and katie and i went to go see LOTR *again*
mom: *lying/sitting in bed in a weird way so that only her head is propped up and she has no neck* i'm not in the car. can we get there in the bed?
me: o.o
mom: RRRRR *makes engine noises and huge massive steering wheel motions*
dad and i: *stand there and crack up*
mom: i'm gonna run over you RRRRRRRRRRRR
and uhm. she did it for a long time and it was funny shit.
my mother is insane
and its fucking hilarious
A mere Statistic:
what is she doing
shes trying to drive her bed
A mere Statistic:
oh of course she is

Thursday, January 10, 2002

*please note that doodles is elijah wood*

Atea Diosa:hahahah doodles thats hilarious why do they call him that whats he a fucking rooster
Atea Diosa:
no no one day elijah wood is going to come to our Very Kwiki Mart
Atea Diosa:
cause he's going to have to pee
Atea Diosa:
really bad
Atea Diosa:
cause he's a rock star and he's on tour
(we wont have a bathroom)
Atea Diosa:
NO we will shh
Atea Diosa:
but its locked cause we don't like people stealing our toiletpaper
Atea Diosa:
and so im going to yell DOODLES YOU NEED THE KEY
and he's going to wet his pants adnw w're going to say DOOOODLES
Atea Diosa:
and he's going to run to us and hold himself and go THANKS and scuttle away the best he can
Atea Diosa:
and the keys not going tow ork
Atea Diosa:
and we're going to get annoyed and kick him out and go. YOU CANNOT HAVE BURRITO, NO SQUEEZIN THA JOO OOCE IN HERE DOODLES
Atea Diosa:
so he's going to go next door
Atea Diosa:
to our arch rival
Atea Diosa:
the ... Very Very Kwiki Mart
Atea Diosa:
and he'll pee on their floor
Atea Diosa:
and we'll go
Atea Diosa:
Atea Diosa:
and then we'll laugh at doodles
Atea Diosa:
and go back to our daily work of making/eating jojos
and then he'll sue
Atea Diosa:
hahahahah and we'll go to court and go "HE TRIED TO SQUEEZA THE JOO OOCE ON OUR FLOOR" and they'll throw him away and lock him up
and they'll expell us from the kwiki mart business
and then we'll be broke and bums
Atea Diosa:
and then we'll go around stealing other kwiki mart's toilet paper
Atea Diosa:
and we'll sell it on the black market
and we'll beg the gas station for jojos every night
Atea Diosa:
hahahhah we rule
of course we do
A mere Statistic: ::gets high on gatorade::
today were exams. uhm. yesterday were exams today. so far they're gone. ok. except that i'm going to fail band.

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Ladygodiva76:where did you hide your blog?
A mere Statistic:where did you hide your blog?
where the fuck did you hide your blog?!

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

dave thomas died.
pj harvey, tori amos, bjork, radiohead, and some shitheads were nominated for grammys.
best female rock vocal performance -- TORI (slg) melissa ethridge, PJ (this is love) stevie nicks, lucinda willliams
best rock album -- ryan adams, aerosmith, PJ HARVEY, linkin park, u2 [i hope linkin park and aerosmith dont win. thank GOD for polly jean, getting the women in there.]
alternative music album -- TORI, BJORK, coldplay, fatboy slim, RADIOHEAD. [i hope fatboy slim doesnt win. coldplay wouldnt bother me too badly]
best new artist -- indie arie, nelly furtado, david gray, alicia keys, linkin park [i hope linkin park doesnt win. alicia keys wouldnt bother me too badly but you know shes gonna win.]
best soundtrack -- bridget jones's diary, moulin rouge!, o brother, where art thou?, shrek, the sopranos. [i liked all those movies. except the sopranos which i never saw thank god. so i wont mind if they win. but the best soundtrack wise is moulin rouge and i LOVE that movie so yeah.]

radiohead was also nominated for 'best recording package' but i dont know what that means. dave matthews band (space between) was nominated for 'best vocal rock performance by group' and btw the category is ALL men. ryan adams (x_x) is nominated for 'best male rock vocal performance' doing 'new york, new york' which is a song i dont like. but you know. at least hes slightly unknown. AAHAHAHHA and he's nominated for 'best male country vocal' which is more appropriate i would say. ahghhaha. but holy shit you KNOW he's not gonna win because he's up against johnny cash, lyle lovett, tim cgraw, willie nelson, and some other guy. well at least he can say he was nominated.
i hope enya wins for new age.
'best rock song' is ALL men, as usual. u2 was nominated twice there. and coldplay, train, and aerosmith. whats with all the same people. it sucks. indie arie was nominated for quite a few things and i liked her single/video so.
i've haven't heard ANY of the songs nominated for pop vocal performance. except for like. REM.
HAHAAHAHAHS Holy shit daft punk was nominated. for SEVERAL things.
the music video nominations suck ass. where are MY favorite damn music videos. flushed away down the toliet, let me tell you.

and of course my favorite album of 2001 ('sunny border blue' by kristin hersh) was not nominated.
sad day. but! you can still download such classics from the album as "ruby" and "your dirty answer" so you should thereby enjoy them. oh or you could always listen to "echo" which isn't from this album but its still good.

Carrie Brownstein's (Sleater-Kinney) Top 5 of 2001 (in no particular order)
1) missy ellliot-miss addictive
2) 'superflat' exhibit at the henry art gallery seattle, wa
3) gillian welch live at the showbox in seattle, wa
4) books by joan didion
5) the langley schools music project
"You currently feel frisky.
You normally feel drunk."
and thereby stands laylee's iMood account thing = The current mood of at
"and you do a very good impresssion of bilbo attacking frodo"
thank you kindly, frankard.

Laylee2000: hey hunter! whats goin on?
HuntERt121: oh my god i have been waiting for you to get on!
HuntERt121: for like 3 dayz!
lol wow, why?
Laylee2000: i havent seen you in forrrrrever!
HuntERt121: i know!
Laylee2000: what have you been up to all break?
HuntERt121: nothing
Laylee2000: lol sucks for you
HuntERt121: but listen
HuntERt121: to  
HuntERt121: me
HuntERt121: young lady
Laylee2000: yeah? im listening!
HuntERt121: i was looking on the internet
HuntERt121: for things about my band
HuntERt121: and guess what i found
Laylee2000: what?
HuntERt121: .....think
HuntERt121: think
HuntERt121: think laylee
Laylee2000: what the hell
Laylee2000: lol
HuntERt121: think!
Laylee2000: no.....fucking....clue
HuntERt121: well  
HuntERt121: i found some little like some little
Laylee2000: hmmmm.....
Laylee2000: just tell me boy!
HuntERt121: like chat room site
HuntERt121: of you and like 2 of your friends
Laylee2000: what the hell
Laylee2000: hahaha
Laylee2000: what are you talking about?
HuntERt121: yeah!
Laylee2000: whaaaaat
HuntERt121: haha
HuntERt121: fine i will have to find it then
Laylee2000: okayyy? haha
HuntERt121:  Laylee2000: WHOIA
Laylee2000: you found alanna's blog
Laylee2000: hahahahahhah ahng on\

HuntERt121: hahaha
HuntERt121: wah the hell is this?
Laylee2000: hahahah that wasnt me
HuntERt121: wait is that like some really big sacrasm or do we have a fan?
Laylee2000: uhh whats written is sarcasm, sorry baby
HuntERt121: well damn

Monday, January 07, 2002

on friday i babysat holly, rebekah, and david wilson and i got $30 and it was great fun. when i got home it was discovered that aunt jenny, rachel, luke, and morgan had all appeared in the night. it was also great fun.
on saturday we went to nomadic notions and cosmic closet because moondance was closed. we also went to some other places (bookstar, starbucks) but hardly anything was open so. and we forgot to go to maggie's farm. we came home and i had a stomach ache (as i have had for like a million years, refer to previous posts) but dad physically forced me to go to our first rehearsal for Synesthaesisa.a.aga. however it happens to be spelled. anyway it was a good time. katherine and zoë were there. so we all introduced ourselves (yes. AGAIN!) with kimberly's name game thing and uhm. we stretched and warmed up and did some improv (my very very LEAST favorite part, along with katherine's) and then we actually started the dance. kimberly sort of does things as she goes along and makes things up and. well i guess how choreographers do their thingie isnt it. the point is. i am a WATER TONE THINGIE which means i am in a group with katherine (silver) zoë (royal blue) and tracy and no one told her what color she was so kimberly made up that she is light blue. and i was just told your plain old generic 'green' and really i dont think i even fit in that category but i couldnt go with the fire tones (morgan, who is pink, mac, who is red, and sylvia who is yellow) or the stone color thingies (claire who is emerald, sonja who is purple, and brad who is chocolate brown) so really there was nowhere else for me to go. and kimberly is just pretending that i am sea foam green type so that i will blend with them but i dont feel like that really. akhgaha katherine said i'm like the green at our school and kimberly was like 'no i dont think she's Spartan Green' and it was funny. and uhm. yes. so we get to dance round with scarves even though theyre not completey accurate. like katherine had to use a bright blue scarf and i had to use this horrifying neon green. it's kind of funny because our group is like pretty pale blue, bright blue, dark blue, BIG EVIL NEON GREEN. and anyway. rehearsal went well. and it even made my stummy stop hurting. so uh. then we came home. and uh. after like 15 minutes we went to turtle's and we spent a while (dad said it was an hour but i dont think it was that long) looking around and i hadnt even GOTTEN to the used section yet but they made me stop. and i was so terribly confused, i'd picked up a few things but i wanted a case so i put back the cds and just got a new case. i was going to get the case and a $10 cd by the start but i went asdkglkshaoeihagskl and i couldnt remember if i liked the song suddenly. anyway. after that we came home and uhm. i made mom, dad, and jenny go out to eat so they did and we ordered pizza and watched buffy the vampire slayer (the movie) and buffy the musical (the tv show) and in the middle of that the parentals came home and then we put on mallrats and then dogma and oh my it was a lot of movies. at some point mom and jenny went to bed. and i was of course rearranging my cds in their little cases. and luke went to bed as SOON as dogma ended but morgan and rachel and i watched the special features.
and meanwhile dad was (apparently) attacking my blog and being an evil evil little man.
holy crap morgan just stole my cheez-its.
on sunday dad wakes me up at like... 1pm something because we have a 2:30 rehearsal. i swear during a show, the show is ALL he worries about. look look this happened on friday::
dad: *calls me from work* how are you feeling
me: ungood.
dad: are you gonna be able to make it to rehearsal tomorrow?
dad: no i dont i'm just concious!
me: you didnt even mention my babysitting thing tonight
dad: i forgot about that.
and thereby i probably hung up or something and mutterd somethign along the lines of 'concious my ass.'
anyway i had a piece of leftover pizza and i got dressed and then we left. rehearsal was basically the same thing except that claire wasnt there this time but sonja and brad were. which is kinda funny because theyre all in the same group. and uh. we warmed up on the bar that time and it felt like we did more improvisation than the first time but maybe thats just me. kimberly added on to the dance and we got to go swoosh swoosh with our scarves. she told us a little bit about how the performance is going to go. one part of the stage (fairly small, i think, considering) is going to be the 'reality area' where the actors do their acting. theres only like. 4 or 5 characters. the main character guy (a synesthete) is played by andy and the rest of the stage portrays his mind. so like when he's seeing certain colors we will be doing stuff on the rest of the stage. and then dan is playing andy in his mind. so like when andy sees himself in his mind he'll be dan, more graceful and dancing and whatnot. and the Terrors (of which my father is one. and some more older men) will be tormenting andy guy in his mind. right.
and the colors will be wearing all black and we're supposed to wear one little piece of our color that we can take off. like a bandana or piece of cloth something attached to like our leg or something. ahagha as long as we can get it off. and then when we're not on stage i think we're supposed to sort of melt into the audience and i guess they arent supposed to be sure who is who because we'll be without our colors. you know it'll be like we're sort of anonymous.
so the dance we're working on right now has all the colors in it but we stay in our groups and do seperate things in the dance with our group. and we get to dance around with scarves that are (supposed to be) our color. i think i mentioned that a moment ago. anyway the point is we're supposed to be dancing and making this big show with our scarf color and people will obviously say 'oh that person is spartan green' or whatever and then we're going to rid ourselves of the scarves and keep dancing and then they'll see that we are not JUST the scarves and we have that little piece of whatever on us someplace. anyway. it's cool so far. except for the damn improv. (which is kind of funny because OOV is eternally known for improvisation greats)

Saturday, January 05, 2002

sarah rushakoff told zoë etkin who told me that if you look up 'ecstatic disco nights' on google my blog comes up. bahahhhah that's evil.
Laylee2000: im going to starbucks witha buhca peeeeople tonnniggggght
Laylee2000: becca, daniell, michelle, kyle
Laylee2000: muahahahahahahha
Laylee2000: id invite you too but youd hate all of them probably, seeing as you hate all people and these people are certainly people
Laylee2000: byeebyeeee my lovelrrrry!!!!

Thursday, January 03, 2002

this better fucking work.
today i got a new shower curtain. and some washclothes.
and we went WOO poodle rockin baby! pOOoOoOOooooOOoOOodle rockin!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2002


Tuesday, January 01, 2002

anyway the whole 'Brian Molko Escapade' as it has been dubbed by myself, took place last night. obviously. it all started when. i dont even remember why we were there but we went to and we decided to look at the boyfriend test and i was thinking we should take it and pretend we were laylee and see how the hell she got kurt cobain but instead we saw the fiendish picture. and i said 'LETS GET THAT GUY' so we took the quiz and we got him and we were like WHO THE HELL IS HE and he is BRIAN MOLKO of placebo. .....and they sing the song that goes 'a friend in need is a friend indeed but a friend with weed is better' and thereby we praise brian molko because he is god.
i am a brittany's house for the first time in a millenia and she is burning 3970237850235790234975023895 candles to rid us of the stench of her cat boxes.

a gorgeous song by briano molko:
Hey motherfucker, I'm after you. I know where you live.
I will fuck you up the ass and I will sneak into your room and cut your cock off
and stuff it in my mouth and chew it up with my little teeth.

commentary of Ye Brittany: 'he looks like bilbo' and she is thereby praising the quar'an.