Saturday, July 31, 2004

Thursday, July 29, 2004

i think i'm going crazy.

at least i have root beer to help me along. last night i started july's people which i didn't like at first and then got into further in... maybe that's just because it was 4am? who can tell these days?
today i'm cleaning my room and ACTUALLY MAKING PROGRESS. unfortunately there is nowhere to put anything and i have no clue what to do with all the shit on the floor. oh well. at least it looks a little bit better. anyone up for coming to help me? that's a joke since like three people read this shit and they're all out of town or dead. except for morgan, who is too busy cleaning her own room. le sigh. what's a girl like me to do with a full trash bag and no more shelf space?

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


so i finally finished that damned book (oh god i'm so punny.) i want to make a big long post about this week, but i have to clean and read and get ready for brandon to come. so i don't know how much i'll get to blog in the coming days.... we'll see. i'll try to keep you guys (haha) up to date.

listening to: rasputina - nov. 17dee (extended version)
taking a break from dante's infernal. about to go crazy. gahoewiahohewa.

Monday, July 26, 2004

idiot nightmare

tonight MÜTZ is playing at the caravan at 8. it's $5 and i hear you're supposed to dress silly. i don't know what my costume will be, but i encourage everybody to go. a lot of people are out of town or not speaking to me, so i probably won't really have anyone to hang out with. at any rate, please come. call me. i think i'm going to be a hermit this week, what with everything that's not going on. i did get a love letter from the amazing plaid today, though. that makes me very happy. anyway, i'm going to go read some of that infernal inferno and try to bribe morgan into making a costume for me. that's a joke in that if she agreed to do it, i wouldn't put up a fight. have a day, fishes.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

aaaaaaaand we're back!

the trip was the same trip we always have. i enjoyed myself to the best of my ability, spent time with the grandparents, and got horrible trapped in dante's inferno. which i hate. *shudder*
i'm supposed to be rendezvousing with brandon right now, but i don't think he's gonna show up. oh well.
instead, i am messing with the scandaliz vandalistz myspace profile, which you should all visit and add to your friends list. also i'm messing with this flickr thing, as you can tell by the picture to your right. become a member to see my friends only photos mwahhahaaa.
i feel like such a geek. oh well.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Friday, July 23, 2004


my father is a good man.
i just took some things out to the trash can and found already inside a pillow covered in roly polies. i came in and told dad that they were there. he said, "is THAT what they were? i just picked that pillow off the ground without looking." he then went back outside and saved the roly polies.
life is good.

should've gone to bed an hour ago

so that i didn't have to find this horrible site and countless others...

find a love that's true

today was taking a turn for the worst until i had two bowls of spaghetti with clams for dinner, and then had a lovely evening with sallis, brock, morgan, margaret, and lauren. we went to starbucks and tcby for treats and somehow ended up on the top of the dryve (tittie!) cleaners. (if you don't know the tittie cleaners, you can see it in the back right of this picture. it's the ugliest fucking building in the world.) that was awesome, and i had a great time. then we went back to sallis's to explore his room and his old yearbooks. i finally finished a damn passage to india. it was okay. unfortunately, i've heard more positive things about that one than any of the other required reading.... fucking great. i think tomorrow me, sallis, morgan, and whoever else are going to try to read aloud at least some of "waiting for godot" since it's a play, and i can't STAND just reading plays. i'm way too audio. please call me if you think that could help you in any way... we need at least one more person. my mouth tastes like canadian cigar. mmmm.
this list makes me really happy.

listening to: sleater-kinney - hot rock

Thursday, July 22, 2004


mom woke me up by screaming "WE HAVE TO FLEA THE HOUSE!" of course, being my mother, she immediately left and sat down to watch an old movie. over an hour later, she decided it was time to begin. with a sense of urgency, she threw a shower curtain over the computer where i'd continued to talk to brandon on his lunch break. we'd been doing nothing all morning, so we had to finish absolutely everything in 5 minutes. blankets over the tv, air conditioning turned off, refridgerator unplugged. we barely had time to grab the necessities and the animals, everything streaming along in the steam left over from mom's rushing. we set off 5 flea bombs. god they stink. my cat ran back into the house as we were trying to close the door, of course, and mom and i had to chase her around. i think i got some flea shit in my eyes. oh well. everybody settled down on a blanket outside. i should've done more summer reading, but somehow nothing was accomplished. we took a lunch break at pie in the sky. we ordered all 3 different kind of milkshakes. i had vanilla. mmmmm sweet jesus. i was nervous about my cat all afternoon -- that's the longest she's been outside in her whole life. but all turned out well, i think. we slathered ourselves in burt's bees insect repellent, even though i never get bitten. morgan still got eaten up. poor love. at any rate, the mail came and i recieved a magazine called Tape Op about recording music. it's something i've been saying i might look into as a future career, and i found it really ironic that it showed up at my house... mom said i might've gotten on some kind of mailing list, but i didn't sign up for this. is it a nice gift? if so, thank you to whoever paid $3.95 to send me this. i really do think i would enjoy that job. anyway, i'm supposed to go out soon with (hopefully) sallis, brock, and lauren. hooray!

listening to: morgan's watching flashdance and talking on the phone


i've got some pictures up on a photobucket account while kevin's server remains down in the dirt... you can check that out right here. i'm dead tired.
brock and alice came over. we played in my tent. yes, it's still up. what a baby i am! we went to sonic for the first time in a damn month. hunter came over and we watched the dreamers. alice had supposedly rated the R version, but we didn't notice any changes from the NC-17 version that we saw in theatres. i'm going to have to look that up when i'm less tired. it's still a damn great movie. OH MY GOD IT'S 3? WHO DID THIS TO ME? oWIEHOPAHIWGEdlske.

listening to: fiery furnaces - don't dance her down

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


you are 18. think of all the things you can do and all the people you can't. i seethe with envy. cluck cluck.

listening to: merril bainbridge - mouth

what's summer?

another day of next-to-nothingness. watched donnie darko with the parentals. read some passage to india. took a nap. bleghhh. my hair's a mess. i need a shower. i want a cigar. mom's been so worked up about cleaning this summer. she must do this every time, but i can't remember her ever being this adamant about it before. i'm supposed to do regular cleaning plus organize the new books, photographs, home movies, and records. it's enough to drive a person MAD. so i should go to bed, but i have 50 more pages until i reach today's goal for summer reading. so i guess i'm off.

Monday, July 19, 2004

food for thought

have a great day, everyone.

our mom our mom

well it's been an interesting weekend. tiki party was really fun, and tonight i had cheesecake with alice and sallis. now i'm kind of tired but i need to go read passage to india. i need to finish that book like, last week. i feel like a puppy. you know, i don't think i've stayed up all night this whole summer. that feels sort of wrong. i know it's coming, i can feel it. so good night-- or is it?

listening to: tracy + the plastics - dog

Saturday, July 17, 2004

nematode's happy flight

i saw napoleon dynamite this afternoon with morgan, alice, and brett. we ran into elizabeth, jenny, and her brother, but somehow got separated and didn't sit with them. the movie was really funny, and although parts were slow, i still recommend it. it's a hell of a lot better than most of the movies that are out right now, at any rate. i like how it was rated PG. afterwards, we all talked in the lobby for about half an hour which was nice. i sort of tried to ask jenny and elizabeth if they wanted to hang out with us, but somehow plans never got made. it was really weird the way that got evaded constantly. so we just dropped morgan off at home (she was going over to a fez party at foot's house, and is still there) and spent an hour or so driving around looking for some trader vic's mai tai mix for the tiki party tomorrow night. we had no luck. we're going to have to settle for the off-brand kind at shnuck's. but what can you do? then we all went to alice's and ate fake meat. i've never had it before and i quite enjoyed myself. mmmmm hot non-dog with cheese. brock picked us all up around 9 and we took brett home since he didn't want to stay out late. we picked up my camera, bought some film and 2 cheap DVDs at walgreen's (dragnet and an abbot & costello feature) and made it to the full moon club in time to hear the prank that the mutant space bats were breaking up at that very moment and would not be playing that night. ha ha very funny. the show itself was really nice. they played a lot of their older songs, which were sort of sloppy but it was nice to hear them again. they even played the one with handclaps, and me, alice, and brock HANDCLAPPED IT UP. and bennett looked at us. thank god. he used to look over the audience's heads or play with his back facing us. he's still totally lou reed, but he at least notices that we are there now. at any rate, i love spacebats shows because i can DANCE like a loon. alice, brock, and i also did quiiiiite a bit of that. better than anyone else there. because, as usual, we were the only ones dancing. it's amazing how many hipsters you can dig up to come to a show like that. they just sit in their sits without moving and can barely find it within themselves to applaud. well fuck that. at least hunter always thanks us for being... whatever you would call spacebats groupies. what would that be? space skunks? sea horses? nematodes? at any rate, i filmed the show, although my camera was making a hell of a lot of noise, and i have no idea why. it only does it with certain tapes, and it's driving me insane. i left the camera on the table for most of the night, so i don't know if any visuals will come out, but i hope it sounds at least a little bit of okay. i do it for posterity! man oh man. i'm a conniving, archival pack rat. what. after the space bats played, this band whose name has already slipped my mind (it was like the 'insert Male Name here' Three or something) started their set. the most interesting part of the band--obviously--was the lady cellist, front and center. at first they played sort of jam band music and the cello was really just background. things started to get more interesting, and of course it was time to leave. although brock (me and becca's ride) had gotten his curfew extended to 12:30, since he is now living in cordova, we had to leave the club at damn 11:40. i came home, jabbered to the parentals, had a cigar, talked to brandon for about five seconds, and here i am. where's brett to make tiki plans? call me if you're interested in attending, by the by. i'm suddenly really really cold and shivering. this sucks.

Friday, July 16, 2004


today we are going to see napoleon dynamite at 4:40 at studio. everyone should show up. hooray! plus there's a mutant space bats of doom show tonight at the full moon club at 10pm. please be there.
brett doesn't like me anymore. he's only friends with morgan. i'm really heartbroken.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

what means bastille day?

today was mom's birthday. it was pretty nice. we watched grosse point blank which i had surprisingly never seen before. john cusack is still my ultimate hero. men named "john" do unspeakable things to me. we mostly waded around all day not cleaning for once. we had tortillas for dinner and gave mom her presents (some DVDs and a birdhouse, since we're already overrun with books from ALA). morgan went to a meeting with crazy hutchison for the movie he's making. morgan got the part of "sister's friend" and i'm very proud. i tried to take a nap but had no success, so i made a bit of progress in both my summer reading and daydreaming. when morgan came home, we went out for dessert at this place in overton square that i've forgotten the name of. it's french, and we couldn't eat there because they were booked up since it's bastille day. this is pretty funny since i didn't know that was an actually celebrated holiday in america. what's more funny is that my mom's birthday is the french independce day, while my dad's is the american one. ho ho ho. so we hightailed it over to melange. the real restaurant was all reserved too so we sat in the little outer smoking/bar area. i had creme brulee and coffee, which was very nice. it was discovered yet again that i am a horrifyingly slow eater.
in other news, i got to talk to brandon on the phone twice today as well as online during his lunch break. the boy takes up too much of my time.
i need to go read some more from this a passage to india mess.

listening to: sarah harmer - go to sleep

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

bagel time!

i'm having a bagel and i'm very happy. that's really all i had to say.
AP scores are supposed to come this week, and believe it or not, i'm nervous about it. mostly because mom will kill me if i make less than 3's. but there's nothing i can do now, so oh well.
brandon, becca, and i are working together to get a minnie proctor show happening in new orleans. if it happens, we all have to drive down together and make a party!
i can't believe i've spent another day doing nothing productive. i better go soon.

listening to: the magnetic fields - 100,000 fireflies

more posts are on the way

i've decided to start blogging again, even when i'm not blogging. i'm sure i can figure that out. someday. the usual people came over for a spur of the moment i love the 90's party. it was fun, but the show wasn't quite as good as i expected. i keep thinking about how summer is almost up. only about 4 weeks i think. it's, a pity, especially since i had much higher hopes for this summer. it seems like whole weeks went by without me noticing them. but who knows, especially with a few great things planned this month, things could turn out nicely. so to my few friends who need it, some encouragement: i'm awake at 5am and have to get up early and clean. but that doesn't mean you get to sleep all day. get up and get going. you're running out of time. to my friends who don't need it, get your lazy self back under the covers. who am i to talk. i should get to sleep, but i'll probably have dreams about the terrible things brett sends me online. hum hum hum.

listening to: joanna newsom - sprout and the bean

Monday, July 12, 2004

well fuck

today was shitty. but i did finally make mp3s of the minnie proctor show at neil's. the quality is okay on the first couple songs and grows steadily worse as the camera moves farther back in the room and the people become louder.
i had an orange sherbert popsicle swirl thingie. and some organic apple jews.

listening to: minnie proctor - flickers
(i think i fucked up this file somehow. i am trying to figure out.)

Sunday, July 11, 2004

sorry, readers

getting back into the swing of blogging has been harder than i expected, and i apologize. wednesday night we had dinner at spaghetti warehouse for alice's birthday, then went to the peabody for dessert. we explored a bit of the hotel and were immediately afterwards accosted by a nice bum. eileen and foot spent the night. they are beautiful gals. on thursday, mom, morgan, foot, brock, and i saw the saddest music in the world which was really beautiful and great. afterwards, brock and i observed an office party from the safety of his car, drove around listening to modest mouse, and swung on the swings at overton park. on friday nobody called. i watched more tv than necessary with morgan and foot -- cry-baby, the breakfast club, the new episode of degrassi. today margaret came over to hang out a little while, and brock, LA, and alice eventually trickled in. margaret left, and we went to dinner at sekisui. i had a lot of water, but no food. i refuse to eat at restaurants any longer. what a waste of money.
also, i've talked to william for the first time in a few weeks since we've both been out of town. i've talked to brett for long amounts of time too too late at night. i've been talking to brandon forever and can't wait until i see him on july 30. can we arrange a Poking Party? where people come over and poke at him? with blunt objects?

listening to: miss kittin - requiem for a hit

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


i'm about to die of tired. very quickly i'll say that i had a really lazy, tired kind of day. brock came over in the early afternoon. we listened to music and danced around, and i used up all my energy. we rented "little otik" which was good and very very weird. i talked to brandon for the first time in a few days, and it was really nice. he was smiling like a nut. i have a headache.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Monday, July 05, 2004

i woke up at damn 9:30 this morning somehow, even though i didn't get to sleep until around 4:30 in the morning. i dawdled around for a couple hours, then started trying to make plans with brett. we ended up just talking on the phone for an hour or so. then i talked to brock on the phone. went to therapy, which was okay. it was my last official appointment, but i'm supposed to call and come in when i need to. after that, i came home and spent forever again trying to make plans. i hate the kind of night where this happens. brock came over, and then alice and hunter arrived a little later. we went to pick up brett and stood around in the driveway forever and ever trying to decide where to go eat. i wasn't even hungry, but i was hyper. i hopped all over the place like a nut piece. we FINALLY decided on zinnie's east, where i had only some fries and a dr. pepper. sallis came to meet us, and that was great because i haven't hung out with him in forever. actually, it was great seeing everbody. i was in a pretty good movie and i missed all of you doves. then we spent forever in the zinnie's parking lot trying to decide what to do next. we just ended up going to peabody park, of course. brett and i ran up to look at the train and hang over the sidewalk. i love to swing on swings. man oh man.

listening to: rasputina - oh injury

Sunday, July 04, 2004

well, i just reread my last post from before we left town and all i can say is that i'm a damn liar about that blogging promise! although i did write lots of journal entries which i'm beginning to type up. if you care about the little details of my vacation, you can read them here... in all, i had a pretty good time. orlando is a horrible place, but is bearable when you stuff it full of librarians. my grandparents and cousins are just the same as ever, and amazingly enough, i still find it within myself to love them. ho ho! (i've started saying 'ho ho' all the time and it's driving mother mad.)
i haven't called anyone yet even though we've been in town for a few hours just because i'm tired and i didn't feel up for dealing with the folkies tonight. but feel free to call me any time starting now. i can't wait to hear what everyone has been doing while i was away. i'm sure i missed lots of excitement! someone start telling me!