Thursday, January 29, 2004

i just got home -- kevin abducted me from 9 to 11! what a good kid is that one. oh my my.
today was pretty good. school was not that bad. i finished reading "the jungle" for history, but she didn't specify if there is a discussion or some other kind of test tomorrow. this terrifies me. i hate discussion more than... peas. or something else horrible. the math test went better than i expected. i mean, i didn't panic, which is the really good part. there was nothing that i blanked out on, but i'm sure i lost just as many points as speculated on careless mistakes. ah well. a lot of people are gone to yale for model UN. last year at this time, everybody i loved was gone away for that, and i'm very glad it's not the case this year as well. yayyy. thank you for not joining that stupid thing. it was nice having a sort of empty school. plus it's homecoming week, so lots of people were dressed up for senior citizen day. it's much more fun to watch than to dress up, i think. sallis and katherine looked very nice, though.
i did the wrong latin homework for last night, so i have none today! and in fact, i have literally no homework (minus projects). OH FUCK THE MATH PROJECT. DUE TOMORROW. i'm an idiot. well i'll do that in a minute.
THE POINT IS that since there was nothing to do cough cough, brock and i decided to go hang around after school. we went to gibson's and had some donuts, and then that stupid little strip next to it, where we visited the all-amazing YARNIVERSE. it's enough to make your head fall off. into a vat of boiling lava yarns. then we drove around for a minute, and called alice to see if she wanted to see a movie. she was not free, so brock and i went by our lonesome to "triplets of belleville." he, of course, got incredibly into the movie, and was reduced to a whimpering, quivering mass in my little lana arms. it was kind of sweet. i love that boy, and he loved that movie. it was a nice night.
i feel bad that i abandoned my mother. i completely forgot that today was supposed to be cake-buying, bollywood-renting, birthday-preparing extravaganza day. also, tarah and i had talked about seeing each other, but she didn't call, which i thought she was going to... if she had, i would've invited her to hte movie too, but i figured she was busy. ah well. sorry, tarah love.
FOR ALL PEOPLE WHO LOVE ME ENOUGH........ call one of my phones tomorrow, and see where i am. come hang out. maybe we can come find you. i don't know what's happening, but try to stop by. there will be cake and love.

listening to: ani difranco - hell yeah

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

brock, alice, and i talked about going to see "triplets of belleville" tonight. i wonder what happened. maybe they went without me? at any rate, this night is shitty. laylee tried to call and couldn't get through. that would've fixed thing. poo.

listening to: death cab for cutie - the new year

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

i get:
--placebo without you i'm nothing
--peaches fatherfucker
--new k-48 mix hymns
--2-disc electroclash mix
--de la soul
--an amazing frank o'hara poem, written in green pen by brandon

he gets (eventually):
--some shit i don't remember.

Monday, January 26, 2004

nothing very nice to say about today. school. davis-kidd. therapy. scone. morgan was sick, poor darling.

listening to: les triplettes de belleville - sous le pont

Sunday, January 25, 2004

okay, so our fire/burglar alarm is going off..... on the security system that we have never ever used. ahahhaah the parents are making the crazy noise go on and off, trying to make the beeping stop. this is hilarious. if i'm not at school tomorrow... you know why

what will happen this weekend-- bollywood festival, sparklers and fireworks, everything on the planet
and uh. friday is by birthday? so. let's dance around and have some cake. come over, stay forever.

listening to: andrew bird - T'N'T
yesterday katherine came over to edit. very shortly after she got here, brock came to finally have a little bit of the photo session we've been trying to have for weeks, so that he has references for art class. he needed a picture soon, so that he could go home and paint/draw/whatever it. he was willing to sit around with me and katherine, and edit for a couple minutes but then he and morgan went to get batteries for her digicam. when they came back, brock and i attempted to take the pictures while katherine worked on the movie. however, morgan wanted that computer for some reason, so katherine and mom talked about horses while brock and i shot things. then we had to go through this whole ordeal of printing stuff out and everything.. it took too long. i nearly collapsed from hunger. brock tickled my back because he is the sweetest thing, and i love right after brock left with his pictures, katherine had to leave too. i was sad that these two things we've been meaning to do for a long time coincided into one big mess. i felt like it was my fault, anyway. i thought brock would be over at about 4, and that katherine and i would be finishing up by then. instead, they both came around 12:30 and left at 4. gahhh. and to make things even more complicated, morgan had three friends over. it was chaos. they left for the thrift store right before katherine and brock went home. plus, brock wasn't feeling well, and i think he's getting a cold. i didn't hear from him the rest of the night. so i sat around alone for a long time all sad. at about 6:45 i had nothing else to do, so i went to memphis pizza cafe to meet up with morgan and co. to see a movie. kevin was there, and i said hello. he is the nicest thing. he picked me up with one arm and swung me around the parking lot. morgan and her friends are wonderful people as well. i am glad that i finally got to meet amelia, and it's always great to see eileen and mouse (who are DATING. awwww.) morgan took pictures like mad, and many of them are very nice. i think she has some photo talent, and should maybe take a class. if you can't handle all those pictures, at least look at this one. okay. i just love that one. but i know there are some other nice ones. SO we went to see "triplets of beleville" which is this strange french cartoon. it was really strange, and very good. we hung out around the studio lobby for a few minutes, waiting for amelia's (WORLD FAMOUS) father to get there. he's such a cute little musiciany man. we got home at about 9, and mom was outside in the rain because she had forgotten to take her key with her when she went out with deb for drinks. silly mater. i had nothing else to do, so i sat around lonely. i was really tired, but somehow ended up staying up till like 1:30 anyway. how irritating. i made macaroni for me and morgan. it was REALLY buttery.

listening to: the ramones - we want the airwaves

Saturday, January 24, 2004

finally finished uploading the fountain day pictures! hooray for me. bitches.

1 2 3 4 cretins wanna hop some more! 4 5 6 7 all good cretins go to heaven!!!

gahhh no posting for too long. catching up makes my brain ache...
yesterday was nice. i accidentally fell asleep in a chair at davis-kidd and woke up in between two brock phone calls. i felt really rude that i'd done that, but more annoyed that i didn't get any homework done. so when i got home, i attempted to make plans for the night with laylee, then retreated to my room to educated guess and conic section algebra problems. i toiled for about 5 minutes before it was time to eat some chickens and leave. dad drove me to white station to see kevin's one-act. i got there before laylee and becca, but dad wouldn't sit around to wait. that's okay, because they were late anyway. i went in and mrs. j was taking tickets with tim shaver.
mrs. j: who are you here to see tonight?
me: kevin nuckolls
mrs. j: ohhh are you his girl?
me: nahhh
mrs. j: do you wanna be?
me: yeah, you know it *with laughter*
so she proceeded to ask my name in order to set me up with that handsome fella. and tim just giggled away all gushery flip flop. the one-acts themselves were okay. the first was a "comedy" with lindy and davis but i wasn't really amused... the second had joseph w, olivia h, and some girl i don't know, and it was a little funnier. the third was kevin and meg robb, and it wasn't supposed to be funny. they did a very good job, and i enjoyed it a lot. bravo, kiddies! afterwards, we walked kevin to his car where he was parked next to meg. i think i broke shit off her car, but tim fixed that junt. laylee, becca, and i proceeded to walk to backyard burgers where we had milkshakes until brock met us. then laylee's mom came and took her and becca to hi-tone, while brock drove me. i was worried that we were going to be late, since the hi-tone site said that the show started at 9, and we didn't even leave backyard burger until about 9:15. however, we were sitting around at an almost empty hi-tone for quite a while before the opening act even went on. he wasn't too interesting, but my how he went on. finally he went away, and one mr. ANDREW BIRD took the stage. can i simply state that i am newly in love? the man is beautiful. i kept wriggling when he would walk by our table, before the show, and i could hardly contain myself. the opener was such a blah little set that we were all really tired, and i was terrified that the show would be a let down. but andrew bird is fucking god. he started his set by.... whistling. and jesus can that man whistle. then he would play his violin, and it would loop so that he would be harmonizing with himself. he wore his guitar on his back so that he could swing it around and play it sometimes, too. and he had a xylophone on a music stand as well. it was amazing. so much sound for just one man. even when it was just the violin with the loop, i couldn't get over it. not to even mention his voice-- that shit is honey. it's similiar to jeff buckley's in a more smooth and rolling sense. the songs sound like water, if that helps. our ride home was william, even though he couldn't make it to the show. and when we had called, we asked him to get us at 11:30, which was sad because by then we were so simply entranced by the music. we hated to go, oh we did. brock left at about 11:25. he didn't have to be home until midnight, but he wanted to be home early for the first time he was allowed out on a school night. that is a very good idea. such is the like of things i will never think. becca, laylee, and i even stayed a few minutes after our watches said 11:30 because it was just so amazing. we couldn't pull away. before we left, i got the new album, weather systems, but i'm disappointed at how short it is. it was probably around 11:45 when we got outside, but william was nowhere to be found. apparently the clock he was looking at was like 30 minutes early, so he was a bit late. that was fine because we got to hear more of the show, from outside in the freezing cold. although of course i wish we had gotten to see the end. i feel like his climax and closing would've been AMAZING, just because of the nature of the show. he was beautiful... my first thought when he started playing was "gazelle" but brock said "stork" because of the way he would lift one leg while he played. and his little face, and his little beauty... ohhhhh love. the cd i bought has "an eight minute film" which i really hope contains live footage. if so, i am going to have a party for those eight minutes, and you bitches will be there. at any rate. william came eventually. and nearly RAN ME OVER. christ. i felt bad about demanding a ride... oh well. they dropped me off, and i went and unlocked the storm door -- only to discover that dad had locked the door that NOBODY has a key to. i was really annoyed and rang the doorbell, but nobody came. so i went to my damn window, which apparently has the lock broken again. i opened it and started to climb in, only to find morgan in my bed!! i don't know which one of us was more surprised. well. she was pretty freaked out, so i guess she can win. at any rate, i did the rest of my math homework and went to bed at about 1.
school today was okay... nothing really out of the ordinary, that i can remember. oh, i fell down a stair or two, and now my foot really hurts. and laylee had our lunch, and it made me veeeeryyyyyy happy. beau got suspended because he made a dumb joke on the morning announcements -- "as they say in the tampon business, see you next period!" and they fucking SUSPENDED him!!! if that's not the dumbest fucking thing. i hate white station's crazy ass. no warning, no parent meeting, no nothing. suspended, just like that. i think they were just so shocked, it was the first thing that popped into their stupid empty heads. GAHHh. i don't even LIKE that kid, and i didn't like his stupid joke, but i hate the fact that you can't even talk about fucking periods without somebody beating your ass. what the fuck!?1 okay end rant. in study hall, i attempted to read "the jungle" for history class, but allison kept singing "welcome to the jungle" and i was about to go nuts. so we took the obvious route, and wrote a parody. it was funny. "welcome to the jungle, upton sinclair! and mary sigal! sigggall!! siggealll!!! precious precious! welcome to the jungle, we got meat!" WELL it was funny to us. after school, we had a pro bono meeting about the newsletter, which i am now going to be working on as an editor. that is pretty cool. i am only doing it because tarah was like "we need an excuse to see each other!" speaking of, the painting that she did of me in the bathroom won something in the scholastic contest thing that everyone on the planet entered. bravo, tarah!! i am very proud. after the meeting, brock and i drove to his house so that he could put on his Weekend Shirt and get some Oh's which is the only cereal he will eat. that spoiled bitch. we then drove to alice's house to meet up with her, allison, and LA. brock and i, windows down, followed alice, in her wicked new van, to park ave thrift store where i tried on little boy shirts. brock found a lot of hott hipster shirts, but neither of us bought anything because we were both entirely void of money. alice got a very cool skank-flapper skirt, and allison got a kroger shirt and a little boy's chicago bulls shirt. the highlight of the trip was when i found TAP SHOES. i put on one, and a glittering red slipper, and i danced those fucks. but everyone else was in line, and i felt silly so i didn't dance too much. plus those shoes were kind of small. i wish i had taken tap dancing... sigh. maybe i should go back to some kind of dance class. i could very well love it. anyone up for it? next we went to backyard burger because everyone was starving, and we needed cheap. as stated, brock and i had no money anyway, plus we were supposed to go back to my house at around 6:15 to go to dinner with the fam before heading off to the orpheum, so that was cool. we bummed a couple fries and took picture with alice's digicam. brock made this great comment about how we were allowed to bum food now becuse we don't have to bum rides. i was in love with it because he was inferring that i am not bumming rides off of him. i belong in that passenger seat, bitches. it just made me really really happy. brock just does. then we drove to walgreen's where LA bought a huge ass amount of matches. in the parking lot outside, we attempted to light sparklers, but it was no avail. the wind was too strong. we even stood all in a little circle in order to keep the air away, but nothing was working. eventually, we just lit the rest of that pack of matches on fire and threw it on the pavement, and tried to light the sparklers like roasting marshmallows (or potatoes...) round the campfire. and even still, we only got one lit. so we lit an ENTIRE pack of matches on fire, and we all had sparklers and we ran around and it was beautiful. unfortunately by now it was almost 6, and brock is GREAT and wanted to make a good impression on my parents by getting home slightly early. i called them on the way to let them know we were coming, when i was finally informed, when we were next to the central library, that plans had changed. foot wasn't going to get to the house until 7:15, so we were going to have stay at home instead of going out to eat. i was really put out, because i had just gotten into the hanging out spirit, what with the sparklers and all. those things just put me in a tizzy, and i become a total 3-year-old. it's pretty sick and sad. sigh. i guess being here was ... okay. brock and i listened to some music, and burned the andrew bird cd for him, but that's about it. oh, we had a mad scramble on my bed over... what was it? i can't rememeber. something silly. we always have wild fights over silly things, but it's so much fun. it started out as a tickle fight on my bed, that evolved into me sitting on brock and him kicking at me furiously, into us running in a circle around the house a few times until mom got in the way. ah well... then we ate pizza while morgan summarized almost the first half of les mis for brock, because he wanted some summary before we got to the play, so that he could follow. foot didn't get to the house until about 7:20 so we rushed out the door when she arrived. we were on time for the show and everything, so that was good. it was GREAT, and i really enjoyed it. i liked it much better than the first time, where i'd already had to deal with the family listening to the damn CD of it nonstop for an entire year. and this is NOT an exaggeration. i was REALLY surprised at how many of the tunes and lyrics i remembered... not to mention the specific voices and arrangements that were on that album, so i definitely had something to compare it to. there were lots and lots and lots of great oboe parts, which made me very happy. i kept going "OBOE!!" and killing the general population. our seats were not very good, but they were the best we could get buying for six people at the last minute. we brought binoculars, which i used a little bit. cosette terrified me. her voice was shrieky and insanely high-pitched, and when i looked at her in the binoculars, her face was about to pop off. similiar to chelsea. it was nuts. the best part of the play was when the thenardiers ended a scene with me and brock's married couple sit-com bit. it was so great. they took that shit from us, i swear to god. but yeah. i won't bore you with those details. i enjoyed myself. we got out, where we saw mrs. moore (me and morgan's first grade teacher) with her husband walking to their car. she looks the same as ever. she kept saying how me and morgan look exactly the same now. she asked if brock was my boyfriend, and i said no... mom said he was part of the family. ahaha. it was funny. why is it that people always assume we're dating? le sigh. the familia made nice conversation on the way home. mom had gotten us all chocolate roses from her school orchestra's fundraiser. they were lovely. also, i REALLY like that brock didn't leave the second we got here. i hate quick ends to things like that. they should drizzle away, like sandcastles. brock came in and had a drink, and we got his CD and listened to some more music, and talked, and things were just nice. i wish he could've spent the night, like foot. i wish i was a guy? i wish he was a girl? i wish his parents weren't silly? such is the life. i wanted him to just call his mom, and scream "TORNADO FOREVER!" and never leave our silly house. he actually made jokes about things he could say that he could spend the night too, like that he was too tired to drive. it was just sad that he didn't do it. maybe if he asked regularly, instead of always assuming the no, she would've said yes by now... or maybe if our parents would actually go hang out some time. hahhaha that would probably worsen the situation. great scott! it's 1:30am. it's time to put the girlies to bed, as they have fallen asleep on the couch watching amelie. oh, i got my fountain day pictures back from margaret today but... it is really too late to scan them. i'll do it tomorrow, bitches. tomorrow:
-scan fountain day pictures
-read LOTS of "the jungle"
-burn brandon's fucking cds
-photo session with brock
-edit with katherine
-MAMA otherlands thing?
-if none of that, find something/someone to do in the evening
-get sedated

listening to: the ramones - chinese rock

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

response to katherine's blog because she has no comments and it's long anyway---
i appreciate that i am your homecoming queen. i can't believe evan said he wished i had won!!! a lot of people said they'd voted for me... i wonder how many votes it takes to win? i bet there is a cheat in the system. named joseph williams because he doesn't think i'm hot. who the hell couldn't!? bastard.
i wanted to come to the pro bono recycling meeting after school today, but i couldn't. i was really late doing everything, apparently... i hung out with william, becca, laylee, and kevin at the locker after school for the usual few minutes. brock didn't appear, which he normally does. then i went to my locker, and headed out. laylee and becca were in the lobby, saying that brock was looking for me. (irony...) they left, and i went out front, where i found NO ONE. it was nuts. so i walked to brock's car to pick up something i left there. i was upset because i think i flunked my ass out of that history test, and dan ying had borrowed my book, forgotten to give it back, and disapperaed from the face of the planet. not to mention that somebody had my photos, and somebody else had... something else of mine. i can't remember what it was, so that must be good. anyway. brock was really sweet, and drove me around to the parking lot where dan ying usually is to see if she was there... which she was not. he dropped me off in some parking lot around the block, which was really funny to me. why didn't he just drop me off at davis-kidd? the world may never know. doing chemistry and algebra cleared up my brain a little, and i was not upset... only really really really tired. i can't wait for this week to end. i'm pretty glad, now, that i don't have those photos because they would be distracting me like they did last night. thank youse for taking them off my hands... how much do doubles cost?

listening to: the dishes - french kissing
(download this... it's so much fun!!!!)
i finally finished monday's post. yay for me! wootie! i need to go call margaret so that i can study with her i hope i hope i hope.

listening to: nelly furtado - powerless

you're pimpin, baby, and you're feelin fine

after school today, brock and i drove to turtle's where i bought 2 copies of the new ani difranco album educated guess. brock wouldn't let me buy it for him, but i insisted. i think he would have just left me with both copies if it hadn't been so damn good. jenny and elizabeth were hanging at turtle's, and it was nice to see them however briefly. then we drove to walgreen's to pick up the fountain day pictures (thank god laylee found them finally!!). once we arrived home, we got snacks and studied the pictures, which turned out really nicely for the most part. they doubled the roll, which annoyed me, but it will be nice to give away the pictures to whoever wants them. brock wants to use some of them as references for art class. hooray for laylee and her mad beautiful photo skillz. i heart you, pup. at any rate. we opened our cds at the same time, and poured over the amaaaazing liner notes. they are very very cool. this album is awesome because ani did everything herself -- wrote, sang, played, recorded, and mixed every song all by her lonesome. she never ceases to amaze me. le sigh. and the album is GREAT. i can tell i'm going to love it, and i can't wait to. so far i will recommend that everyone download "bliss like this," "company," and "oragami." or just go ahead and listen to the whole album, see if i care.
anyway. brock and i were very happy birds. but he had to go home. and then i died.
on a more cheerful note, we decided to re-try Happy Tuesday because it never really got started before that shit fell through. and it will be easier now that brock can drive. WOO. boy howdy. we should just have Music Appreciation class once a week, and i am not joking. we will sit around and listen to cds and look at lyrics and liner notes and beautiful things and discuss. open invitation only.
i started to scan the fountain day pictures, but i'm not done yet because the scanner was acting like a bitch. it took me forever to get as many done as i did... and you can see those few here. and i'm REALLY sorry i still ahven't finished my weekend post... i'm so fucking behind!!!! gahhh!!
then again, it's 12:45am and i have a history test tomorrow i've barely studied for. hoorah!
becca, my hot tittie lover with the sweetest honey and oats lotiony smell, has a head full of flowers and a purely pink torso. ask anyone. i love her so dearly, we will be married in the days ahead.
today-- beautiful ani listening day + fountain day pictures!
wednesday-- study party with margaret feat. fooood
thursday-- andrew bird show! you bitches better be there.
friday-- les mis, muthafucka.
saturday-- GOD ONLY KNOWS.
someday-- marry becca, laylee, brock, etc.
truly i need to see hedwig before it goes away. and next weekend will be bollywood. ho hum. a pirate's life more me.

listening to: andrew bird - ides of swing

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

>From: alanna
>Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 17:12:05 -0800 (PST)
>will the andrew bird show this thursday be all ages?

From: "Dave Green"
Subject: Re:
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 11:08:19 -0600

yes...$10 for under 21.

please please please will anyone come with me?

listening to: ani difranco - swim
(the new album is GREAT!!!!!)

Monday, January 19, 2004

ANDREW BIRD is playing the hi-tone on thursday!!! is anyone willing to try it out with me? i don't know if it's all ages, but i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go... please, guys. he was in squirrel nut zippers, he played on kristin hersh's latest, he's on righteous babe records, and he plays the violin. nothing could be better!
check it.

(i apologize for the as yet undone post below.)
on saturday, i attempted to clean up my room and simultaneously make plans for the x-treme moovee party + sleepover. i will not bore you with those details. brock came over at 4:30 and helped me clean my room (by throwing my sorted clothes all over the place and creating a 'literature pile' on my stacked-up desk). LA (lauren henry, from now on) made many calls for us, and we thank her profusely. i invited laylee, becca, and whoever they happened to be with, and sallis, who didn't get the message until 11 and could not come. then brock and i lay around on the bed, making attempts to talk, but i kept getting calls. i talked to alice for a long time, and it was very good. i don't get to talk to alice alone generally, so that was nice. she is awesome, and i loved seeing her two nights this weekend.
eileen and foot came over at around 6:15 and scuddled away with morgan. brock and i were on morgan's bed when alice and hunter arrived, first of the party batch. we stood around the living room weirdly for a few minutes before LA, lauren, and emily arrived. at this point i become completely unconcious of how people are arriving. i can't really remember what happened. i just know that we watched "much finer" and BB3 to kick off movie nite, because lauren hadn't ever seen BB3 and we just finished the first cut of "much finer" and we needed suggies. while watching, katherine arrived, and then jenny and robin. jenny and robin... very secluded all night. they sat on the loveseat (no comment), talked nonstop through the movies, and left the room for long periods of time. they also left the earliest. i feel bad that they didn't have fun... apparently, they didn't plan on coming until LA told them hunter would be here. i think that's really dumb, but what can i say? i hadn't realized that they were so close, i guess. we put on LA's new kids on the block video for about five minutes. then we put on "legend" for about 10 minutes. i think hunter made a comment about how much better "labyrinth" was, so we watched that instead. i kept saying "THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART" because it was. i don't really think about how i do that all the time, but it was really apparent when people who didn't usually hear it got to listen to me say it over and over. during the "dance magic" song in which morgan and i sang and danced, becca, daniell, and stephanie the german exchange student arrived. a few minutes later, after the dance, kevin and laylee arrived. by now, it was insanely hard finding a place for everyone. hunter, alice, LA, lauren, katherine, brock, and i were on the floor right in front of the (ancient, piece of crap, blue lips) tv, as it was. it all worked out. i think hunter eased up a bit more after kevin got there, too. when labyrinth was over, we went back into the computer room to watch some of the voodoo village footage. apparently, it was a bust. i wasn't really in the room for most of it, because i was saying goodbye to jenny and robin, and then to becca, daniell, and stephanie. apparently stephanie had an awesome time. she told me that we reminded her of her friends in germany, and she hugged me. she was very sweet, and i wish i had a class with her. after that, we put on a japanese movie called "tampopo" which kevin had rented from black lodge under my family's account. mwahahaha. we also made popcorn which katherine had brought, because she is very sweet. only a few minutes into the movie, lauren, LA, emily, and i walked down to the shell station to buy some more dr. peppers because, alas, we had run out. i put on the first pair of shoes i could find in my house, and they were so big i nearly fell down running across poplar. boat fucking shoes. at any rate. tampopo was good, and i remember watching three completely scenes of it with my aunt phyllis in georgia once upon a time. there was a funny/happy sex scene with food. a strange, but good movie. foot and morgan fell asleep while it was on, and as it ended, eileen put them to bed very nicely. after that, we talked a little bit before laylee and kevin had to leave. we started "secretary", but then alice and hunter had to leave. i walked them to the door and had an awkward moment with hunter... that is too bad, because i like him and i hope he doesn't stay with the awkward memory of me. we started over secretary, but before the credits were even done, we stopped a few minutes to talk. "a few minutes" turned into forever and ever until we were suddenly in the comic room, eating cookie dough out of the bucket and playing donkey kong country like nobody's business. when lauren said she needed to go to bed, i was like "AHH THE MOVIE!" so the remaining five trekked back into the den. lauren and emily stretched across the couch with blanket and pillows, and LA, eileen, and i squished onto the loveseat. it was love. well. i really enjoyed that movie. i didn't know what to expect, since becca and laylee didn't find it too good/hot, and brandon is absolutely in LOVE with it. iii, in my own respect, thought it was a great movie. i am not only very glad i saw it, i really really enjoyed it for all that's worth. i think it's probably underappreciated, too... such is the life of me. also, right after what i guess is the climax, we paused the movie and talked and took pictures of ourselves for like an hour. lauren and emily had fallen asleep on the couch, and looked hysterical. LA, eileen, and i were wide awake and bristling. somehow, i think that made the movie even better when we turned it back on. then we spent some quality time with our friends the suicide girls before eileen trotted back to the seat o' love to sleep. LA and i got to talk for a long while, and that was awesome. she is so very cool, and i wish i saw her more. i will make a point of calling her this weekend, now that i have her numbah. she and i drifted off to sleep in my cloud bed at around 7am. we woke around 11am to lauren jumping on us. god damn!! that was okay, because we had la baguette pastries to eat while viewing "ghost world" which i hadn't watched in a really long time, and i still love it. yayyyy. almost right afterwards, brock called and i talked to him for a few minutes before lauren, emily, and LA had to go home. we said our tearful goodbyes... alas, alas. then morgan left for rehearsal, so i hung out with foot and eileen for a while. eileen had to go home like 5 seconds before morgan came back. it was sad. foot was still here when brock came over after yogurt, at around 5, i guess? i don't know when he got here because i was in the shower, and then i was dancing naked around my room, simply for lack of clothes. once i found him, we hung out here for a while, lay on my bed in the dark again, had lovely moments, and finally decided we should go surprise margaret at her job at high point grocery. unfortunately, i had forgotten it was sunday, so that shit wasn't open. then we went to laylee's house to surprise her, and kevin was there. i feel like we fucked over whatever they were doing, but it didn't really matter because we were only there for about five minutes before we decided to go to subway. brock's mom said he had to drive himself, and we ended up going to different subways, and going our separate ways. brock and i went to blockbuster and rented "a mighty wind" which brock did not realize i'd already seen. it was fine though. we were both so tired that it was just nice to lie on his brother's bed and giggle softly to ourselves. when i came home, i practically fell asleep on top of morgan on the couch until she pitched a fit, and i crashed in my own bed, with a mouth full of sticky marshmallow.

to clarify yesterday's incoherent post... the pictures from the x-treme moovee party + sleepover are entirely gone. i usually tell the iPhoto program to delete them off the camera right after they get to the computer, but something happened and only four of the pictures came through, yet they were all deleted. let's mourn what pictures were lost:
-laylee being cute
-kevin looking hott
-hunter looking nice
-morgan and foot asleep and adorable
-lauren asleep and leggy
-emily asleep and gorgeous
-alice's pretty back and shoulders
-me, LA, and eileen at about 4am taking super-hott pictures of ourselves
that's all i can think of right now. at least i forgot to even take pictures of the entire party in the den, because that would've been really awesome. and i didn't do it at all.


Sunday, January 18, 2004


listening to: eileen guitaring

Saturday, January 17, 2004

apparently, the police aren't sure if elliott smith killed himself or not... they weren't positive in the beginning, but now they are even more unsure. poor guy.
i waited too long to post, and now i'm really tired and i don't want to write about today... i had a great time with katherine, lauren h, alice, and shaleen getting lost and going to psuedo-voodoo village!!
(we spent three hours getting there, finally found the street, went up and down, and left. when we got home, katherine realized that we hadn't actually gone into the gate where the 'village' is... we just saw the outside. but as far as i could tell, the gate was closed anyway. that's what we get for getting there at like 9:30pm.)
katherine and i also got a little more editting done on "much finer" after school... we're getting there, inch by inch. i'd upload it, but ghotli is down (whatta fuck!?)
at any rate... tomorrow we're going to have a movie festival/sleepover at my house, and anyone is invited. i'm not sure how many people are going to be able to spend the night, but you're welcome to come waste the day away. i want to just have movies constantly going, so that if people want to just come in and drop by, they can, and we don't have to have a set time/set group. i wonder what the family will think....
please come, and bring a favorite film.

listening to: placebo - slackerbitch

Thursday, January 15, 2004

i decided at the very last second to enter some shit in scribbler. it won't make it in, but whatever. i'm a bum, trying to avoid homework. AT ANY RATE. if you would like to make any last minute suggestions, you can go to DOY and look around for some of my things... all of my ones from this past year should be here but i've been told that that page isn't working. so who knows. i already have a few picked out that i'm printing and taking to school, and i guess i will just work them off through the day. at any rate.... i'd love you if you helped out?
i am VERY excited about this!!!!
katherine is coming over to edit on friday, which means i've got to get ready for her tomorrow.
-attach Petunia to eMac
-burn "country spacecraft ballerina" to dvd
-delete that bitch file
-import the rest of cindy
-pray that none of the scenes are missing
-take camera to school on friday
-get some more shots for much finer
-enter hi mom! film festival
-go to voodoo village and get shot

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

my stomach is aching. this sucks. especially since it didn't start hurting until now. if only if only, stomach-ache, you had come a few hours ago, i would've just gone to sleep and skipped school tomorrow... but no. i'm up at 11 again, doing the dumbest english project ever assigned in the history of the world (with the exception of that end-of-the-year thing for douglas). oh woe is me. i hate life.
dad: *knocks on bedroom door*
me: *moan*
dad: i'm going to bed.
me: come do my homework!
dad: *sits on my bed and reads the article thing* what are you supposed to do?
me: i don't know! tone! DIDLS! stupidity!
dad: "this article is full of diddles."
me: *shoots self*

listening to: the dishwasher
i totally forgot that i love Lakuna.... listen to the happiest song in the world right now.
i was having a really wretched day until i listened to interpol. funny how things are.
alanna today:
lonely, stupid, embarassed, tired, hungry, bored, dumb, obnoxious, pissed off, restless, depressed, sulky, angsty, annoying
is anyone on the planet happier than me?
i think not.

listening to: monkey helper - i'm amazed (Pixies cover)

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

the pixies are my life-long dream. get it?
*this post is to be sung.*

morgan has told me that no one is going to read that last post, because it's so long. i'm sad because i had a great little time writing it. too bad.
it's all okay because i just read another poem by brandon and i'm way too happy. oh i love that kid. i do. got to jump a train...

listening to: death cab for cutie - transatlanticism
(i need you so much closer)

Monday, January 12, 2004

i have a headache, yet i'm listening to 7 year bitch at high volumes. i am one smart punk rocker.
i guess i'll just continue where i left off yesterday... on saturday i was awoken by the ringing of grandma on the line. i talked to her for just a few minutes, but it was still nice. i love that woman. she is made of heaven. she had the flu all week long, but she's better, and is now able to send back all the shit we left in georgie. ho ho. santa grandma. at any rate, i couldn't go back to sleep after that (especially with fucking cramps), so i lumbered and lulled around the house, broke fast with a cheerio. i think i forgot to eat the rest of the day, except for that. i called brock around noon to discuss plans, but we talked a good while as always. he was working on art junts, and we planned to take some photos for him to work with later in the day. he skipped AP art class to stay home and paint what he wanted, how cool is that? while he did that, i called every human being i know and invited them to see "big fish" or hang out. robin's makeshift birthday obviously didn't happen, which was too bad. we didn't go to hedwig either. in fact we didn't go to big fish. it was sold out. i'm getting ahead of myself.
i made so many fucking calls. good god did i ever. i don't know if i've ever dialed so many numbers. sigh. after utterly NO ONE picked up, i started listening to kristin hersh and throwing muses, which you can probably infer from saturday's posts. i won't go on another tangent about her right now... although i very easily could. let's just say i've been not only reading up on her via biographies and whatnot, i listened to nothing else voluntarily all weekend. and now she's on my desktop, looking at me all cute. ohhh kristin. hellooooooo!
after a while, laylee got online. she was the only person who was free to hang out, which is ironical because she had already seen big fish on friday, and therefore i couldn't even see her for too long. she got here at 4something. we busied ourselves playing in the underwear drawers, making my bed creak, cuddling, and taking a shower. which is where we were when brock arrived (HE DROVE! HE DROVE!). he and morgan listened to the darkness together and screamed "YOU CUNT" all through the house. laylee and i could not hear because we were screaming "ALL TOGETHER NOW" all through the bathroom, which is much more pleasant. we yelled at brock to come sit in the bathroom and talk to us while we showered, but apparently he couldn't hear us. bitch. sallis also arrived shortly after. who knew? we were playing with loofahs. i think the shower and post-shower turned out much longer than we had intended so by the time we were dressed, we only got like 10 minutes to hang out before we left for the movie. since brock and sallis are both upstanding citizens, they could each take only one person in the car. meaning laylee had to stay alone at my house until her dad could pick her up... i feel really bad about that. but it's my fault for having no vehicular notions. and hers too. aha. so brock drove me, and sallis drove morgan. car stories:
-brock and i nearly died several times, and rocked out to the ramones. quietly so that brock could concentrate.
-morgan got sallis to scream "GET YOUR HANDS OFFA MY WOMAN, MOTHERFUCKER" into the traffic of the night. bloody brilliant.
so we got to the theater (in a sense. brock had to park at wild oats because we were terrified of all the car people) and of course the movie was sold out. however, we ran into william and talked to him for a few minutes before he snuck into 21 grams, which was also sold out. i like that he tried to buy a ticket before sneaking in, though. good boy. i would've suggested we sneak into big fish, but it's impossible to do that with 4 people, even if the place is crowded. and it wasn't that big a deal. so we spent forever and ever in the freezing winter trying to decide what to do next. finally, we decided to rent a movie at black lodge, and watch it at my house. since brock and sallis are upstanding children, they had to call their parents to tell them the plannn. brock's parents said that black lodge was too far for him to drive, and sallis's parents didn't want him at my house with no adults there. (it astonishes me that either of them gave this much detail. i must be a bad, bad kid for slightly filtering.) after some more freezing plan-making, we trooped off to blockbuster to get a movie, which we would watch at brock's. it was very east memphis. brock parked us by the wedding store thing. i asked, "when are you gonna marry me???" in my most obnoxious voice, but the man still refuses to set a date. *sigh* men. it was further discovered that three indecisive 16-year-olds, and one bored 14-year-old do not get anything done. we must have looked over every movie in the place twice. morgan was wretchedly impatient but not really helping choice-wise, brock was mulling sort of, sallis would not really give his opinion, and i was about to pass out with hunger. we ended up getting "a life less ordinary" which i wasn't too happy about, since i'dd seen it twice. and twice is a lot for me... i don't usually like to watch movies over and over, even (especially) if they're good. which this one is. by the time we got to brock's, (after a train and an impromptu stop at chick-fillah to fillah my little insides) i didn't care about the movie choice. but i sort of forgot that movies are always different, depending on who you watch them with. ho ho. hunger-stupid alanna. but seeing anything with brock is awesome, for the obvious reason that brock happens to be awesome, along with the fact that he's so vocal and great. plus he ate 24 chicken nuggets and a bag of large waffle fries all by his lonesome. jesus christ on a cracker. so the movie was great even a third time. ewan mcgreggor makes me so happy, and he is so much hotter than cameron diaz. even though this is her best film, she pales in the presence of the ewan. seriously. watch the dance sequence. although her inability to sing is pretty charming. oh yeah, brock's brother wesley watched the movie with us, too. the last few times i've been over there, wesley has been pretty cool about hanging out with us. although i feel like a total ass because of my sailor mouth gutter teeth. oh shudder. what will happen to that poor boy? only 10, and full of Alanna Korrupt. morgan has full experience, and should counsel him. sallis had to leave at the tip end of the movie, and i think he was probably late getting home... sorry, sir! i'm glad you stayed the whole time, though. sarah had been at her house hanging out with matt, so she came and picked us up a few minutes later. amazingly enough, me, morgan, sarah, brock, wesley, and ms. peggy terwilleger stuck around the living room for a few minutes talking. it was awkwardly nice, in its way. i think it's always nice when brock's mom talks, simply because i think it reensures that she doesn't hate me. however, she does. ho ho ho. brock walked us to the door, and he let me hug him (even on terwilleger turf! wowza!). in the car, sarah said that she thought brock's mom didn't like her. oh well. who does she like? cordovians. which we are far from. thank god. ohhhh man i'm so mean. brock's mom needs to get used to me if i'm going to be brock's friend forever. hot damn. look out. *whip-crack* (on an entirely random side-note which only i will find interesting, brock said today after school that he feels more comfortable in our house than in his own house. i thought that was really awesome. kind of sad too. i want him to come live here so that we can have a reality show instead of a sitcom. le sigh. oh the things i want!) so. we got home... i can't remember anything. morgan and sarah fell asleep watching totoro. sarah realized this at some point, and dragged herself to the futon. i had to put morgan to bed, but she doesn't remember. therefore i won't get paid. i went to bed probably around 2am again, but who knows.
sunday was pretty uneventful also. when i woke up, sarah was already at work and would be there until 5:30. brock invited me to yogurt with him, but i was shocked and declined. looking back, i think i should've gone. i can never make up my mind about yoga, and i think GOING TO AN ACTUAL CLASS might help. why am i so dumb? oh well. we decided to see "big fish" and preordered our tickets this time. it was kind of funny, i realized later, because sarah invited matt, morgan invited chase, and i invited brock. we would've been three neat little psuedo-couples in the center of the backrow. funny that the guy from the real couple was the only one to decline. tsk tsk tsk, matt! it's okay. brock let me hold his hand and squeeze him a lot. not that he didn't need the same thing. nevermind. the point is i love brock movies and i ahve said so about 303030303030 times. i liked the movie a lot, but it wasn't as good as a lot of tim burton movies. the visuals were definitely more interesting than the plot. i would've liked the movie much more if it had been purely fantasy, instead of having the addition of the real-life things. even though i really liked the end (minus the last three seconds) which i won't give away by discussing it. i will admit to having soggy eyes, although i fared better than sarah. her shirt got all wet. i thought it was funny that the time i was most emotional in the movie was when brock wasn't at all (that i could tell), and therefore i only had my knees to hug. wahhhhhh. anyway that's fine. the movie was good. we all sad goodbye in the cold cold cold. brock drove home (YAYYY). we brought our pizza cafe leftovers back here, and i talked to mom and dad on the phone for a little while before blogging and going to bed.
this morning, our damn alarms did not work. sarah woke up at about 7:15, and asked if we were already getting ready. which we were not. so we tried to get ready as quickly as we could.. sarah took morgan to school where she was late for 2nd period history. i was already late to 2nd period twice last week (neither time was my fault!!!) and i am terrified of coach brooks, so we just drove around until it was time for 3rd period. when i went in, i ran straight into jenny, stole her engrish book, and scuddled to class. i was late, but that's okay. gahh. the day felt a LOT shorter than usual. if we didn't have homeroom, life would be better. am i complaining? anyway the day was fine. katherine drove me to d-k after school. i finished the book i've been working on, and i'm already sick of it there. i sat down to do my algae homework, but i was intensely distracted by my headache, babies running around the store screaming, eddie lee(?!) and his sister/girlfriend being dumb, and a very cute girl in a duck shirt sitting by the magazines. so i got two problems done. then sarah came, feeling crappy. we picked up morgan from foot's and trudged home. i finally got my own stupid english book from bookstar. stupid bookstar and their slow orders. i came home and i have been doing nothing ever since. this is the longest blog post god damn it all what's wrong with me. now i'm going to do my homework so that i can die. OH FUCK HISTORY TEST TOMORROW SAY WHAT?!~!?@1

listening to: the amazing plaid - the snake and its shadow

Sunday, January 11, 2004

man oh man. i don't usually have an entire weekend to catch up on... and the prospects are looking bleak. generally if this happens, you end up with something like this. and i don't want to do that shit. for now...
i had so much planned to do this weekend, i felt like. man! i had the weekend of the century planned out. did it happen? no, not really. but it was pretty good all the same.
on friday, sarah picked us up for the first time since before break since the Units are out of town. brock came too, since none of our plans had come true. it's kind of sad because we wanted to hang out with kids, but we weren't invited anywhere else. oh well. we actually wrote out a list on thursday night, of everything we wanted to do. like we had wanted to see robin, for birthday celebration, and jenny, because we never see her, and alice, because she's so hott, this weekend. of course, we did not glimpse any of them during the entire 2.3 days.
after we hung out over here watching some of my michel gondry dvd, the four of us walked over to sonic for some masochistically cold refreshment. brock is insane and BOUNDS across streets full of cars, and then looks at me on the other side like i'm an idiot for being stuck there. very hott. back at home, we ate cookie dough plain and watched some silly flash movies including my personal favorite romeo and juliet for the l33t. ahahaha oh man. okay. those little movies made us very very tired. i don't know why. sarah took a nap on the couch, and brock decided to lay down on my bed for a few minutes. i ended up sitting at the foot, then curling up at the foot, and finally we were just stretched out next to each other (only on one half of the bed, though, because the other half is filled with clothes and cds and shit). we didn't nap at all, we just rested while listening to lamb, and talked a lot. brock and i are the best talkers. i love that about us. we also had some nice Moments. do you ever sit there and realize that if you're going to have a lot of friends, you really can't know all of them too well? that there's only a couple people you really CAN know very very very well? it's kind of sad. but it's really beautiful to know that you have at least one person you can just go on to about anything, i think. brock and i basically had this really great "LET'S BE FRIENDS FOREVER!" *claws* moment. it was very nice. as you all know, i love the reassurance that brock likes me at all. i was thinking the other day that i blog about him SO FUCKING MUCH, but it's because this is the stuff i don't say otherwise. i mean, i can't tell him shit he sat through. ahahahahh i don't know if that makes sense. oh well. i don't know how to explain it. hopefully no one is too sick of him. i probably would be, if i were you. GOD DAMN AM I STILL ON FRIDAY? FUCK'S SAKE! anyway, we lode in the bayd for a couple hours. then morgan came in too and we resituated. once she was there, we were all hyper-er. or at least awake. brock and i talked about filming some for our sitcom "six degrees of intrigue" aka "intrigue in our footsteps" but... we weren't THAT awake. (more details on the show later.) instead, we watched "better off dead" one of my all-time favorite movies, starring a very very young john cusack. oh heaven. oh oh. i laughed more than anyone else.... too bad for them. i think it was still fun. after the movie, we burned a cd for brock and then his mom came to take him away. he was here a bit later than normal, which was lovely. after that, i clawed about my cage for a few hours and went to bed probably around 2am. that is a guess. i can't remember anything about the rest of the night.
it's almost midnight, i need some sleep, i just consumed a whole lot of jews.
hope to continue this tomorrow.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

here is how:
-read these three biographies.
-plus this throwing muses biography.
-look her up on all music guide and read about the different KH and Throwing Muses styles.
-if you want to know even more, here's the official site. or visit some nice fansites. attack some interviews.
-maybe download some things.
-listen to the album until you love the way it sounds, then go online to read the lyrics while you listen. **this step is very important. kristin hersh's lyrics never ever cease to amaze me. they're great, but one of my favorite things about them is that a lot of the time you'd have no idea she was saying something like that until you read it. she talks like she's just writing in a journal, but with beautiful and strange language in odd places. especially with the throwing muses songs, i think.**

(okay there is a lot i didn't say. such as, how fucking adorable she is. because this is supposed to be fast. but you'll learn. oh you will. you need to, because if you don't, no one will buy the albums and kristin hersh and her hubby and her children will die of starvation. so participate. i'll help you. i swear to god.)

listening to: kristin hersh - shake
since no one is answering their phones....
please come see big fish at paradiso tonight at 7:30. it will be a grand ole time.
tuesday was robin's birthday and i wanted to do something to celebrate it this weekend... preferrably before the movie tonight. i haven't really talked to her yet, so who knows. also, my parents are out of town and sarah rushakoff is staying with us. she was wondering if i had any friends who would come over and talk about their imaginary friends to her, for a theatre workshop she's doing. call me please. christ.

listening to: the silent telephone
IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY PHONE? SO MANY CALLS AND I HAVE NOT TALKED TO A SINGLE PERSON I WANTED TO TALK TO. (except brock. but he doesn't count because he's the only one who i don't need to make plans with.)
this is really discouraging.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

wtrisha1: okay
wtrisha1: i called my ex sister today cause we still talk you know he answered the phone and he was picking on me like no sisters here and i said okay will he said no this isnt will than i was like whatever than ten minutes later he answered the phone and i said can you tell her to call me he said yes when i see her
JiveBassist: you lost me somewhere in there
wtrisha1: when i called her he answered the phone both times
JiveBassist: perhaps she'll answer some day?
wtrisha1: what i am saying is he really doesnt answer the phone
JiveBassist: am i on candid camera?
wtrisha1: what
wtrisha1: youre
JiveBassist: do you still by chance have this window open?
wtrisha1: yes why
JiveBassist: go up a few lines and read that paragraph
JiveBassist: about calling
wtrisha1: no i dont copy it
JiveBassist: nah
wtrisha1: what do you mean
JiveBassist: never mind
JiveBassist: that paragraph just didnt make sense to me so i was going to ask you to retype it
wtrisha1: no what do you mean
JiveBassist: but it's not a big deal
wtrisha1: i said i called over at his house
wtrisha1: he doesnt answer the phone as long as its his best friend chris but i called he answered it he was picking on me
JiveBassist: oh
wtrisha1: he was like no sister here and he was like do you want some pizza with that
JiveBassist: i get it now
wtrisha1: okay what do you think
JiveBassist: i think.
wtrisha1: he does or not
JiveBassist: i think he's confused
wtrisha1: oh
guess who's coming to the muthafuckin new dasiy? AFI, coheed & cambria, and thursday. whaheahahah.
guess who's going?
whahehahhahahahaheaoaihaa. $18.50, cool cats. feb 25.

listening to: afi - now the world

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

brilliant misunderstood lyrics by alanna--
"sleep, the great pain-killer, and me, the great ass-kisser, wanting you to wake up all of me"
now isn't that nice? let's pretend that's what this song really says.

listening to: throwing muses - half blast

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

today was not so bad. that's the end of that.
oh but it WAS robin's birthday. that was hot shit.
in other news, i've gone absolutely nuts with this digicam of morgan's... (sorry, sister. you can play with my stuff all you want.) so from now on you can check out the results of that here. (do they take too long to load? i can't tell.) and feel free to ask explanations... i'll probably post if i update it.
does anyone have any suggestions for how i could get home every day? sarah, who drove us to school sometimes last year and all first semester, is taking classes during the 2:15-3 area. i've gone to davis-kidd the past two days, but mom is already sick of it. she wants me to ride the bus but i'm afeard. they used to pay sarah, so they would probably pay anyone who would be willing to do it. if anyone existed. wahhhh.
laylee we have got to get our permits.

listening to: my parents being goofy

Monday, January 05, 2004

i just got done watching this hot movie "laurel canyon" that margaret loaned to me, and i really liked it. hooray for margaret and her nice taste.
the first day back to school wasn't so bad. i have very very little homework. the math was strangely infuriating... mostly because it was insanely easy but i couldn't remember a damn thing about any damn thing. i don't care. shgoawihp. we had like five pages to read for history and i haven't done it yet.... and i should because i can't do it in study hall tomorrow because TARAH IS COMING TO STEAL ME to be her art fuck. i am excited about it, not because i am modeling or whatever, but because it's like "let's sit in the bathroom during study hall" and that's nice. at any rate. i have finished my dr. pepper.
actually, tarah and i were supposed to go hang out in cooper-young today and take pictures, but i forgot that i had a therapy appointment at 5 and i was at davis-kidd after school because i'm a no-ass ride ho. therapy was kinda shitty because i haven't done anything i'm supposed to do... but not too bad because we decided i should come less often HAHAA. okay i got way too much joy from that.

listening to: excuse 17 - watchmaker
i had a lovely last-day-before-school today, but i'm too tired to write about it. so check the visuals.
(tarah, i deleted the ones of morgan because i don't know if she'll be comfortable with people seeing those. if you didn't save them, i can send them to you later.)

Sunday, January 04, 2004

i woke up at 11something which was a big surprise. i was aiming for like 2pm. i sort of hung out for a while, and did some finishing touches on 'country spacecraft' -- credits and whatnot. mom said she wants it to be a dvd, which i didn't know before, so now i'm working on making the chapters and things. it should be nice, if i ever finish.
brock called around 1:30 or something and we planned to go to see 21 grams at 3:45. we couldn't find anyone else to come to the movie with us, but i went and hung out with laylee at her house for about an hour before brock PICKED ME UP in his HOT NEW RIDE. it was awesome. i feel so privileged to be the first person to drive with him. i tried to be really quiet and non-distracting. the movie was really good, and very intense. i caught john from our own voice in one shot! how crazy is that? after that, brock drove us back to his house (very well) and my dad picked us up, and took us to my house. brock's parents didn't really want him driving that far yet. we hung out here and ate some backyard burger and watched some of the footage morgan and i took in georgia. at around 9, mom drove us to pick up tarah and we went to hang out in cooper-young. java was really deserted, and this not very good guy was playing. i felt guilty about coming in, looking at the new art, and leaving without buying anything. but oh well. i clapped for a song, didn't i? good for me. we walked down to young avenue deli where we drew each other in tarah's notebook and chatted over cheesefries. brock and tarah were super hot in their oppositely striped shirts. i made a conconction in one of the ketchup containers with dr. pepper, salt, pepper, tobasco sauce, lemon, and all the sugars. it REEKED and brock nearly killed me for that. the waitress was superslow, so it took her forever to bring us our check, and then our change, etc. we ended up playing a couple games of pool after that, and it was my first time ever. which is a crime, i suppose. but i hit a couple balls into the thingies... even though sometimes they weren't the right color. or whatever. i also hit a ball into the wall, so. someone was playing pixies on the jukebox and that made me happy. i really liked getting to hang out with tarah, and i definitely want to start seeing her more. i was really disappointed that i didn't have a camera with me tonight, for some reason. i don't usually take one around, but i pondered taking the video camera or morgan's new digital one and ended up not doing either. there would have been some very nice pictures though... my favorite was tarah leaning over the pool table, making her shot, with her ciggie hanging out of her mouth, and the green neon all around, and pixies on the jukebox. it was nice. brock was worried about calling his mom to come get him, but i convinced him to just wait until she called -- that she would call when she was ready to come get him. it was probably the irresponsible thing to do, but i was SO right. they'd been at the rodeo, and when she did call, she'd just gotten home. so we got to be out until about midnight which is later than normal, so it was quite nice. brandon called me right as i was getting home, so i don't think i gave brock a proper goodbye or a proper thank you to his mom. oh well, i'll see him tomorrow. also tomorrow he and i are supposed to hang out with alice and play with her digi cam. i'm EXCITED and i hope it happens. tarah was asking what i was doing, too, so maybe i can see her again, too. hoorayyyyyy life is so nice to me today. i don't want to go back to school. i won't think about it. fphphee. someone call me tomorrow. rah rah!

listening to: gravy train!!!! - titties bounce

Saturday, January 03, 2004

man, these astrology things are fascinating. not only did brock and i sit there and read the little "how do these two signs fit together?" shit all night, i am going to be up reading about the differences between what week someone was born in until the damn sun comes up. what's wrong with me? i'm an idiot, born in the week of genius. (ho ho ho insert irony here.) man brock's seemed a lot more accurate than mine. or. well. let me know what you think, i guess. if you are prepared to be sucked in by this shit. and let me know what kind of WEEK you're in. god damn. where do they get the names for these things?!
shit i need to sleep.

listening to: the sound of the staaars churning in the distant heavens, by god
have you ever noticed how many songs talk about someone named 'jenny'? they have always seemed to be in abundance. so when i sit down and try to make a mix of jenny songs, i can only think of four. dear god, help me. it can be a title or any reference in the song, but i'm looking for the jennys.

listening to: sleater-kinney - jenny
god damn it i'm excited!
i can't believe you can watch all these video clips by a band that barely exists yet... god i love miss hersh.

listening to: 50' wave - el dorado
i'm back, loves! and i hope to god you've missed me as i've missed you... please someone call and/or feed me.
we got back home around 7:15 this evening and i called brock immediately -- i didn't even get my shit out of the car, which is kind of sad. but he squealed on the phone and he has had total cabin fever all week.
the bad news: he isn't really allowed to drive it yet, because of his utter lack of practice.
it doesn't matter. it's sad that he couldn't practice more during this week, so that he could come and whisk me away the second my little toes touched memphis earth. that's okay okay okay whatever. we went to bookstar for a few hours, and ran into jo, and had silly tarot card/teen read fun. what a wonderful world. a bit after she left, we became absolutely enthralled with this astrological book. brock and i are sick believers in the cosmos and accidentally spent the whole night looking at it. we read this big description of brock's Leo/Virgo Cusp of Exposure, which seemed mostly very fitting. it said they are very secretive because of strong self-judgement, so they usually find only one person who accepts them as they are. brock read the whole thing aloud and at the end he was like "well i guess my person is you" and we had a moment and his hair was very soft. i couldn't quit staring at it while he was reading. in fact, i couldn't quit staring at him on a whole. it was so great to see him again. it's kind of funny/sick that i was so anxious to be with him, since he was the last person i saw before our trip, and he's the only memphian i talked to while i was gone. there are some people i really want to see that i've barely seen all break, but what can i say? brock is brock. i would feel silly about being so excited to see him, but he was feeling the same way. although sometimes i wonder if he actually likes me or just likes me being around. god damn. at any rate, the night was kind of anticlimactic, actually, but it served its general purpose -- disintegrating that damned cabin fever.
i know that if i don't post about my time with the grandfolks soon, i won't do it at all. because that's how i be. maybe i'll just post some self-explanatory photos.

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