Thursday, February 28, 2002

Sunday, February 24, 2002

i've got multiple alliances

i have been ordered to remove 'obscene language' from my blog by my parents. because the internet 'is in public' and i'm not supposed to talk that way in public when they're around. but jesus they're not SUPPOSED to be around. they're not SUPPOSED to read my blog. YOU HEAR THAT? GO AWAY. you're not welcome.
anyway i doubt they are ever going to read that lol. i have changed the url for the blog. yes AGAIN. i figure that they got the new link from morgan's blog.... anyway i am only telling select souls. wahahaha how elite.
i hate sunday

Friday, February 22, 2002

Jean Grey
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come to me ready and rude, bring me angel food

i am annoyed at whoever (Bill Ellis) wrote this article about the indigo girls in the 'playbook' section of memphis's newspaper, the commercial appeal. (they're playing here tomorrow night) i was reading along with only slight complaints at this guy's recognized female artists. he's trying to make a point that women write better music when theyre older i guess. i liked the part about "and here's hoping patti smith, if not yoko ono, makes records well into her 90s." and i read on and i was not bothered until the following statement: "the twosome [indigo girls] not only sired offspring from Ani DiFranco and just about every emerging artist on Sarah McLachlan's Lilith Fair......" .... what a dumbass. don't hire a stupid man to do the work of a musically intelligent anybody. ANYONE who knows ani difranco's work knows she made her first album when she was 18. EIGHTEEN! and since she was obviously not such a wondrous guitarist right off the bat, she had to have been playing before that. the point being. she was a musician long before the indigo girls first album came out with its massive commercial success. i can't list every artist on the lilith fair tour so i can't say about that but you know not all the music is the big acoustic guitar sound. BIF was on that tour and that should tell you something. oh and i have utterly nothing against the indigo girls. they rule as far as i can tell. but damn you, bill ellis, stupid man extrordinare! go read the damn article.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Which My So-Called Life Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

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Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Whole Brain Dominant
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this quiz was fun to take but i have no idea what it is about. HA.
aLittleStarlight:yeah yeah yeah. well you suck.
im sorry
? wait. no im not. i didnt do anythign
hahah i loe oyu alanna

slide down your reciever, sprint across the wire

i stayed home sick today. it's kind of funny because i don't feel all that bad, but no one woke me up to go to school this morning and it was like 10 when i woke myself up. i had an insane dream where we had to leave our village because someone was going to like squish it or something and they weren't going to tell us because they thought it would be too much of a hassle so someone found out (i think it was my mom?) and we all evacuated (the families, and all these birds) to this wal-mart that was like 2730598230958259038 miles away. through this forest path thing and over a field. and then i guess we discovered that we hadn't brought our pets or something? i don't know. i just sort of filled that in. because the next thing i can remember is that we were sending out messages or something or waiting for our pets to come. ...... right so after a long period of time in the wal-mart, one night we went outside because someone had spotted something or whatever and we looked and we saw that a couple of dogs had come out of this forest and run down a hill that was like a mile PAST the wal-mart and they'd figured it out or something and had come out and were turning around. and you could SEE that one of them was bonnie and one was irie (the dogs of my family) and they were bounding along all happy and then all of a sudden this HUGE stream of dogs just runs out of the forest and down the hill and towards the wal-mart and everyone's like crying all happy because the dogs found their way to wal-mart and weren't squished in the village. and i think i woke up shortly after that, after everyone was reunited with their dog, but i remember that some people were watching out for the little trail of cats to come. and i half-woke up and i was thinking about how ridiculous a little trail of cats would be. like how they wouldnt be able to organize themselves and how they would walk along for like two minutes and they all lie down for a nap break. because dogs are yuppy like that and they're 'faithful' or whatever and the cats would just be taking their goddamn time. anyway it was very strange.

aLittleStarlight:lol really
lol yeah
i'm not surprised

Monday, February 18, 2002

I am bad. So bad. I absolutely hate people and animals. In fact, I probably sacrifice them. No one likes me, but of course it isn't my fault. I should just go back to New York because I am a corrupt Jesus.

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[well this is wonderfully inaccurate. aghsdhag. i would have rather gotten 'george christ' like nick and morgan. but nooooo. and sarah rushakoff got this one too! jesus. this must be really inaccurate.]

Which Rocky character are you?

HAHAHAHAHAH. oh you guys, sorry i haven't blogged about how the play turned out. i had this huge-ass one on friday but i tried to post it and it broke. so that's sad and i'm not up to resaying it yet.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

i dont ever really understand all the things we say
this massively massively sucks. i am going to FAIL like a three pound bean.

Friday, February 08, 2002

metal heart, you're not worth a thing

i bought ghost world on dvd and i am very happy. i am also not very happy because we had a stupid pep rally today. and i think i killed katherine, as i kept complaining at her and i had to sit with her because you know we have to play the stupid cymbals since oboes are too dignified for marching music and its not even like they give us a nod. we're the BAND. we dont MATTER. jesus christ on a cracker. anyway. aside from being completely ignored (which is probably for the best, as i didnt want to be recogized. but still! there are people in the band who like to be mentioned) the cheerleaders eat my soul obviously and i was complaing at katherine and she went insane but i didnt complain as much as last time (or as loudly) because mr. snell was riiiight behind me the whole time and anyway katherine has friends who are cheerleaders and you know she's like 'THEYRE SO NICE AND THEYRE ALWAYS HAPPY!! YOU DONT KNOW THEM' and i'm like 'THOSE ARE EXACTLY WAHT IT HOUGHT THEY WERE LIKE. I HATE THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE' and i died and we all died and after they did their stupid stuff, they introduced some sport types and then the stupid cheerleaders came back (the ones who werent freshmen) with their big stupid glittery outfits and their big stupid colorful unmatching bras displayed to all and you know how terribly profane the stupid dance/cheer/stupidities are anyway and uhm. anyway what REALLY bothered me was that after their stupid routine like eight girls from ROTC came marching out and made these two little lines AND THEY INTRODUCED THE STUPID CHEERLEADERS A SECOND TIME ONLY THAT THEY HAD ESCORTS AND THE ROTC PEOPLE LIKE SALUTED AT THEM AND DID LITTLE THINGIES OH MY GOD THAT BOTHERED ME and you know they did that at the LAST stupid pep rally and apparently they do it at EVERY pep rally. alskghhsdalhkasdg!! oh that killed me. cripes. we must have huge pep rallies with t he stupid 2000 people at this god-ridden school. and we're forced to go and it's awful. i hate HATE HATE my school with a passion. anyway.
i hope to do something with katie and brittany and laylee this weekend. so you guys we neeeed to make plans and you have to come over and watch ghost world. yay. get in touch with me, peoples. bye bye.

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

A mere Statistic:the way to a woman's heart is though her chest dumbass
let it snow
WE HAVE A SNOOWWW DAYYYY TODAYYYYY. well yay for that. waahhaa. my poor parents woke up at like 5:30 and mom is now laughing at the newswoman on tv who just got a big piece of snow all over her eye and it's like frozen shut ahahahhga. and dad has to go to WORK because the library SUCKS. and really it's not like anyone should be there but you know kids (with the day off, and all) from that neighborhood (east high school) are going to go play on the computers the whole time. anyway the snow count type creature this is like. four inches+ as it hasnt stopped snowing YET. yeah last night we got home from rehearsal (katherine's mom was driving us home) and we got out of the car and i said 'morgan do you feel that' as there was wet stuff in the air. and morgan said 'look did you SEE that?!' and we thereby determined that there was a little bit of snow in the sky and we waved our arms at it. and then after a little it started sleeting and then that stopped and it started snowing right before we went to bed. and then i don't know what happened after that ahahaghah. maybe it snowed allll night. that's a lovely thought. aren't you guys digging this whole 'real post' groove? yeah i bet. just to annoy you::

I may look funny, but I’m one of the best penguins under the sun! Yes, that’s right, the sun! I can’t stand hanging around in freezing weather, keep it away! I’m a nice sized bird, about medium weight and height. My population is globaly increasing!

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Monday, February 04, 2002

I'm an Onion! Sour, spicy, nasty tasting, and the ability to make people cry all come natural to me. I'm really an evil person who's not much of a social butterfly but rather a loner who sits and writhes in my pool of solutide all day, which I love.

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click to take it!British... everybody likes those Brits. You compare with U2 and other famous bands. You're music is very original and different from anything heard on the radio normally. Songs are laid back and relaxed, and you frequently make some pretty weird, er um, original music videos.

well yay. that's nice to know. they had incubus too and that would have been nice as well.

Wowie! You are Tfu Tfu! You're the odd one out, there are few places you fit in. Others don't understand you very well and tend to treat you indifferently and take you for granted. But then again, you don't really give a damn about them anyway.

well i dont blame people.

Sunday, February 03, 2002

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

haghdsahga i have the same one as brittany here. that's amusing.

really now. wow. i took this again and got 'strange little girl' and then i got '1000 oceans' and 'raspberry swirl' and 'cornflake girl' and 'winter' and 'caught a lite sneeze' and 'hey jupiter' and none of these seem very much like me, i think. anyway i like this one:

Saturday, February 02, 2002

Take the Which Beatle Are You? Quiz.

i would be george. i enjoy being george. but brittany is NOT george.

this is probably pretty accurate considering everyone called me 'daria' in gym class last year? HA.
the year before i was 'the russian girl' .... x_x