Thursday, January 24, 2019

i think i saw another one of those faces the other night..... a face full of stars??? or.... coming out of the stars?

Thursday, January 03, 2019

night visions

just remembered those crazy face images/messages i was receiving last night trying to fall asleep.

orange and bright blue feathers and paint, fiery excited curious eyes
deeper blue ish face looked like it was carved of wood, stoic, lined
the feeling of huge soft silvery white eyelashes closing and opening, kissing my face, huge bright blue eyes
a brilliant shining eye (eyes?) in the darkness - the sense of peering up from some depths

i did wonder if they were clown gods.

were there more?

the rest is hazy as i am getting closer to sleep. i feel like there's this sense of a green/black mottled texture... not unlike moss or algae. maybe had a face but wasn't as clear.
and did i really see... a goat??? or horned animal of some kind, in silhouette.... (maybe this was something i gave myself, after having the thought that they might be clown gods.

the first three felt very close, like they were right up in my face. and very focused on the eyes.

definitely felt like i was receiving these images, perhaps from some universal stream of creative energy, or perhaps from the gods or the fairies or the spirits or the ghosts or whoever's faces i was meeting