Tuesday, June 24, 2003

haven't posted in a while... yep, i still suck at this. i'm not even going to try to catch you kids up this time. only.. morgan's home now, papa came to take grandma home, and they're gone. brock and elise are at writing camp. i got to see them on saturday night and i had the best time i have had in a forever. it was amazingly great. other news... this week is slow, which is good since it's summer, but sad since i kind of want it to be over. becca just got back in town tonight, and i haven't seen her yet. actually haven't seen her for a week. last tuesday, we were going to go see "dancer in the dark" at the media co-op workshop, but kevin and laylee came to get me way too late. so we ended up just going to get becca and daniell. we went to shnucks (maybe? some grocery store.) to get macaroni, because it was something that laylee and i could both eat. (her tonsilitis was hurting, and my ortho teeth were hurting.) so we took it back to her house where i made it for us, and hten we sat around and watched tv. theeenn we had a marvelous jam session in which becca tried to teach kevin to play (strum) guitar, but it was pretty unsuccessful, i think. so she ended up just playing, and i played a little drum. thennn kevin took my drum, and jammed with becca as she played her new song a couple times. i attempted to chime in (haha literally) with the thumb squash piano, but it was pretty shitty so i cut out. then becca got some bongos, kevin had the little drum, and i had a drum that i was hitting with something i THOUGHT was a mallet, which turned out not to be a mallet, and i brutally broke it. but the drum session was lovely. then becca and daniell gave laylee hickies while kevin and i were jealous on the couch. i filmed it though. but i wasn't supposed to really be going past-y with this... i haven't been going out or anything. in fact, there was that last tuesday, and then open-mic, and then saturday (which was AMAZING, as stated) but aside from that i've not really been out until today. zoë came to get me at about 3 or so, and we got dropped off at java. we ran around cooper-young taking pictures of things, which i hope came out. it was reeeeeally hot outside, and i ran though some people's sprinkler. we ended up back at java cabana (air conditioner), which was lucky, because shortly after we got there, i saw laylee and daniell getting out of their car! so i RAN across the street and tackled them and it was lovely. they came and sat around for a while, then we walked to the first congo parking lot to take more pcitures. of course, at that point, we discovered that they were all used up, so we couldnt try the lovely shots we'd wanted to. buttttt morgan fox was in the parking lot! and he whistled to us so i ran over, and he invited us to be in a movie!!!! i was about to jump all over that, but zoë's mom appeared right at that second. it made me SO FUCKING SAD, and i feel like a fool. if it had been someone else, i wouldve been like "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, WE ARE DOING THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW OKAY MUTAHFUCKASSS" but i couldnt do that to her mom... it sucked. so we went to sekisui where i had the first sushi of my life, and hated it. california rolls can bite my ass. so i was really not liking being there or... anything. i DID like watching the little sushi bar boat go around and around, that was fun as hell. i wrote things like "think global, act loco" and "believe in dreams" on sugar packets, and put them on the little boats in hopes that people would take them out and be happy. i don't know, i don't think it worked. but after a while, we left and went to zoë's house. we sat around and talked for a while, and then we went to neil's around 8:30 (fashionably late hohoho) to see her friend ben's band play. they were fun. kinda jammy, some of the time, but the best things they played were their originals. the ones with lyrics. they DID play "i feel good" which was very happy. i danced and danced, but these people are tight-asses and nobody else danced. it was weird because the band members' parents (and their friends!!) were there and it was a really weird crowd. kinda like all those kids had to watch their backs the whole time, because either their parents or somebody that their parents know were all there. a couple kids from my school were there (including mr. pink pants at the talent show) but nobody i talk to. ben was cute, and he made me happy. his band made like $300 in tips, or something. fucking rich parent assholes. that's what you get for going to lausanne and inviting your parents to your show, i guess. i would rather play for a crowd that DANCED, not paid. iiii hope the band members saw me and zoë dancing together and said "i wish kids did that at EVERY show." muthafuckas. anyway. oh yeah, before the show, we dropped off my roll of film at walgreen's, and who was there but JONATHAN from country spacecraft ballerina!! it was really happy, and he said he would definitely do the next show. he was sad that he missed here and now, and he said he would've worn a wig to be in it. i love the man. i had a pretty good day... zoë invited me to spend the night, but i reeeeally wasn't up for it. she isn't really somebody that i can spend 31093750735 hours with, though i love her and everything. so i came back home and here i am. i wish there was something else for me to say that was interesting... but not really. sorry, faithful readers (HAHAHA).
i smell like fags.
ciggies, that is. i don't mind. i don't mind smelling like cigarettes or pot from a concert, because it reminds me of concerts. mmm i don't mind this smell at all. i have nothing but good memories from it. is that disturbing? watch me start smoking just so that i can think about music. how pathetic! black lung, here i come.

listening to: transplants - diamonds and guns

Saturday, June 14, 2003

thursday night went pretty well. mom had to take me to java early so that she could take her nap before she went back to the hospital. so i sat outside for a while with ana while she smoked, which was a pretty good thing i guess, since elizabeth, jenny, and lauren d. happened to drive by. so they stopped (forgetting that it was open-mic) and stayed for the whole time. there was a slightly weird vibe since some of the regulars (amber, brock, elise) weren't there and some middle-aged non-regulars were... but val from bella sun was there too! so yay for that. and a weird woman was working, and i didn't really like her, and she didn't know how much pop-tarts were. zoë, daniell and becca came eventually, and that was wonderful. becca spent most of hte time outside jamming with michael, and by the time they came in to play, the weird worker woman turned the mic off. i didn't like her. so michael and becca played "across the universe" on the sidewalk outside, afterwards. all in all, it was a pretty slow night, but i had an okay time. it was really nice seeing jenny, lauren, and elizabeth. and it was even better just getting out of the house. mom made me come home straight afterwards though. oh well. when i got home i... sat around and ate ice cream, i guess. that is all i ever do. also, laylee found out that she had tonsilitis. she's not getting them removed, she just has to drink goo. poor dear, i love her.
friday (yesterday) i sat around. then dad took me to the orthodontist, which was hell. i won't go into the details of it, but basically my mouth is in incredible pain. so afterwards, dad took me to turtle's where i bought a CD. then he bought me a chocolate brownie frappuccino at starbucks next door, because my teeth hurt and something nice and cold and swooshy is nice to drink. then i MADE him listen to my cd, because i hate the way he listens to music now. he doesn't like music, he likes CDs. he doesn't like bands, he likes songs. i hate it. anyway. we came home and i sat around for a while. then dad and i went to the hospital to help bring morgan home. we were sitting there and then the doctors decided that she shouldn't come home yet and she needed another catscan. it was crazy. so dad bought us some backyard burger food and milkshakes, which we ate. mom brought me home around 7:30 and i just sat here for the rest of the night. way to spend friday the 13th, i know. i went to bed earlier than normal because i had such a long night, just sitting around. actually i tried to go to bed around 1:15, but i didnt fall asleep until after 2. so that sucked.
i woke up after 11:30 (AGAIN) so i guess i needed to catch up on some sleep. i took a shower for the first time in years, and (believe it or not) SAT AROUND for a while. laylee called me, and i love her. i am expecting to hear from brock and/or elise sooner or later, to let me know that they are home from bridge builders, and see if we are making plans. i intend to go to the media co-op movie(s) tonight, and i want to know what is going on. right now i'm trying to eat hot dogs but my teeth really hurt. okay.


Thursday, June 12, 2003

i feel like i should start writing in here again, because if i don't talk about my days, they don't exist anymore... so let's see. a little background information before i begin this week. on the last day of school (wednesday, may 28) my lovely sister morgan was admitted to the hospital with a ruptured appendix. the new procedure thing is that they don't take it out right away. they send the kid home with an IV pick, and they come back six weeks later for surgery. so she came home that saturday (i think) and was admitted back to the hospital by tuesday or wednesday, because she wasn't healing right. (the same day that she was taken back, my aunt, cousin, and grandmother came from south georgia to help take care of her.) the doctors found an abscess, and had to drain that away. she's been at the hospital ever since. my aunt jenny and cousin rachel went back to georgia on saturday, but grandma stayed and she has been here ever since. okay.
so on sunday night, elise IMed me late at night to tell me that she and brock weren't going to be gone for the 1 week of bridgebuilders they'd thought, and that they were actually going to be gone for 3 weeks, because of this writing camp at rhodes, that before now she hadn't realized was an overnight thingie. so it was very sad. and we went to bed.
on monday, grandma woke me up to tell me i had a phone call, and it was becca!! who i love. so it took us forever to actually make a plan but eventually, sarah came and picked us up. we got peaches, rolls, and a rose for morgan (thank you, shnucks and easy way) and went to the hospital. becca improvized a song using a poem that i had written for morgan on the first day she was in the hospital and she also played her own classic "shallow." we didn't really get to hang out for very long because mom kicked us out. i asked if i could go hang out at laylee's, but mom said no because she wanted me to go home and spend time with my grandmother. i didn't understand, because i knew that it would just end up me in here on the computer and grandma cleaning something elsewhere. but mom made me go home. so i got out of the car and everything, and right after i came in, the doorbell rang. and there was becca! sarah had had to go to a pilades class, and didn't really have time to take becca home, so she just hung out with me for a while. so she looked at my CDs and we hung up lights and talked and it was lovely and i love becca forever. daniell and laylee came to pick her up, and we stood around for a few minutes eating cheez-its and watching brock's Cribs. then they left (because i wasn't allowed to go out) and nothing else interesting happened that night.
tuesday.. wow this is really reaching to go back so far in my memory. i can't remember anything about tuesday. oh oh. so literally like 10 seconds after i woke up, zoë called and asked if we could get together and talk/work on her movie idea thingie. so i went over to her house for only a few hours and then mom wanted me to come home before we even got to audition eric for the film. le sigh. (wow do you ever find yourself sitting at your computer, wearing the headphones, but not listening to anything and you dont even have iTunes/winamp/musicmatch open? damn.) i wasn't TOO disappointed, plus i was intensely tired, so i came home and sat around and then went to lie down in the bed for a while. i remembered that it was tuesday, thus the night of the media co-op workshops that i have always wanted to go to, and so i called jenny to see if she could come. she couldn't, and i didn't really want to go alone plus i was really tired, so i went to sleep. around 9:15ish laylee called and said she wanted me to come to java cabana with her. i figured nobody was going to let me out of the house that late at night, and since mom was home asleep (thank god) i called dad up at the hospital to ask if i could spend the night with laylee. after some cajoling, he said yes. around 10, kevin and becca and laylee came and got me. we drove by java cabana, but at that point it was closed so we ended up just driving around. we somehow got from lamar to some interstate kinda thing and the signs said "st. louis" or "nashville" so we choose st. louis, and kevin kidnapped us across the bridge to arkansas. we drove and drove and drove for forever until we could turn around, but it was okay because we listened to violent femmes the whole time, and becca and i put our heads out the window, into the wind. it was lovely and every night should be that kind of thing. so eventually we ended up downtown. (that seems to happen really frequently when i am cruisin with kevin.) he and laylee were sick and after a while we went to kevin's house where they took some medicine and whatnot. laylee and becca and i got to have a cuddle-fest on his bed while he fixed something on his computer and it was lovely lovely and i love them. laylee kept saying she was cold, which was why we were trying to make her warm and everything, but she felt very hot. kevin took her temperature and she has a 102.4 fever so we went home. becca and i had already made plans to spend the night with her, so after kevin dropped us off, laylee went to bed in arman's room while becca and i fell asleep to can't hardly wait. she did, anyway. i was really tired during some parts of the movie, and i would close my eyes when it wasn't characters that i liked, but after the movie ended it took me a really long time to get to sleep (it was very cold and i didn't have a blanket, and i couldnt get comfy with my pillow). and then i woke up at 5something and was up for another while longer. and then i woke up at 8 with becca, which was when she had to get up so that she could go to therapy.
oh so by now it's wednesday. uhm. so becca got out of bed at about 8:15 and i stole her blanket (laylee's sleeping bag) and closed my eyes for a while until she and laylee came in (laylee had woken up about 6, poor dear... but she no longer had a fever). after she left, laylee and i ate ice cream out of the carton for breakfast, and then we got blankets and lay on the couches in her living room and talked while listening to radiohead and neutral milk hotel. it was really lovely, like laylee. and then mimi took me home at around 11, because she is very nice and i had to be home by 12 to appease my parentals. almost as soon as i got in, grandma sent me to sonic to buy lunch for us. i knew there was no way that the folks would let me go out again, so i didn't even bother. i sat around for a while... helped grandma fold and put up clothes. it wasn't very exciting. when dad got home, we ordered pizza and bread sticks (because morgan was wanting some) and dad dropped me off at the hospital to take them to her, and switch places with mom as morgan's guardian or whatever. i felt like a damn delivery woman, and let me tell you it is difficult to carry a box of pizza and a key lime soda through a whole hospital and make it to the 7th floor and past the nurses station unnoticed. i am such a slave in this family. and the part that sucks the most is that morgan's craving for breadsticks completely disappeared after one bite. i offered her every kind of sauce they had (pizza, garlic, cheese, and ranch) but she wouldn't eat them. so we just sat there and made fun of how gross they were and i made her laugh, which just pissed her off because it hurts her to laugh. we put on totoro and dad came. morgan fell asleep before the end of totoro and stayed that way for a couple hours, while i was bored out of my mind and played solitaire forever on mom's cell phone (which, yes, she had forgotten to take with her). she finally came back to the hospital just before 11, and dad and i drove home annoyed and tired. i finished the vanilla and orange sherbet. that was about it.
today grandma (accidentally) woke me up around 11:30 (this seems to be the time that i have been waking/woken up lately). i sat around for a while, and then deb came and took me and grandma to the hospital around 2:15, so that mom could go buy pillows and hang out at tuesday morning. i played solitaire and we watched trading spaces and whatnot, because the vcr keeps going fuzzy. morgan might get to come home tomorrow and it is about damn time, in my opinion. mom came back eventually, and we hung out until about 5:30 dad came to take me and grandma back home. now i am trying to figure out how to get to open-mic, and if i get there, will anyone be there for me to hang out with? i am sick of being stuck at home, and i'm not even here as much as i normally am in summer. i guess i am just lonely.

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Sunday, June 08, 2003

From MeDiA Co-op's June/July 2003 newsletter:

Do You Know Where Your ChildrenAre Productions

-This troup of young(13yo-17yo) filmmakers are doing it DIY style, writing, shooting, directing, editing, starring in, and promoting their own short films. They even manage their own website. Watch out, none of them have graduated high school yet...some haven't even made it to high school yet, and as their work is inspiring other like minds, their troup is growing...so, as they begin to produce more work, and start taking over the streets with their renegade-style of filmmaking, encouraging you to feel, and think, confronting the world head on.....the real question is....do you know where your children are?


Saturday, June 07, 2003

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Thursday, June 05, 2003

katherine and i editted BB3 on tuesday... morgan is at the hospital with what was at first a ruptured appendix, and she went back because it has a monstrously huge absess. she is miserable so she doesn't care about movies of course. it's sad that she can't be in the play we've been working on, here & now which was last weekend and this weekend. (june 6 and 7 at 8pm, june 8 at 3pm). and uhh. plug plug plug some more. i didn't make an announcement, but blue citrus hearts made its world premiere last week. it was absolutely beautiful and very great. so. see it when it shows on june 21 at the media co-op. uhh. plug plug plug. anyway i think that is about all. we're out of school now, so hopefully we will get some stuff done finally, and we'll try to keep you posted.