Friday, January 15, 2016

(found words on an envelope, winter 2016 in Baltimore at Cafe Hon)

they want you to leave the restaurant. they're talking
about you and you can almost hear them. am I making
someone uncomfortable? what happened now?
too ugly? bookish? poor? smelly?

GET RID of regular pop culture in yr life
there's no room, no time. RETREAT. go back.
no point in gross fascination anymore. there's more for you to do!

why do I relate to the words of survivors?
what fucking happened to me?

  • the world is old and movements are bigger than right now.
    • reconnect to history
    • dissociate from self
    • devolve
    • remember fairy tales 
  • research OLD SHIT
  • Magic beyond religion, beyond time - learn what this looks like. 
  • read alt histories
  • plays/scripts about rad ladies/queers
    • Angela Carter
    • Jack Zipes